Why The Internet Is Good For Business

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If you’re working online, there’s a good chance you’ve been doing so for a while. Either as your main source of income or as a side hustle, you know how much of a lucrative market the internet can be. But a lot of people don’t realize that! At the same time, a lot of people who are trying to make their way online don’t know the extent of what they could really do to boost their profits, and thus everyone needs a bit of a helping hand. If you’re one of those people, here’s a list of reasons for you to think over.

Easier to Find Jobs

The internet is a great place to find people, as almost everyone has an online presence these days. And that makes it a lot easier to find the kind of people you want to work for, or the people who need your services. Of course it’s still a competitive job market, but with at least 79 job sites out there for freelancers to peruse at their leisure, you’re going to have a lot more freedom to find your niche.

And you can apply to any job at any time from anywhere, meaning you’re going to have a lot more flexibility in your life. So no longer do you have to cope with the daily grind of life; you can immediately change your schedule whenever you want, and even take a plane to another country as long as you have a laptop and a wifi signal to your name!

Plenty of Easy to Find Resources

If you’re using the internet regularly, there’s a really good chance you’ve got a list compiled somewhere of every site or application you could use to make it through a hard time. And from just a few search terms that probably weren’t even spelt correctly! Never before has such a trove of information existed right at our fingertips.

When you’re in business, the principle remains the same. Take the most troubling parts of business: marketing, accounting, or inventory management etc. When you’ve got a quick access portal to a lifeline like Qdos Accounting packages, you’re going to have a much better day at work. Not only that, but you’re going to go from strength to strength.

You Can Reach Anyone, Anytime

There’s a huge pro to not needing to communicate face to face: you can reach anyone no matter what time it is, and pass on urgent messages immediately. Simply leaving someone a text means you’re going to be able to pass on tasks and a to do list that needs completing stat, taking a lot of pressure off of yourself and any employees you might have.

The internet is good for business because you can run internal operations on an international scale, making it a lot easier to take the market by storm. It also means you can compete on the same level as any of the bigger businesses, and take on clients from anywhere in the world.

Brand Intimacy: Loyalty Defined By Millennials

Brand intimacy is defined as:

“leveraging and strengthening the emotional bond between a person and a brand”

Apple, Disney and You Tube were voted the Top 3 most “intimate” companies by Millennials.

This metric is crucial because branding is about how you make a customer feel. Not to be mistaken by what a company defines its brand as.

In a customer-centric economy the feedback your customers provide shapes your brand. Apple, Disney and You Tube have done the best job in terms of making Millennials feel good about their purchase.

But what these three companies offer is much deeper than financial satisfaction, they provide an excellent experience.

If branding is rooted in how you feel, transactions aren’t good enough. The way someone interacts and associates with your product/service determines whether they’ll become a returning customer or not.

Relevant brands focus on empathy. They try to relate to the customers desires. It’s much more than value, packaging and delivery.

Another note is Apple, Disney and You Tube are not trendy. They’ve established their identity over time and have a strong fanbase that thrives even amidst a recession.

No company is fool proof or indestructible, but in a world that bombards people with marketing the only way to survive is through referrals and devoted brand ambassadors.

Brand intimacy is the new customer loyalty and Millennials are leading the way with “all the feels.”

Taking Your Graphic Design Career To The Next Level

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There’s no doubt that you have to love what you do to become a graphic designer. Aside from the technology and digital knowledge, you’ll need to succeed; you must have an understanding of all things visual, and how things appear to an audience or the mass market. You’ll have a skill of providing information clearly, and ensuring that a brand or company’s values are represented through type and forms across the board. It may have started in your sketchbook at school when you were constantly drawing lettering, cartoons, or characters. And, thankfully; you’re now living in an age where you can take those initial sketchbook ideas and create something visually pleasing on a large scale, across a plethora of platforms.

Graphic design surrounds everyone, even those who don’t realize what it is; it will be impacting their thoughts, feelings, and choices in everyday life. Therefore, a graphic designer needs to keep their creativity alive, while designing something that will influence the masses, and also ensure that their clients like what they do, which is no easy feat. These tasks and duties reiterate that you need constant passion and drive if you’re heading into design, and ready to develop and evolve, as technology and demand do. The following are some ideas and inspiration for designers who want to take their career to the next level but feel a little unsure of where to turn next.

