5 Reasons To Follow Your Career Dreams

No matter your age or stage in life, it is never too late to pursue the career of your dreams. Whether you’re starting a brand-new career or taking on a new role at an existing job, the rewards are significant and worth striving for. Here are five reasons to follow your career dreams:

A Sense Of Accomplishment

Pursuing and achieving your career goals can bring you great satisfaction and accomplishment. Having the chance to take on challenges and experience success in the pursuit of something you’re passionate about can be an incredibly rewarding feeling. This sense of accomplishment can also be transferred to other areas of your life, helping you grow and succeed in many different ways.

Increase Your Self-Confidence

Taking on a new career can help to build your self-confidence, as it gives you the opportunity to prove to yourself that you can do something outside of your comfort zone and succeed at it. Taking on this challenge can help increase your confidence in both a professional and personal setting, leading to further opportunities and successes down the line. In addition, your self-confidence can improve when you’re surrounded by people who are also striving for success, which can lead to positive mutual support.

Personal Growth And Development

Changing careers will give you the chance to increase your knowledge base and skill set. Pursuing the career of your dreams will help you become more knowledgeable, and it will also help you to develop personal traits such as communication skills and problem-solving abilities. For example, Alex Graveley is someone who pursued his dreams and focused on improving his skills, which has now resulted in him becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Financial Opportunities

Having the chance to pursue a career in something you’re passionate about can bring great financial rewards. You will be motivated to work harder and be more financially successful when doing something you love. You may even have the chance to increase your earning potential by taking on additional roles or opportunities and offering services or products related to your new career. In addition, following your dreams may encourage you to become your own boss, which can significantly increase earnings.

Career Fulfillment

Finally, following your career dreams can bring you greater job satisfaction. This is because when you’re doing something that you truly enjoy, it won’t feel like work. Your enthusiasm for the role will be evident in everything you do, and this will create a more fulfilling working experience. Career fulfillment is something that everybody should strive for, and it can be achieved by making the decision to take a risk and pursue your dreams.

Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to follow your career dreams. There are many benefits to making the leap from traditional roles and routines and following a path of personal growth that will lead you toward greater fulfillment and financial reward. So why not take the plunge today and start working on achieving your goals? You may just surprise yourself with the positive impact it will have on your life.

6 Ways To Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile

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OK, so you have a LinkedIn profile, and its…OK. You don’t update it very often but it does the job. 

But having an out of date LinkedIn profile is worse than not even having one. It can mean great things for your networking and your career so take the time to take yours to the next level. 

Write a killer headline

Your headline is a key way to get people to notice you. Rather than letting LinkedIn set your default to your current position and job role, write your own

Join/leave groups

If you were one of those people who joined LinkedIn in a flurry of activity and joined every single semi-relevant group you could find, it’s time for a cull. 

Find your list of groups and leave those that are inactive, irrelevant or you haven’t participated in recently. 

Or if you haven’t joined any, find a few that are relevant to your industry and interests and devote some time to get involved in conversations. Don’t join too many at once, or you’ll never be able to keep up. If a group isn’t very active, or you aren’t getting anything from it, don’t be afraid to leave the group. 

Groups are a great way to network with others and alongside your digital business cards can get your name out there in your field. 

Update your current position

If you’ve not updated your profile in a while, your current description is more than likely out of date or even an old job. Rewrite your current responsibilities as it’s your current job that people will most likely look at first. 

If relevant, add examples of your work and multimedia pieces to your profile too. 

Create a customized URL 

By creating a customized URL that incorporates your name, you can make the link to your profile a lot more memorable and professional. If you have a common name, you may have to get a little more creative, but don’t be tempted to put nicknames or something that you might regret later. 

Reach out for recommendations

A good LinkedIn profile should include a few glowing recommendations from employers, colleagues and other people who can vouch for the quality of your work and professionalism. 

Potential recruiters and headhunters will also be able to see it. Many job sites are now allowing you to apply automatically with your LinkedIn profile, rather than having to submit a separate application. 

Use a good photo

The photo you use on LinkedIn should be of good quality. There is some debate about how professional it should be. Some people use standard corporate headshots, others use something a little more personal. Whichever you choose, ensure that it gives the impression of you that you would want other people to have. 

Try and stay away from selfies or photos where you’ve clearly cropped yourself from a larger group of people. 


