Millennials, Here’s How To Use Your Tax Return

Guest post by Earnest

It’s that time of the year again where you’re stressing about filing your taxes on time. When you finally receive that refund check in the mail, it might be tempting to treat yourself. But you should think of it as money that should have been on your paychecks to begin with, and not as a bonus. Review your current financial situation and then allocate where your refund should go. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck.

Student loans can be a huge burden, especially with high-interest rates these days. To pay them off quicker, refinancing your student loans can make a huge difference! It’s hard to focus on your future financial growth with debt tying you down and companies like Earnest help you consolidate your debt all in one place. You can find out more information on how to do that here.

Even if you know your stuff, don’t be afraid to get professional advice by talking to a credible financial advisor that can find possible missed deductions and opportunities. With the right amount of organization and planning, tax season will become a breeze!

What Is Behind A Healthy Work/Life Balance?

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When the modern workforce never stops claiming the right to a healthy work/life balance, too many companies continue to misinterpret their demands. Indeed, there is as much a need for healthy behaviour, as there is for a balanced home and work life. In other words, a healthy work/life balance is the combination of three elements that influence the wellbeing of an individual: health, home and work. The delimitation of each factor blurs into the next one so that it’s not uncommon for employees to blame their company for health or home-related issues. In other words, when dealing with the protection of this essential human balance, it’s crucial for companies to take steps that go beyond the realms of the workplace. Indeed, businesses that offer on-site health and relaxing services, or that provide their teams with discounted home offers – whether it’s about equipment, services or entertainment that can be relevant in the home environment – show a deeper level of understanding of their responsibility in the health and happiness of their employees.

The ability to relax

When it comes to your health, sleep is just as important as following a balanced diet. Indeed, when you rest, your body can maintain your immune system and ensure that your mind stays sharp and acute. But when you’re too stressed out to sleep, your mental health can rapidly degenerate. According to eh national College Health Assessment Survey, 15.8% of college students suffer from anxiety which keeps them awake at night. it’s likely that the percentage of anxious individuals is much more significant in the workplace. Employers need to consider new options to facilitate relaxation at work, such as meditation room or even noise-cancelling facilities. As stress is the number one health issue in modern companies, ignoring the situation can only cause more issues for your team.

The potential to build a home

While it isn’t your role, as an employer, to provide a home for your staff, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees have access to the essentials facilities to maintain their home. At a basic level, this means that you need to ensure fair pay on time and to limit overtime as much as possible. But you can also through perks support employee home life with discounts on appliances, and recommendations for an industrial waste management company like Instant Waste Management – which is helpful for anybody making home improvement works – or a professional financing advisor. If you make it easier for people to manage their home – whether they’re looking to buy, improve or simply refurbish – it means that they can be more focused on their work during the day, hence reducing overtime, stress and personal issues.

A satisfying job

Finally, the last element of the employee’s trinity is job satisfaction. Naturally, money is a key element of satisfaction, but it’s not the only one. The opportunity for growth through job crafting and improved internal relationships can make a great deal of difference. While your employees need to find meaning in their tasks, your role is to guide and help them to develop their skills.

In conclusion, there’s more than just a job behind the complaints about healthy work/life balance of Millennials. For employers, it means changing the way they think about work significantly.

How To End Professional Relationships Well & Conclusively

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A professional candor and personality, particularly in the field of your career, can help you achieve untold things and form wonderful relationships. However, much like anything else, those relationships will change over time. Sometimes they can even come to a halt. This might be precipitated by a natural growing apart, or you might be wrestled from that person by a circumstance or difficulty. It could be a conflict that promises to make you both weaker after the exchange.

Knowing how to end relationships professionally and conclusively is one of the hidden skills of the competent business leader. It’s also the one that is thought about the least, as no new business owner or even employee believes things will end in conflict with certain parties. Sometimes however, things don’t work out. It’s unlikely you’ll evade a form of workplace conflict for the entirety of your life, so it’s important to know how to handle it.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

Go Through The Right Channels

It can be dizzying to handle all the requirements of the situation by yourself. This can surely make you feel less than you are, and trouble you as you come to a solution.  It might come with a great deal of stress as an added consequence. Going through the right channels can help you with this. This means either using a lawyer to handle a situation or litigate your woes effectively, or it could be preventing that step with the right advisory, conciliation and arbitration service.

Sometimes having an official platform to backup your side of the argument can help you win the situation. It might be that these services suggest that you’re in the wrong, and how to best manage your affairs to evade the coming issues with the most dignity and least harm. Whatever happens, knowing you have a professional eye looking over your affairs can be calming when every move you make will matter in the long run.


