Seas Of Change In The Millennial Workplace

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

Each generation has the potential for change. They are the future, after all. They can alter what they aren’t happy with, and pave their way into a lifestyle which suits. It’s why politicians put so much import in the young vote. And, it’s why many business managers rally against younger staff members.

At the moment, the working world is seeing a major shift thanks to the millennial generation. These kids have a fresh way of seeing the world. For the first time, we’re seeing the rise of a generation who have grown up on the internet. They’ve had free access to endless information, and their creativity has skyrocketed because of it. So much so that young people are reinventing traditional markets. Let’s look at how.


You could say that retail has seen the most significant shift of all. It wasn’t so long ago that shop spaces were our only interaction with retail companies. If we didn’t go into town to get it, it wouldn’t be ours. Now, though, millennials have ensured that e-commerce companies like Amazon lead the way. In some ways, it’s hardly surprising from a generation who grew up online. These are youngsters who want fast access to everything. Online shopping provides that. If any business wants to see success in the modern age, it’s essential they offer an online shop service. Otherwise, they’ll find it near enough impossible to compete with the retail giants. It’s not all bad news of course. Taking business online means that companies have access to a much wider audience.


Renting is nothing new. Property developers and landlords have been doing this for time immemorial. But, millennials stand to change the rental market. In one way, they’ve given it a significant boost. Homeownership is ever on the decrease as younger generations turn, instead, to the rental market.

The Instagram age has also led to increased popularity in unusual Airbnbs. Instead of long-term rentals, youngsters are booking into Airbnbs to accommodate their lifestyles. Properties included take the form of everything from outhouses, to houseboats. Instead of surveying their properties, landlords are now considering turning to the marine electrical services offered by companies like TESS, and maintaining their sea-bound offerings. Plus, appearance is valued above all. Landlords now have to think about how to present properties. Plus, they’re having to take a lot longer over getting that ‘Instaworthy’ image.

Office work

And, the changes don’t stop there. Office work is also making way for freelancers and remote work. More and more millennials are breaking away from traditional employment and making their own way. They either offer their services to one company on a remote basis or pick up various jobs as freelancers. Either way, the office is fast going out of the window. Far from spelling trouble for employers, though, this could be good news. The flexibility of freelance work allows even small business to employ help when needed. And, remote work saves small business having to fork out on expensive office space.

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