A good LinkedIn profile can really open career doors for you. But rather than neglecting it for long periods of time, followed by a sudden flurry of activity when you start looking to move a job isn’t an effective use of the platform. It’s also a huge giveaway to your current employer that you’re looking to move.

Become the Manager Employees Want to Emulate

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Being a boss is easy- all you need is to hire someone. But becoming a manager that employees willingly follow and respect can be challenging. Fortunately, managing is a skill you can learn. 

Transformational leaders are inspiring, positive, and empowering. Some of the qualities associated with great leaders include intelligence, adaptability, and assertiveness. For some people, these traits are acquired naturally, while others have to learn. 

Use these tips to learn how to be a great leader that employees would emulate. 

Treat Employees Fairly

Treating workers fairly and equally in the workplace is necessary to ensure optimal company growth. Maltreating employees decreases employee morale, resulting in low productivity. Workers may also file a lawsuit against your organization for discrimination and unfair treatment. 

Avoid “lording” and showing prejudice towards certain employees over others. What applies to one worker should apply to others. Avoid discrimination based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion. 

When it comes to promotion, do so based on performance and qualification, not on personal relationships. Ensure job postings are open for all employees instead of verbally telling some workers about an opening. 

Provide all employees with an employee rule book or handbook to help them understand rules. It would be unfair to discipline a worker who’s unaware of the rules. Remember, if it were not for the workers, you would not have that job. 

Your managing title should inspire and not be a symbol of harassment. 

Motivate Employees

The best manager understands that motivating employees is a holy grail of any business. Giving your staff a peaceful working environment inspires them to work harder. The break room, the outdoor space, and even bathrooms can affect your worker’s motivation. 

You should, therefore, design the working space thoughtfully and curate it to inspire. The color scheme has a profound impact on the productivity and mood of the company. You can get an instant feel of a room as you enter. 

According to color psychology, blue is among the productive colors to choose from. It can be soothing or vibrant with a calming effect on a hectic working environment. Green represents nature, plant life, or fresh air. 

Green is also associated with creativity and broader thinking. A softer shade has a calming effect. Red is a vibrant, energizing color that boosts brain wave activity, heart rate, and blood flow. 

Understand the color that will bring out the best in your workers. You may also involve them when choosing the office colors.

Maintain a positive attitude to have a profound effect on employees’ motivation. Positivity can help you view problems as grand opportunities to get creative and innovative. 

Encourage Career Development

An employee with developed and advanced knowledge is a great asset to the company. That’s why you should value their career advancement. Making talented workers feel undervalued kills their morale and can affect productivity negatively. 

Know how to communicate effectively with employees. Interacting with workers on a one-to-one basis helps you stay attuned to their career expectations and aspirations. Help workers outline a potential career path to visualize their future. 

Consistent, direct, and clear communication from a manager makes the employee feel valued. Ensure you establish a formal mentoring program for workers’ professional and personal growth. For instance, you can encourage the engineering team to get more training from reliable engineering recruiters for advanced knowledge. At the very least, you should have programs like construction safety training in place, depending on the sector you work in. When employees know you’re keen to keep them safe, they’re a lot happier.

More so, assign smaller side tasks that are not aligned with workers’ careers to boost their skills. Give your team members a chance to work in different departments for a day to enhance their skill set. 

Be a Role Model 

Remember, you’re a role model to your workers. In short, you’re the magnifying glass. Have the model behaviors, which can be termed the big three- integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. 

  • Integrity- As a leader, you need to do the right thing all the time. No taking advantage of others or playing favoritism. 
  • Honesty – Being straightforward is out of the question. You must be honest with all the decisions you make in the company. Let employees know why the decision was made and how it can affect the company’s going concern. 
  • Trustworthiness– As a manager, learn to live up to your commitments, respect confidential information, and keep all promises. 

Correct Problems 

No one is perfect, so learn to correct mistakes. In the business world, you cannot progress without fixing problems. Learn to give feedback- both positive and negative- and resolve issues as soon as they happen. 

Having empathy doesn’t mean you hold back making decisions. Correct a worker who’s doing a task wrongly, but give them a chance to rectify their deeds. Even a minor error can cost your business big time. 

Ensure you gather your professionals and personal courage and speak up. Letting the problem continue is a recipe for disaster. It can ruin your company’s reputation and ruin the morale of other employees. 

Be a Good Communicator

Your subordinates are not your slaves. You only happen to be slightly elevated above them. Although being a manager gives you power, you should never be rude to employees. 