New Ways To Communicate

If you’ve been working on 2D graphics for the web or for print; you might be looking to expand your horizons and see where your design skills can take you next. A great form communication through design and one that’s growing in popularity in a digital age is motion graphics and animation. Therefore, it’s worth doing your research, learning Adobe After Effects, and getting to grips with bringing your graphics to life. You’ll need to develop your understanding of how music and motion can create impact, and look into designers who are paving the way for young creatives. Those who understand and utilize motion graphics can often head into directing, and becoming the lead creative in a number of different fields. So, it’s well worth making that typeface do something more exciting than just sitting on the screen.

Have A Side Hustle

Every creative needs an outlet where they’re able to experiment. However, it can be challenging when you’ve got a traditional 9-5 job, and your clients want you to work within set boundaries. You’ll never develop or evolve if you’re not using your free time to create things that excite you. Use your lunch hour to hop on Behance, or set yourself an imaginary project to complete in your evenings and at the weekend. Polish a personal online portfolio so that others can see what you’re capable of; who knows who might get in touch for a collaboration or potential side project. Never stop learning or seeing what others are doing; graphic design is a career that continues to evolve at lightning speed, so it’s vital that you try your best to keep up.

4 Life Lessons Millennials Learn From Childhood Sports

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Trying to be a leader in the company that you work for is not always an easy thing to do. You have to stand up and be the guiding force for a number of employees; stress, much? Millennials want to have it all and then some, and rightly so, as long as they are willing to work for it, the world is their oyster. The thing is, not everyone necessarily knows how to be a good leader, and that’s where you need to look back into the past to work it out.

Almost every single child between the ages of five and fifteen participates in some kind of organized sport. Participating in sport can offer many different lessons to those involved. There are just certain values that sport teaches you that you carry into your adulthood without even realizing it most of the time. Millennials who want to be great leaders should look back on their past and draw some inspiration from their time on the field. Below, we have some of the life lessons that participating in sport can get for you, so that you can be a far more effective leader in the office today.

Discipline. One of the things that you would have learned on those weekends at the baseball diamond is what is a fungo bat used for. You’d remember how it was used to practice, practice, practice and your coach would always use it to help you to learn how to hit a fly ball. The discipline that you would teach yourself by being determined to hit every one of those poppers can carry over to your current role. You need to remember to push yourself toward success, and that’s exactly what baseball teaches.

Respect. Playing in a team includes respecting those around you and your leaders. You may be the person in charge of your team, but you’ll have a whole management board above you that you need to listen to. Their inspirational effect on you will teach you how to have respect for their leadership and help you to learn how to be a better leader yourself.

Overcoming Adversity. Sports are hard. Not many people could get up and do what an athlete could do on a daily basis. Everyone goes through hard times with their career, athletes included, and you can really bring your skills of overcoming adversity to the office to help you get out of your own rut.

Resilience. As with the sports field, you cannot always win at work. There will be times that you will fail, but a failure is nothing but a first attempt in learning. You can overcome whatever you need to with the right level of resilience.

We’re not suggesting you hunker down with the latest video game in the hope of learning sporty life lessons, but there is so much that sports could teach you. Drawing on old inspiration can reignite the fire that you feel in your job – don’t be afraid to grab it with both hands.

My 3 Thoughts On This Millennials And Their Careers Infographic

1. Single vs. Promotion – Context people. 41% said they would end a relationship for a life-changing promotion. Those are single people talking. For those who are in their 20’s and career matters more, you aren’t interested in a relationship anyway. For those who are in their 30’s, men and women differ on this, the pressure you feel to get married and start a family will change your answer. Hypothetical vs. reality is much different. Career may come before relationships for Millennials, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care or that stereotypes are accurate.

2. I’m Picky – Same as when people respond, “he/she’s not my type.” That’s your ego talking. Why admit you’re hurt? Instead blow it off, blame someone/thing else or defend your standards. Relationships are about compromise, but don’t confuse that with settling. People who reach their 40’s and are still single are unwilling to change their lifestyle. They say they want to find someone, but what they really want is to live on their terms. No matter how self-confident you are, anyone can leave you. Living in fear isn’t the answer, but understanding it’s more about what you give than receive in a relationship is healthy.

