Winsight Episode 17: Ambassador of Kwan

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Do you remember the scene in the movie Jerry Maguire where Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) refers to Jerry (played by Tom Cruise, his agent), as his ambassador of Kwan? Well, I looked up the definition of Kwan on the internet and found it means: love, respect, community and money. These are all things Rod expected Jerry to provide for him.

The practical application for you and me is we need an ambassador of Kwan in our lives. In this episode, learn about the following concepts:

  • How you go about finding your own “agent”
  • The 2 types of networking you need to do
  • What smart people do and what you should be doing too!
  • The number of people you need in your network to succeed

So who’s your ambassador of Kwan? If you don’t have one, what qualities do you look for in finding that person? Please share your thoughts below!

Winsight Episode 4: Successfully Failing



A successful failure? Seems like an oxymoron huh? But actually it’s not.

In this episode learn how failure is essential to success. Here is what is covered:

  • Failure is simply a numbers game. Learn how to play it and win.
  • What a baseball players batting average has to do with your success
  • The myth of risk and why resting your past successes is a recipe for disaster
  • Insanity, growth and what regret can do to your soul

How willing are you to fail? Share your number and why you chose it below. Remember transparency is part of growing.

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