Communicate your vision and let your workers understand what you want. You can enhance your communication skills through practice. And to be a good communicator, you must practice active listening. 

Pay attention to what employees are asking or sayings. Through active listening, you’ll understand what the person wants and respond appropriately. Your eye contact, tone of voice, and hand gestures can also convey your message. 

When communicating to workers, just say enough- not too little or too much. Be short and precise. Whether you’re communicating via email, phone, or in person, be clear and direct. 

As you communicate, be friendly to encourage your employees to open up. It’s important to be polite and courteous. 

The Bottom Line 

Great leaders are inspirations to employees. And you can also become one of the leaders’ workers would love to emulate. These traits and priorities will set you apart from other leaders. 

And you’re not only limited to these qualities. As a leader, set the pace, behave ethically, and practice adaptive leadership. Communicate with positive mental health and compassion.

The Things That will make you know you’re officially an adult

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Of all the things we were taught in school or by our parents, the biggest thing was that there is no real moment in time where you truly know you’re an adult. Physically, you could get to 80 years old but still feel mentally as you did at 21. 

However, there are some real home truths that will remind you that you’ve made it to adulthood on a daily basis that will have you thinking ‘yeah, OK, I guess I’m an adult now…’ 

If you read some of these things below and find yourself agreeing aloud- welcome to the crew. You made it. It’s OK, really…

You Got Bills (and mortgage, tax, insurance, car maintenance)

When you were a kid and starting to look at jobs you may have looked at jobs and thought of all the wonderful and fun things you could buy with a $18k salary after you left college. But for an adult facing the stark reality that if you want to keep a roof over your head, $18k really isn’t going to get you very far at all. That’s a harsh reality of adulthood–your entry level job may not give you the lifestyle you wanted. You get your salary in your bank and then it’s stolen by rent, utilities, your car, and then you’re left with pennies at the end of the month. Having too much month at the end of the money is one of the biggest signs that you’ve unlocked the adult achievement. 

You Relish The Thought of Being On Your Own 

You work hard all day and then might spend time crammed up against people on the train on the way home so the thing you crave most is being on your own. Kids hate the idea of doing anything on their own, but by the time adulthood comes, you feel lucky if you can spend a few hours  on your day off at https://www.laurelridgeexperience.com/golf-course rather than having to do boring things like clean your car or go grocery shopping. Dull! 

When a spouse and/or kids come along — you can forget it! 

You Can Eat Whatever You Like–But You Don’t 

If you have kids, then you know that if you ask them ‘What do you want to eat?’ they will reply with a list of all of the things that scream ‘blood pressure meds’ or ‘high blood sugar’. Yes, you’re in charge of the grocery shop now, but you know that if you eat like a literal child let loose in the candy shop your aged body will not thank you. Eating poorly as you get older will make you realize exactly why your mom would enforce the occasional broccoli floret on your fork as you navigate through dental and medical bills to boot.

All in all, the realization that you have become an adult isn’t so bad. You get to earn your own money, eat what you want and drive a car- what could be better than that?

Advancing Your Career Might Be More Simple Than You Think

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If you have been trying to figure out some ways to advance your career, it might actually be more simple than you think. A lot of the time, people are too quick to make things more complicated than they need to be, which is why they end up taking themselves backwards instead of forward. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the ways that you can advance your career without making it too complicated. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

Have A Plan

The first thing that you need to do is come up with a plan as to where you actually want to go. Once you know where you are heading, it’s far easier to then come up with ways to get to that place. But, a lot of people don’t bother sitting down and coming up with a step by step plan as to what the best solution is, and this is where things start to go wrong. When you have a plan, it is easy to follow, you know what you’re doing, and it’s clear where you need to go. When you wing it, you can end up in a situation you didn’t want to be in, doing things you didn’t really need to do, and actually find yourself doing more damage than good to your career. It’s for this reason that you should come up with a plan, and then stick to it as best you can. Of course, circumstances change, but not all the time.

Be Prepared For More Education

Another thing that you should do is be prepared for more education. It is often the case that to get further in your career, depending on your level of education right now, that you may require some more. The higher up in the business you go, the more you are expected to know. Of course, you are going to be gaining experience when you are working your way up through a company, but if you change companies at any point, a higher level of education is certainly going to come in handy. For example, you might want to study a more holistic approach to health so that you have diversified your range of knowledge. This makes you a more attractive option than someone who has only got a one track mind.