Miscommunication between people can be one of the most insidious and difficult things for either party to get over. Either a wrong word here or an insult there can create a toxic atmosphere, in which both sides believe they have to ‘up the stakes’ in order to achieve a win. This becomes a self-reinforcing feedback loop which puts people down, and makes the whole affair feel awful for you both.

Communication can also stop things from escalating in other ways. If you manage to express or listen to a rationale from either side, it might be that the atmosphere of the ending is put to rest much more easily than assuming idiocy on the opposing side. It’s very easy to think that the other person is completely out to get you, but often they’re simply acting in self-interest, as you are. It won’t always happen, but sometimes you can evade one in five destroyed relationships. Not that you’re to experience this many, but you get the point of how this step is always worth trying.

With this effort, we for sure know that you’ll be justified in ending your relationship, because you’ll have handled it expertly.

3 Reasons To Follow A Multimedia Career

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Some people say you should only choose a career where you can make a lot of money in. Others think you should pursue what makes you happy, regardless of the job prospects. Personally, I think you should look for a combination of the two. A career that generates a decent amount of money helps you live life comfortably. While a career you enjoy means you’re happy to go to work.

Multimedia careers are a great example of careers that offer both these things, and so much more. If this is a path that interests you, then feel free to check out these reasons it’s a great idea:

Excellent Freelance Opportunities 

Nowadays, freelancing is seen as a desirable way to work. You get to stay at home or work from wherever you feel the most comfortable, and there’s more flexibility involved. You will find a plethora of freelance job listings in the multimedia field. It’s an industry where you can certainly do a lot of work from home, meaning you haven’t got to be tied to one company. This provides you with more work diversity, the potential to work for multiple companies at once, and an opportunity to earn more money.

So Many Different Jobs

If you take a look at all the jobs on offer in relation to multimedia careers, you will be stunned. There are simply so many different things you can do – both in the form of traditional contracted work and freelance jobs. In fact, there are so many careers you can pursue within this generic career field. Graphic design, digital camera operator, video editor, sound technician, and game designer are just a few common examples of multimedia careers. The best thing is, a lot of these jobs can overlap on one another with regards to the skills you need. If you study a generic multimedia degree, then you have the potential to walk into any number of jobs.

The Multimedia Industry Is Forever Growing

Finally, with a career in this industry, you’re part of something huge. The multimedia landscape keeps on getting bigger and bigger as more technologies are introduced. You have some career paths that look doomed to fail at some point. Some careers aren’t future proof in the sense that there’s no guarantee your job will even exist in a decade or so. With multimedia careers, you’re guaranteed to always find something to do. It’s a career path that’s built for the future, there’s never any fear that the skills you’ve learned will become obsolete.

As mentioned earlier, the right career revolves around balance. You need to have a job where you can feel certain that you’ll get regular income and can live without worrying about paying bills every month. But, you also want a job that you enjoy. I feel like multimedia careers are the perfect example of just that. Most of the jobs in this industry aren’t your typical desk jobs – they involve creativity and skill. If you’re struggling to find your ideal career path, then maybe this is the answer you’ve been looking for?

Good Branding Is All About Consistency, Consistency And Consistency

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There is a lot of thought that goes into creating a great brand. Having a good knowledge of the target market, the design language of the industry, and a clear message and goal behind the brand are all important. But they are all reinforced by one thing and ruined by a lack of it. In case it wasn’t obvious, we’re talking about consistency, consistency, consistency. Here are a few guiding principles and tools to help you ensure it’s always there for you to rely upon.

Set the ground rules

Before we get into what exactly your branding should be based on and what it should look like, we need to consider the tools you use to ensure that consistency is always a part of it. There’s already a broadly used tool that does exactly that: the brand identity visual style guide. As shown by, a visual style guide keeps a record of all the different aesthetic elements that go into your brand’s design. Whenever you’re creating new packaging, a new webpage, or any marketing materials, you can refer to it. It can include logos, colors, fonts, and just about every element of design language that comprises the look of the brand.

Use communicative design

That brand consistency goes into any of the products you sell, too. In fact, some of your design choices will, and should, be defined by the products. In particular, when it comes to packaging and designing products, you need to consider design that’s communicative. Using sites like as a guide, you can make sure you’re choosing containers that fit the expectations of the market regarding your product. Is it in the shape and style they will readily recognize correctly as the product that it is? Does your branding fit with that product? If not, you might have to think about changing your design guide to better fit your products. After all, your product is what you’re trying to sell, not the aesthetic of the brand.

