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Scott Asai

I’ve been working with Millennials for 20+ years (even if it looks like I can pass for one) as a Basketball Coach, Youth Pastor & Trainer. What makes me different is my ability to relate to Millennials (including my two younger brothers & wife). I understand what motivates, engages and sets Millennials apart.

Recently I was a Faculty Manager at a test prep/tutoring company based out of Santa Monica where I managed 30 full-time remote tutors (spread throughout the United States). Managing remotely is leadership in its purest form and with telecommuting on the rise its the future for companies whom desire to employ the best talent.

I pitch myself as an Executive Coach for Millennials. Someone who communicates feedback between Millennial Workers & Gen X/Baby Boomer Managers (“middle-man” a.k.a. translator). I have a knack for identifying talent & leveraging the strengths of Millennials. Hiring me is investing in the future of your company because what I do is: develop leaders.

I’ve worked with the following organizations: USC, LMU, Pepperdine University, Calvary Christian School, PCMA Santa Monica, Nikkei America and Coast Produce.

See more of my background here.

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