Making Friends In High Places

The final thing that we’re going to recommend is that you start trying to make friends in high places. As they say, it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know which is why you need to be able to network. We get that not everyone is brilliant at being social, but you’ve got to suck it up for the sake of your career if you’re hoping to get somewhere good, fast. Having friends higher up the food chain can come in handy in so many ways, so it’s important that you do your best to meet these people.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see that advancing your career might actually be more simple than you think. If you take the advice that we have laid out above, there’s no reason that you should find moving your career forward to be too much of an issue, Good luck, and we hope that you get where you want to be.

Montessori Study- A New Approach in the Modern Education System

The Montessori education method was invented in 1900 by Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, in which the main focus of teaching is to develop the overall personality of the child instead of emphasizing books, exams, grades, etc.

According to a recent study conducted in the United States, children who follow the Montessori system of education can perform better than students who follow traditional methods of teaching. This technique gives kids the independence of choice in the matter of learning. Children from different backgrounds and age groups get involved in various activities of their likings, and teachers guide them throughout the process.

New hope for the modern education system

Several studies (Lyons in 2001; Olson and Kellum in 2003; Hertzberger in 2008; and Vandier in 2011) showed that the physical environment and structure of school buildings put significant effect on students’ achievement, teaching, and whole learning process. Kids can develop problem-solving skills in a favorable and friendly environment under the supervision of expert guides. For instance, a center like Building Futures Montessori is the best when it comes to an environment that encourages the children’s intrinsic passion for learning. Montessori offers students a homelike calm atmosphere, where they can feel safe and love to work alongside playing. They get opportunities to develop within the curriculum areas of courtesy, grace, sensorial, language, mathematics, and practical life.

Let us discuss some more positive aspects of this learning methodology to dive deep into the matter.     

Develop creative thinking and understanding of this world

Dr. Montessori, through a scientific approach, designed such learning material that makes kids grasp core concepts of subjects without difficulty. 

The curriculum enables students to get an understanding of this world curiously and interestingly. It also makes them feel independent and interrelated with other human beings. Through carefully planned lessons and directions of teachers, students develop emotions like gratitude, kindness, and contentment. They are inspired to explore the wonders of this world and creations of humankind joyfully.                     

Encouraging an environment that creates self-awareness

The supportive learning environment is created, keeping in view the needs of children. Alongside learning material, all other items are designed according to the age groups of kids, such as shelves, furniture, utensils, etc. They can do things independently in cooperation without considering the teacher as a focal center or object of their attention.

In the classroom, a single lesson is not considered to be suitable for all students, instead different lessons are selected according to their individual needs. It helps kids improve their areas of weakness and continue to strengthen their positive aspects. They can work liberally on the projects of their interests, but at the same time, a teacher ensures they meet all the learning requirements properly.         

Transfer of knowledge while working together

An integral part of the learning process for kids is to be social in collaboration with others. Together, they learn to regulate their social interactions and experience the value of sharing, negotiation, compromise, etc. A guide helps students resolve social tensions by themselves through self-regulation. If kids get ready, they get the opportunity to receive education in multi-age groups where the young students can seek help from their elder peers at the time of difficulty. It also helps develop leadership and mentorship qualities in senior students.               

Montessori education, a scientific approach to learning, assist children to improve their emotional aspects and social skills. Recognizing their potentials, they can grow or flourish with talented multifaceted personalities and can secure their valuable place in this world.

Eight Different Ways to be an Active Part of Community Development

Community development, at its heart, is ingrained in the belief that everyone should have proper access to well-being, opportunity, health-care and justice. It identifies the fact that certain communities and minorities are oppressed by structural inequality in society. To ensure fairness for everyone, community development helps improve the quality of life for all communities.

The fundamental basis of community development is respect for diversity and values of human rights. It also helps bridge the gap in relationships among people in positions of power and the rest, so that every person can voice their opinions about the issues affecting them and their lives. There are a lot of different ways to be an active part of community development, which bring about shared responsibility and mutual benefit in community members. The most widely recognized ones are-

Community Engagement

Community engagement can be defined in a multitude of ways, but to put it simply, it actively seeks to engage the community to attain better outcomes in the long run. It gives the community a chance to voice their opinions that will enhance decision making for certain issues that may influence it’s well being. Community engagement can be in the form of education, economic development, direct service, etc. The foundation of effective community engagement is effective communication.

