Winsight Episode #32 – Obsessed w/ Efficiency

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I have a confession. I’m obsessed with efficiency. I’ve always been a planner. I think about time constantly and when it comes to doing anything…I want to know how to do it smarter, not harder. I don’t mind working hard, but if I can figure out a way to do it faster and better I will.

In this episode I’ll share time saving techniques in the following areas:

  • How your smartphone can put you on auto-pilot
  • What system is essential to be a master networker
  • The difference between habits and goals
  • Why working smarter beats working harder

What do you do efficiently? In what areas can you improve? Share something that saves you time and it might just help someone else!

Winsight Episode 28: Value-Based Decisions

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I admit. I’m not great at making money. Does that mean I’m poor? Not necessarily. Does that mean I’m rich? Depends on how you define rich.

All I know is the most valuable currency to me is my time. The ability to control my schedule is what matters because I can prioritize what I spend my time doing. The other night my wife and I had a great conversation about personal and professional goals. I shared with her when I have talks with others, either the same age as me or older, somewhere in our discussion spending time with your kids while they’re young comes up. I thought about how much time I spend with my daughter who recently turned two and it brings a smile to my face.

In this episode hear my personal story of value-based decisions through the following examples:

Staying home vs. working a 9 – 5

The difference between mission/vision statements and actual behaviors

What “lifestyle” really means and how to pursue it

Plan A & Plan B: which one is really better?

What are your core values? Looking at how you spend your time, what do you really value? Please share a value-based decision you make and how it affects those around you.

Winsight Episode 4: Successfully Failing



A successful failure? Seems like an oxymoron huh? But actually it’s not.

In this episode learn how failure is essential to success. Here is what is covered:

  • Failure is simply a numbers game. Learn how to play it and win.
  • What a baseball players batting average has to do with your success
  • The myth of risk and why resting your past successes is a recipe for disaster
  • Insanity, growth and what regret can do to your soul

How willing are you to fail? Share your number and why you chose it below. Remember transparency is part of growing.

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How Rich are you really?

Today’s most valuable currency isn’t money, it’s time
Equally distributed to all, yet maximized wisely by few. 

In the article, Flexibility: The New Definition of Success, flexibility and autonomy is what’s most desired. 

It’s hard to control how much money you make, but you can be very deliberate how you choose to spend your time. 

flexibility the new definition of success, remote work, location independent

Speaking from experience, as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur money isn’t my main motivator, freedom and flexibility of schedule is. Every time I get down about how much money I could be making, I look at my daughter and wife next to me. What if I was working 80+ hours a week? Would I be happy? Would I truly know my wife and daughter?  

Money is a means to an end
Time is an end in itself
It can be argued that money buys time, but does it really?

My point isn’t aim to be poor, but instead question what you’re really after

If your goal is flexibility, then look at your current situation and ask yourself, “How can I free up more time to invest in the things I love?

Need someone to listen to you and sort out a game plan to get started? Let’s talk.