Keep the focus where it should be

There’s one group of people that matters more than any when it comes to deciding the direction of the brand: your market. You have to make sure that the brand appeals specifically to them, whether you have a certain demographic or a certain niche that you want to appeal to. The best way to make sure you have that basis for your brand is by asking them. Market research to help you get feedback on web design and packaging design often yields results most relevant to the aesthetic over anything else. If it isn’t landing, then it’s time to think up a redesign with that audience in mind.

Without consistency, your message gets confused, your market gets lost, and your brand is much weaker as a result. Make sure you have those rigid principles and design guides that you can rely on time and time again. This doesn’t mean that the brand can’t evolve, it just means that it has to evolve across the board, too.

3 Benefits Of Morning Workouts

Successful people wake up earlier.

That doesn’t mean if you’re not a morning person you should become one.

But I will say from personal experience the benefits may convert you.

1. Better Energy – Even if you’ve had a poor sleep or want to stay in bed longer, focus on the feeling after completing a workout. I’ve never left the gym saying to myself, “I wish I stayed in bed longer.” It’s always, “I’m glad I went.” It’s a feeling you should chase. The only exception is if you’re sick, injured or got less than 4 hours of sleep. The payoff happens after. As tired as you were forcing yourself to the gym, chances are you won’t hit the wall in the afternoon because working out releases endorphins that last up to 12 hours. Getting that extra hour of sleep won’t equate to more than the energy released post-workout through the day.

2. More Focus – Similar to caffeine, the greatest boost happens immediately after. Identify when you’re the most productive and plan to workout before then. For some this may mean the afternoon or evening, but the problem is you’re working during that time and knowing the boost happens after you waste part of it sleeping. For example I tend to do my best work between 9 AM – 2 PM so I workout around 7 or 8 AM. Before lunch I try to not schedule any meetings or phone calls because I want uninterrupted time to myself. Post lunch I can do more independent work, but meetings can give me an afternoon jolt that extends my efficiency. Experiment what works for you, but if you work out in the morning you have the rest of the day to reap the benefits.

3. Better Health – The more healthy you are, the more productive you are. The reason companies promote wellness programs is because the healthier you are, the less sick days you take. Going to the gym regularly may not reverse genetics, but it creates a good habit of exerting energy towards better health. When you feel good, you tend to produce better work. Intangible benefits such as increased confidence, more stamina and more alertness come natural with being healthy. Pair this with high proteins, green vegetables and less carbs and it’s a powerful outcome. Don’t underestimate the physical influence on work performance. If you’re not feeling well it shows externally in your work.

I won’t be able to convince you all, but I swear by morning workouts to the point when I don’t do some type of physical activity 5 times a week in the morning I actually feel sick. Consider it your coffee replacement. Much cheaper and better for you. Try it and you’ll get hooked on a habit that will change your lifestyle.

Implement New Tech in Your Business the Easy Way

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Keeping up with advancements in technology is an important part of ensuring your business is up to date. There will be times when you need to implement new tech if you want your business to run more smoothly or become more productive. Introducing new technology to your business can be difficult, however, as you need to get everyone using it capably. There’s also the cost and the time to consider, which can both throw your business off balance. You need to think about some big issues if you want to make sure you can effectively implement new tech. Take a look at some of these tactics you can use for better implementation of tech solutions in your business.

Choose Virtualization

You might want to introduce new technology within your business, but you don’t have the space to do everything you want. If you’re faced with this problem, you can consider virtualization, which can help you do what you want without having to sacrifice space for huge servers or other items. Take a look at to read about how virtualization services might be useful for your business. They can allow you to make your company more technologically sophisticated with less. Virtualization can also help you by making recovery easier after a disaster.

Weigh Up Costs and Benefits

Whenever you’re looking for a new technology solution for your business, you need to have a clear idea of how it’s going to help you. It’s important to weigh up what it will take to implement this new tech with the benefits that it’s going to bring to your company. How much is it going to cost you each year? How much time and money do you need to put into installing the new tech and ensuring everyone can use it? It needs to be something that will benefit a lot of people in your company and not just a select few, although they don’t necessarily have to use it themselves.

Train Your Employees

Making sure that your employees can use new tech is vital. If they don’t know how to use it, you might as well not have it. There are a few ways you might approach training everyone in the use of new technology. You could have everyone complete training courses or attend seminars to learn what they need to know. For some tech, a few “ambassadors” who know what they’re doing can help others to learn. Get tips for training employees with new tech at

Make Sure You Get the Support You Need

The right support for new technology is necessary both when you implement it and in the long-term. When you’re choosing new tech, take a look at the support available to you. You won’t necessarily get all the support you need from the vendor of the software or other tech, but there are likely other services you can benefit from. You need support available to help you address problems and keep your tech running smoothly.