Women Self-Help Groups

Women’s self-help groups have made immense collective efforts for development. One significant characteristic of these groups is the idea of mutual support. They are versatile and have been valuable in women empowerment, microcredit programs and using unique strategies for poverty alleviation.

Non-violent Direct Action

You may be aware of different kinds of historically significant protests, such as Salt March, sit-ins and strikes. These are all forms of non-violent direct action. It seeks to establish a tension between the people in a position of power and the community in order to create a space where the community can effectively reveal a problem. This social issue is brought up with direct action because it was not being addressed by the government.

Community Economic Development

Community economic development is a unique method to fight poverty. It is market-based and led by the residents of these communities. It provides growth and local economic opportunities with public resources. It helps improve the social conditions for the underprivileged and one can see this post about developing communities in 2020 to understand how all challenges, be it social, economic, or environmental, are all inter-related. Keeping this in mind, community economic development aims to encourage holistic approaches for strengthening communities, building enterprises and supporting individuals through economic development.


Advocacy can have far-reaching positive impacts, as advocacy in all its forms seeks to ensure the fact that vulnerable people in society are able to have their voices heard. It enables people to not only defend and promote their rights but also to access information and services. They help vulnerable communities and minorities to defend and safeguard their rights. There are several different forms of advocacy such as legislative advocacy, budget advocacy, social justice advocacy, health advocacy, etc.

Community Organizing

Community organizing is the action that brings people together. Organizers reach out to people, in order to motivate them to strengthen their collective power. These people work together on overcoming social injustice and their common concerns. It helps give the power back to people and builds a deep sense of community and belongingness within its members. All members have shared interests and a broad goal to help better their community. They work on local issues, by developing campaigns and taking actions.

Language Revitalization

Language revitalization, or language revival, makes an attempt to stop the decline of the language of a particular community. It aims to reverse the decline of a language through creative methods such as films, media or books. It believes that language is a unique and important part of every culture and connects communities to their tradition, history and ancestors. It helps people identify more strongly with their culture. Indigenous languages are slowly disappearing around the world. Language revitalization preserves knowledge passed down from songs and stories from different cultures and helps regain a connection with the native land.

Faith-Based Community Development

Faith-based community development refers to faith-based organizations that help in achieving favorable community development outcomes. They have known to be an active part of social service, housing programs and poverty- reduction strategies. It has a holistic view of the community and helps strengthen it. It also keeps charity as one of its important aspects of community development.

These are eight small, but significant ways to be an active part of community development. Indulging in these will surely give one an insight regarding the functioning of everything around them and how one can actively participate to help in bringing about change.

How-To Guide for Writing Assignments

How to Write an Assignment on my Own and Receive a High Mark

No matter whether you study in university, college or any other learning facility, there are many things you need to do to complete your education and get high grades. One of the most frequent tasks you receive from teachers is writing assignments.

During the learning process, you will get hundreds of assignments you need to complete, and each one of these papers will have a significant impact on your learning results. Thus, you need to know precisely how to write a writing assignment, so that you can get a high mark for this work.

It is essential to make sure you do that right, as creating a poor-quality assignment can be a massive problem for you in the future. Thus, sometimes it may be better to avoid this work. As a result, you need to know what makes a good writing assignment, and how you can avoid writing a bad one.

The only way you can do that is to delegate that task to a company that has vast experience in delivering high-quality cheap assignments on time. This will only demand from you a little bit of cash and choosing the right company to work with.

Anyway, if you are confident in your desire to write an assignment on your own, below you can find a small how-to guide, which will disclose a couple of valuable tips and provide the right approach to how to plan out an assignment writing if it has to be done.

Where to Start?

The first thing you need to do is to determine the time management. Make sure you have enough time to complete an assignment. Do not think that it will only take from you an hour or two, it can take much more time, especially if your theoretical knowledge of the subject is far from perfect.

If you know how to write a writing assignment, spend some time thinking that subject over. After you have taken enough time, you need to study the topic of the assignment thoroughly. Do you have all of the necessary tools to complete an assignment?

Don’t you need to find additional sources to deliver a perfect paper for examination to your teacher? Have you done everything needed to deliver what makes a good writing assignment and increase your results dramatically? If you’ve dealt with that, you can start creating your assignment.

