Making A Large Office Feel Nice And Private

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There are few things worse than feeling like you are being watched when you are trying to work. Often making it harder to focus on what they are doing, most people much prefer to feel as if they are in their own space when they are doing their job, reserving time spent with other people until their breaks. Of course, though, modern offices have to fit more people into them than ever before, and this makes even having cubicles into a challenge. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to make a large office feel nice and private.

Headphones & Privacy Films

Being able to put yourself into your own bubble while you work is a great way to make yourself feel alone. When someone can hear everything around them, though, they will struggle to achieve this goal. By providing your employees with good sound cancelling headphones, you will help to eliminate this issue, enabling them to block out the world around them as they get on with their jobs. Along with this, you could also consider the idea of privacy screens for your monitors, as this will make them impossible for other people to see.


Having walls between your employees may sound like a bad way to make an office feel friendly, but this sort of approach can often be the best when it comes to keeping people focused. Decorative window frosting film can make a great tool when you’re doing this, enabling you to use glass dividers which won’t take up much space, while still blocking vision and sound from passing through. Having something like this set up in a modular way enables your team members to choose whether they’d like a barrier or not.

Smart Layouts

Even when you have a very busy office, ensuring that people aren’t looking over one another’s shoulders can often be solved by creating smart layouts for your offices. When people are behind each other, they should always have their backs facing, as this will ensure that they can’t watch their colleagues at work. Some people will be fine with having their work on display, but others will find it very stressful.

Signs & Warnings

It can be hard to stay focused on your job when you have other team members talking to you. People don’t often stay busy all the time in an office, with everyone going through their own busy patches throughout the day. This can create a mess of communication when some people are working and others aren’t, and this is something to be mindful of. To help to solve this issue, giving your employees warning signs which they can use to let others know when they are handling serious work can be a great approach to take.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling prepared to take on the challenge of making a shared workspace feel like a private one. Of course, your teams can’t expect dedicated rooms for their work, but they should be able to focus on their work.

Encourage Your Employees Within Their Environment

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Your employees should be seen as godsends – sure, they may bug you at times, but that’s just human beings in general. Your employees are the ones that you can fall back on when nothing seems to be going the way you want it to. They’ll pick you up off the floor and brush you down, encouraging you to carry on. And they deserve an awful lot of credit for that. You can’t begin to think about expanding your business if you don’t have them standing behind you.

Having said that though, we all have our off days, and when they happen we seem to lose all motivation and struggle to focus. – It’s your job as a boss to ensure that all of your employees are encouraged so they always work to the best of their ability, making you and your business proud. And one brilliant way of doing that is by the kind of environment you provide everyone with, as this has a huge impact on people’s mindset.

Here’s how to get started.

Remove all the unnecessary clutter.

A messy home equals a messy mind, and not only that, but it can lead to danger too as things can cause an obstruction as well as an injury, so there is no excuse to leave the place a mess. This is just as much your responsibility as it is your employees, but you should be leading by example because you’re the one in charge. So make sure that all leads and wires are well secured and hidden so they can’t be tripped over. Keep any files and documents properly organized and stored away in drawers and cabinets in an order that is understood. And of course, ensure that people clean up after themselves.

The exterior is just as important.

A lot of people won’t bother about the outside of the office as they see it as being irrelevant and doesn’t affect anyone – but this is totally wrong. It’s the first thing that people see when they approach the workplace, essentially making it the first mood decider of the day. If the area is messy and unkempt, the mind will adapt to that environment, whereas if the space is clean and pretty in appearance, it will brighten up anyone’s mood. So get in a gardener to pretty up the place as much as you can, and add some Commercial Site Furniture so that your employees can sit out in the sun during their break and bask in the sun.

And last but not least, when you enter the office, make sure that you have a good energy that follows you, because people will instantly vibe off that. You can create the same energy from the walls that surround you all too. Think of fun ways to make the place more alive and exciting. Create a feature wall that stands out. Paint it a bright pop of color, and decorate it with paintings or various art pieces. Inspire people – that’s what it’s all about.