Implementing new technology for your business can take some effort, but if you choose carefully, it should be worth it.

A Career Is More Than A Paycheck. Here’s Why

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What are you looking for in life? There are many different answers you could give to that question, including health, happiness, and wealth. But whatever you answer with, there is a good chance that your career will go a long way in helping you achieve your goals in life. You might find that it can even help to boost your personal life and achieve some personal goals.

As you can probably tell, then, a career is more than just a paycheck. It’s not just the money that you should think about when you are looking for a job, there are other factors to think about as well. Here are just a few of them.

People First

All good companies will put their people first. When you start a job hunt, it really is important that you research all businesses you are considering so that you can find out about their company culture to make sure that people always come before anything else. Your job can have a huge impact on your mental health, and if your employers aren’t respectful of this, then your overall health will be at risk. So, in order to feel respected and appreciated at work, make sure you always apply to companies that put their people ahead of anything else.

The Social Side

Work shouldn’t be all about work. There needs to be a good social side as well! Working in a company that has a great culture and team, such as small and medium businesses like, can have many great benefits but the main one has to be the fact that everyone clubs together and the team will feel more like a family. Everyone supports one another and helps each other out whenever things in the office get a bit on the stressful side!

The Work Excites You

Every day at work needs to be exciting, informative, and different from the one before. After all, you will be working for around forty years, so you need to ensure that you find a job that keeps you on your toes! Think about what your passions and hobbies in life are and see if you can find a job that fits these. You will then have a whole lot of fun in your work and will enjoy every minute. Trust me, that will make it a lot more bearable for the next forty years!

There Are Good Prospects

In a career, you need to have the ability to move forward in your work and grow and develop within a company or industry. If you follow all the tips at and work in a company that promotes employee development, then you will have the chance to go really far in your career. This will help you stay motivated throughout, and will also see you receive many great rewards and benefits.

As you can see, then, there really is more to a career than just the monthly paychecks. Pick the right one, and it will take you far!

Career Evaluation: What Are You Chasing?

Stop for a moment.

Whether you love, hate or just accept your job – what does it represent?

Since work consumes such a large part of our lives it should serve a purpose.

Finding the perfect job isn’t going to make you “happy” for long. That’s not saying you can’t stay in one profession for a while and enjoy it, but chances are on bad days your mind wanders to other options.

A career is never meant to define you.

When casually asked, “what do you do?” it results in three reactions: proud, ashamed or blah.

The better question to ask yourself is: what are you chasing?

For me it’s lifestyle. As a father and entrepreneur I want my work to provide the opportunity to control how I spend my time. Sure, I’d like to make more money (who doesn’t), but if the tradeoff is I’m rich, but can never see my family it’s not worth it.

Consider your life stage. Don’t default simply to age.

There are people in their 20’s married with kids and others in their 40’s single.

Values don’t change much over time, but priorities do. Added responsibility like being a parent will do that to you.

Feeling stressed isn’t fun, but tension also promotes growth. Changes whether expected or unexpected will challenge you. Take time to relax, but too much of it can hurt you.

When it comes to evaluating where you are in your career, remember to stop comparing yourself to others and look at it in “chunks.” Each experience prepares you for the next so no matter where you are take what you learned in the past and utilize it to propel you into the future.

Chasing is healthy in moderation.

Ambition leads to drive and motivation.

But what’s most important is to define your career path based on your standards alone.

Those who are focused are trying to win the race, not consumed with beating others.

Millennials Are Investing Physically

According to this article, Millennials are spending an insane amount to stay in shape.

Traditional gyms and fitness centers aren’t up in membership; instead there is a demand for more community-based, functional and wellness centered classes.

The definition of staying is shape has changed too. Reducing stress, being more productive at work and mental health are the main benefits.

Speciality classes are more expensive than working out by yourself at the gym, but it’s also more engaging, fun and keeps you accountable for progress.

There’s always been a huge push for professional development in your career, but investing in your body may outweigh anything you can learn from a book/online.

Take for instance young moms. Their ability to bounce back to pre-pregnancy form is exceptional. Groups like Stroller Strides, SoulCycle and CrossFit become even more attractive for lifestyle goals.

With more information comes better efficiency. Millennials are realizing taking care of your body early is the best prevention from illness/injury. Being proactive is a mindset that prepares you best for the future and Millennials are embracing it.

Like anything else trends come and go, so this fitness craze can change over time, but for now businesses should be aware of it and adapt to health, wellness and athleisure as a way of life.