There are many types of assignments that you can get in Math, Physics, Ethics or other subjects. The problem with the assignments is the fact that not all of them are valuable enough, so you as a student need to make sure you don’t waste your time on something useless for your education and future.

Thus, if you have been tasked with completing an assignment for a subject you are not interested in, it is better to give up on it from the beginning. Delegate it to a company that knows how to plan assignment writing, and provide you with a high mark and spare time you can use to study something more useful and applicable to your future work or professional life.

Do Not Delay the Start of Work

Many students make delays, because of an unwillingness to get to the work right away and as a result, they sometimes miss deadlines which spoils their final grade and leads to other, even more, severe problems. Also, if you do not like the subject, or feel that you are not ready to get to work, it is essential to get along with that and start working.

That is one of the most important aspects of how to write writing assignment rules – never delay, get to work ASAP instead. It will be easier after you start. Otherwise, if you cannot make yourself get to work, it is better to delegate the assignment to a cheap assignment writing service that won’t let you down under any circumstances. They know exactly and precisely what makes a good writing assignment, and can deliver that knowledge to you. Such an approach allows you to avoid stress and get the work done instead of you.

Control the Process

Figure out a good plan for your assignment and stick to it no matter how hard it is. Below you can find the description of all stages, including how a novice writer can plan assignment writing as good as possible. For example, if you need to write brief research with a summary, stick to this plan:

  Find trustworthy sources – it is essential, as your work will be based on them, so do not hesitate to waste as much time as needed to do that, even if that will take hours from you.

  Compile the data you need – do not make your assignment too wordy if it’s not necessary, just take from the sources what you need to complete the work. Too many words and useless phrases are not something you need to do in order to know how to write a writing assignment if you want to do a perfect job. You will get rewarded with less work and a better quality of paper delivered, and as a result, you will receive a higher mark.

  Put the entire process on paper – if you have excellent writing skills that won’t be a problem for you. Otherwise, there is a tremendous task awaiting you. Good style and smooth readability is something that makes good writing assignment, and poor language makes it useless. However, it still can be done if you pay attention to details and adhere to the style of the paper.

  Check your paper – when you have completed the task, do not hesitate to examine the article for mistakes. It would be a terrible idea to send your work unchecked, as there can be silly mistakes that decrease your grade if you do not proofread the paper thoroughly.

  Calculate the time you have spent on completing the task – it is essential to know how to plan your assignment writing in the future, to understand how much time you spend on writing papers, as that can bring you to the decision, that it’s not worthy.

Maybe it’s better to delegate the academic writing work to dedicated writers so that you have time to focus on the more important things you need to do.

After you have done all of this, it will be a good idea to have some rest. Of course, if you do not have any other kinds of assignments that need to be done. Thus, make sure you have completed all the tasks you have, and then you can have a proper rest.


There is always a question appearing on the scene – whether to write an assignment on your own or maybe it is better to hire an online assignment writing service that will do the task for you. Well, each student has his/her answer to this question, and the best advice in this situation would be to make a pros and cons list, where you should consider the time you spend on assignments and the value you get from completing them on your own.

Leadership Skills Everyone Needs To Know

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There may come a time in your career where you are no longer an employee and instead you are a leader. Being a leader is something which is harder than it looks and when it comes to being a great leader, there are a lot of things you will need to learn. Today we are going to take a look into some of the ways that you can lead your team to success this year with some essential tips.

  1. Be transparent

To be a successful business leader you need to always remain honest. It is incredibly important for you to be honest with your followers and always show that you are willing to share problems with them. Your team is a huge part of your working environment and it is important for you to earn their trust and don’t keep things from them. If you are having trouble with something don’t keep it to yourself, asking for advice shows that you respect your colleagues which can be a great thing.

  1. Show empathy

Every person who works in your team is unique. They all have their own way of working, their own lives, and their own issues. It is important as a leader to show empathy to your workers when they are stressed, down or having trouble in life and this is something to think about.

  1. Know the generation

Most of the time when you are leading a team, you will be leading a younger generation and one which is different to the older generation. Younger people have a different way of working and they want to be able to have trust and flexibility. If you are able to give the young generation a more flexible work ethic, they will work wonderfully for you and they will want to progress with you.

  1. Say it like it is

Being a leader is hard because you might feel uncomfortable laying out those uncomfortable truths to your workers. However, to be a good leader you need to say things as they are because this is the only way you will have effective communication in the team. If you never communicate your team won’t know where to improve.

