Winsight Episode 28: Value-Based Decisions

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I admit. I’m not great at making money. Does that mean I’m poor? Not necessarily. Does that mean I’m rich? Depends on how you define rich.

All I know is the most valuable currency to me is my time. The ability to control my schedule is what matters because I can prioritize what I spend my time doing. The other night my wife and I had a great conversation about personal and professional goals. I shared with her when I have talks with others, either the same age as me or older, somewhere in our discussion spending time with your kids while they’re young comes up. I thought about how much time I spend with my daughter who recently turned two and it brings a smile to my face.

In this episode hear my personal story of value-based decisions through the following examples:

Staying home vs. working a 9 – 5

The difference between mission/vision statements and actual behaviors

What “lifestyle” really means and how to pursue it

Plan A & Plan B: which one is really better?

What are your core values? Looking at how you spend your time, what do you really value? Please share a value-based decision you make and how it affects those around you.

Comment please!

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