3. Time to Settle Down35 is the average age based on what? Reality shows like the Bachelor, Married At First Sight and Are You The One are far from it. Saying you’re ready for marriage isn’t like stating you’re hungry. Timing is the biggest factor. You can’t force something to happen if it’s not there. “35” may be your ideal age, but your partner may feel differently. Expectations lead to disappointment. It’s fine to have them, but similar to a business plan you better be ready to pivot. Once again this is based from an “I” statement. Problem is a relationship is a “we” scenario. Rather than focus on an age, focus on the person you want to be with and go from there.

Quirky Markets That Are Worth Investing In

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Millennials may not be known for being a very rich generation, but that doesn’t mean that they should completely give up any hopes of making worthwhile investments. No matter how little they have got saved up in their savings account, it will still be worth considering putting some of that cash into the investment markets. That’s because investments do a lot more work compared to savings that are left in regular bank accounts, and over time investments can increase considerably in value.

Not too sure what to invest in? Here are some quirky markets that could be worthy of your cash.

Burger Restaurants

The food industry is going through a renaissance at the minute. Thanks to people posting about what they are eating on blogs and Instagram, lots of restaurants and cafes are thriving. And some that specialize in certain foods are doing a lot better than others. Take burgers, for example. They have been one of the most popular foods for decades, and that popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So, you might want to consider buying some stock in a burger chain.

Self-Driving Cars

AI is no longer restricted to sci-fi movies – in fact, it’s about to become mainstream in the form of self-driving cars. Companies, such as Elon Musk’s Tesla, have been developing these types of cars for quite some time now, and they are almost ready to be used by the public. So, if you want to invest in some space-age tech, then this could be the best option for you. Make sure you buy earlier rather than later so you can get stock at cheap prices before it starts to take off!

Water Companies

Water might seem fairly boring and straight-edge, but there are actually some really cool developments going on in this industry right now. Companies are developing new tech and tools, like oil water separators, that can help protect the environment from any potential contamination. The more nifty tools like this that are created, then water companies’ stocks will be likely to rise by quite a bit!

Streaming Services

Everyone seems to stream their TV shows and movies these days. Now that services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have become so popular, more and more of these kinds of businesses are offering new and exciting streaming services. And as more people switch from traditional TV-viewing to these streaming platforms, they will be a very safe place to put your investments.

Organic Food Companies

There has also been a major increase in the amount of organic food that people are buying and consuming. To keep up with this demand, more companies seem to be opening their doors to customers every month or so. Again, as with the streaming services industry, the organic foods market seems like a good one to watch.

It’s important to remember that your money isn’t always guaranteed to grow when you invest is – it could also drop in value. But, with the right research, you will stand a good chance of picking the best investments for you.

What Drones And Robots Cannot Replace

With self-driving cars and Amazon Go stores ready to scale the fear of job replacement is real.

The irony is the same technology humans created may soon make us irrelevant for most work.

Can your daily job duties be done more efficiently by a robot?

If you answered yes to the above question it’s time to learn a new skill set.

Yet no matter how much technology advances there is one area that cannot be mimicked digitally:

Soft skills.

Made famous by the movie Wall-E, traits that are unique to humans are: empathy, non-verbal communication, storytelling, public speaking, etc.

These skills have been overlooked recently, but have helped us thrive throughout history.

Practically, networking is about connecting and building rapport. A great storyteller becomes an effective salesperson. Empathizing with others may be the most proactive thing you can do.

Instead of worrying about your job being taken by a drone, spend your time brushing up and improving your soft skills.

Join your local Toastmasters. Attend a local networking event. Watch a Shark Tank episode then pitch your idea to a friend.

Technology is great, but we often rely on it too much. Go back to your roots and identify the personal strengths that make you stand out from the crowd.

During interviews candidates are asked, “Why should we hire you?

Your answer should include everything a robot cannot.

How to Manage Millennials: 8 Ways to Do It Right

A recruiter must never be tired to read and research about the millennials; the majority of your employees are a part of Generation Y. While some view them in a negative light, they can be pretty productive and over-achieving when handled right.