  1. Think of ways to be unique

Every good leader has a unique style of management and it will take you some time to learn what yours will be. However take the time to try and show your unique style to your followers and it will be a good thing for all of you.

  1. Be human

Back in the day there was this weird idea that a leader should be a totally inhuman entity in the office. This is not the case these days and to be a great leader you need to be human and show that you care about your employees in a real way. Show off your personality and be approachable and this will make all the difference.

  1. Never forget your responsibility

It is important for you to remember that it is your job to lead your workers and be present at all times as a manager. As much as you may want to be the friend of your workers, there still needs to be a few boundaries and ultimately you need to be sure that you put across an air of authority in the office.

  1. Be comfortable talking to CEOs

As a manager you will end up having a lot of instances talking to high ranking people in the company and other companies. Make sure that you get comfortable doing this and remember that although they are high up in a company they are still only people!

  1. Surround yourself with inspiring people

As a leader it is your job to motivate and inspire your team and show them what they could have if they worked hard and tried their best. But who is there to motivate and inspire you? It is a good idea to surround yourself in your life and online on sites like LinkedIn with people who will inspire you and help you to be better at your own role. Inspiration breeds inspiration so be sure to surround yourself with great people.

  1. Have a shadow

When leading a team it is always a good idea for you to give your employees the chance to shadow you and learn from you. As a leader, it is a privilege to be able to inspire and teach the next generation and your workers will thank you for this. Bring along a younger employee with you on jobs to help them see what it would be like for them in the future if they followed in your footsteps.

  1. Share your vision

If you have a vision for your life or the company you manage, it is always a good idea for you to share this with the team so that you can gain some opinions from a different perspective. For example you could hold a brainstorm meeting for an idea you have and this will allow you to get ideas from other people in the office and see if they can come up with other ways for you to get to this goal.

  1. Be a character

When people look back over their career they will always remember the people who led and shaped their career. When you are forging your career as a great leader, it is important for you to lead with your own personality and let your own quirks really show. You are the person who will set the tone for the office so you can really take a chance here to have some fun with it all.

Being a great leader is something which you will learn over time with experience. These tips should help you to grow your skills and find your place in the workplace this year. Go out there and inspire your team and be the best leader that you can be this year and the years to come!

How to Choose a Life Insurance Policy

If you’re earning member of your family and have dependents to support, you can protect your family’s future by purchasing life cover for yourself. Here are some tips that will help you find a life insurance policy that best fits your current and future needs.

Understand why you need life insurance

The basic reason while people purchase life insurance is to safeguard their dependents in the event of the insured person’s untimely death. Life insurance provides financial security to your spouse, children and other dependents. If you don’t have any dependents, you need not buy life cover. Some people also choose not to buy life insurance when their dependents are financially sound.

Jacob Bailey from Insurance Hero (https://www.insurancehero.org.uk/) recommends getting life insurance as soon as you are able to, as most accidents happen without any warning. If you have even one person who depends on your income, you need life insurance to help them continue with their life when you’re gone.

Compare several policies before buying one

Comparison shopping will help you pick the best life cover with features that best suit your needs. When choosing a policy, you need to consider the following.

  • the amount you want to insure (ideally, this should be no less than ten times your yearly income)
  • your current age and health and how they will impact the cost of you policy
  • the term of your policy (your life cover should last at least until all your children have completed their education, or, if you don’t have children, it should take into account your partner’s financial dependence)
  • factors such as the yearly premium amount, fixed or reviewable premium, any additional features and the provider’s terms and conditions

Avoid buying joint life insurance

While a joint life insurance policy for couples may cost you less than two single policies, such policies are no longer favored, as they used to be some years back. These days most insurance companies make a single payout on joint policies, which is generally at the time of the first death.

Therefore, insurance experts say that it’s better for couples to purchase two single life insurance policies. This ensures that both partners have adequate financial protection in case of a mishap.

Consider future costs when choosing life cover

If you plan to expand your family, take into account your future children’s education, home upgradation costs, and other family expenses. Also consider your mortgage and any other large debts your family may have to deal with in case of your untimely demise.

As you may know, policy premiums increase with advancing age and are also greatly affected by the applicant’s current health and lifestyle. For example, a smoker or a person with hypertension may have to pay a higher premium to get the same life cover as a healthy or nonsmoking person. The best time to buy life insurance is in your mid-twenties so that you can safeguard your dependent parents and later your partner against financial distress.