The average tenure of Millennials at their current job is around 2 years. Did you know the cost of turnover for 1 employee is 150% – 250% of an annual salary? Retention of younger workers is crucial to your company’s bottom line.

Millennials dominate the workforce, but can also be a headache.

Millennial Mastery: How To Effectively Manage Millennials will help you recruit, train and retain your best young talent.

Full and half-day on-site or virtual training presentations include the following topics:

  • Millennials Are Lazy & Entitled: How to Create Emerging Leaders
  • Millennials Are High Maintenance: How to Coach & Give Feedback Without Losing Your Mind
  • Millennials Are Poor Communicators: How to Teach Soft Skills & Embrace Technology
  • Millennials Are Disengaged/Constantly Distracted: How to Align Purpose, Run Effective Meetings & Assign Meaningful Tasks
  • Millennials Don’t Take Initiative/Ownership: How to Collaborate & Teach Intrapreneurship
  • Millennials Are Job-Hoppers: How to Integrate Career Development to Increase Retention Rates

Millennial Mastery: How To Effectively Manage Millennials is available in full and half day on-site or virtual presentations. Please complete this form to get started!

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