I manage a remote workforce of 30 employees. Leadership at its purest form.

Location based employees limit your talent pool, so in order to recruit, lead and retain the best remote workers you need to implement the following 3-step program:

Mindset – In order to gain trust, you must give it first. Set the objectives then freely give autonomy to your workers. Without trust established from the start, there’s zero chance to succeed. Trust is the only foundation to build your remote workforce on.

Toolset – “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Building strong interpersonal connections and facilitating community online is crucial to longevity and retention. Working remotely breeds isolation which kills performance. Relationships first, business second always.

Skill Set – Daily coaching/feedback is necessary to keep remote workers engaged. Without it workers go astray and destroy your customers’ experience. Managing a remote workforce is high maintenance. If you’re not committed to investing in your employees’ growth, don’t hire them.

If you manage remote workers now or plan to in the future let’s talk. I consult companies on how to effectively manage their remote workforce.

Here are 2 resources that helped me embrace remote work: Remote & Building Community in the Virtual Workplace.