How Rich are you really?

Today’s most valuable currency isn’t money, it’s time
Equally distributed to all, yet maximized wisely by few. 

In the article, Flexibility: The New Definition of Success, flexibility and autonomy is what’s most desired. 

It’s hard to control how much money you make, but you can be very deliberate how you choose to spend your time. 

flexibility the new definition of success, remote work, location independent

Speaking from experience, as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur money isn’t my main motivator, freedom and flexibility of schedule is. Every time I get down about how much money I could be making, I look at my daughter and wife next to me. What if I was working 80+ hours a week? Would I be happy? Would I truly know my wife and daughter?  

Money is a means to an end
Time is an end in itself
It can be argued that money buys time, but does it really?

My point isn’t aim to be poor, but instead question what you’re really after

If your goal is flexibility, then look at your current situation and ask yourself, “How can I free up more time to invest in the things I love?

Need someone to listen to you and sort out a game plan to get started? Let’s talk.

7 thoughts on “How Rich are you really?

  1. I couldn’t agree more and love seeing more companies offering flextime and telecommute opportunities. These are huge benefits (for the reasons you state here!) and have become almost essential ways companies are attracting and maintaining top talent. (For those not privileged enough to be their own boss!)

    1. Thanks Aimee! I love the concept of remote work because it’s based on trust. Judge by the work, not how it gets done. The best people don’t always live in your neighborhood!

      1. Well said – I believe strongly in this as well. It doesn’t work for everyone though – that’s definitely where the trust gets earned.

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