Millennials believe they are above their jobs. After working from 8-9 hours a day, they will focus on their hobbies and leisure once they step out your office. Allowing your Millennial employees to have a work-life balance will refuel their energy and recharge their productivity battery.

Millennials love to have multiple goals. They spend a lot of money on traveling to focus on themselves then spread that energy to the people around them.

Start by providing a flexible work environment. This means that you trust them enough to manage their time properly and deliver on their tasks with flying colors.

Infographic by Guthrie-Jensen.

Is Your Business Idea Worth Pursuing? Here’s How To Decide

There are no original ideas anymore, just recycled ones.

But when a potential business venture strikes you, how do you decide whether to pursue it or not?

Imagine on one side of a spectrum lies your idea(s) and on the other side is making money. In order to bridge the gap you need distribution or a system to connect the two.

A business without profit is just a hobby.

Speaking from experience as great as your idea may sound unless there is demand for it, you shouldn’t waste your time or money.

Distribution essentially means marketing. How will customers find you? When they do find you why should they purchase your service/product? Does your value proposition scream urgency?

System means a selling process. We are so enamored with sales we forget it’s a series of steps for a transaction to be made. How easy is it for customers to buy from you? Is the process user-friendly? If they have questions or concerns how do they reach you and do you ease their skepticism?

For me there are rarely a shortage of ideas, but one thing I wished I learned sooner in my career is the power of partners/teammates. As intriguing as it sounds to be in charge and call all the shots it comes with blind spots and skill gaps.

Think of yourself as a company. When you decide to roll solo you are every department. When something can’t be completed it’s your fault. With partners you’re able to go back to being a specialist which everyone, entrepreneur or employee, excels at.

Investors value sales and marketing. You have to show them results and how you intend to uphold or surpass those standards.

Not all businesses benefit from outside investments, but the goal should be the same: sales and growth.

So it really comes back to that “middle phase.”

Clarify a sound distribution system and move forward. If you can’t stop until you can.

What Should Your Business Plan Look Like in 2018?

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The business world is changing year on year – nothing stays the same for too long these days, what with the major advancements in technology and how fast everything is moving overall. Creating a business plan used to be about looking ahead to the next 10 years and deciding what you’d do with your business and where you wanted it to be, but things can change far too quickly these days to project that far into the future. Here are some pointers for entrepreneurs who are yet to start their business and want to create a plan suitable for 2018:

Keep Your Business Plan Short

Your business plan needs to be short and sweet. You’re going to be using this plan in the coming months to stay focused and make decisions, but you may also use it to secure funding. Nobody who could offer you funding is going to want to read through 100 pages of your business plan. They’re likely going to be a very busy person, and they simply won’t have the patience.


Suitable For You

Your business plan needs to be written not just to secure funding, but so that it’s suitable for you to use, too. It should help you to grow your business over time, and be something you can refine later on. Your business plan shouldn’t go stale – you should look to update it when appropriate!

Suitable For Your Audience

Your business plan also needs to be written so that it’s suitable for investors to read through and understand where their money will be going. Here’s an idea of what you should include in your business plan:

  • Summary – this is an overview of your business and plan, should be around two pages long.
  • Opportunity – here you should outline what you are selling, who the competition is, who the target market is, and any other relevant information.  
  • Execution – how will you turn your opportunity into a business? Also include your marketing and sales plan.
  • Team and company – describe your current team and who you need to hire to succeed.  
  • Financial plan – include a financial forecast and know your numbers so that investors can feel more confident in what you’re saying to them.
  • Appendix – here you should include product images and additional information.  
  • Executive summary – introduce your company, explain what you do, explain what you’re looking for from your readers. Should be able to stand alone.

Make sure you talk about what you’ll spend money on in your business plan, as well as how investors will get their money back from you. You need to make it attractive. You could even include where you’re going to get equipment and machinery from. Have a look at TruckDealersAustralia.com.au today to get a good idea of prices and what you can include in your plan. You should also include a one sentence overview and summarize the problem you are solving. Knowing your target market is absolutely imperative. This is because your business plan needs to outline what makes you unique and why customers will come to you rather than the competition.

Who are the competition? What will you do differently? Know your exact funding requirements too – you need to know what you’re asking for, even if you expect you will get a counter offer. Remember, you can find templates online if you need one.