How to Raise the Game for Your Recreational Sports Team

Being part of a recreational sports team is a fantastic way to make and keep friends as an adult. It’s also a good way to keep fit, especially if it’s a team that has regular practice. Setting up a sports team is a fun team-building idea for offices or other workplaces too, allowing people to socialize and bond outside of work. Although it can just be a bit of fun, there are also things you can do if you want to raise your game and maybe take it a little more seriously. Here are some of the things you could do to take your team to the next level.

Create a Consistent Training Schedule

It’s not always easy to keep an adult sports team going regularly. You all do it for fun and you have busy lives, including work and family commitments. But just because not everyone will turn up to every practice, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a consistent training schedule. If everyone tries their best to turn up every time, you’re sure to find that most people are there when you need them to be. A consistent schedule makes it easier for everyone to come too, making it clear when practice is and when they should put it in their diaries.

Get Personalized Gear

Personalizing some of the gear you use can be a really fun way to create more team spirit and a cohesive bond between everyone. Of course, you might want to start with uniforms if you want to have some cool threads to wear to practice or at games. But you don’t even need to shell out for uniforms to personalize some of your stuff. Even something like personalized pro lineup cards with your team’s name on them can make your team seem more official. You can elevate everything about your game by customizing a few small things.

Do Team Building Exercises

Playing with a team doesn’t just have to be about the game itself. Learning to work together as a team is important, and it’s a good chance to get to know each other better. Doing some team building exercises can help to strengthen bonds and get you playing better as a team. It’s something that can be incorporated into your practices or you might seek out other activities that you can use for team building. It could bring the whole team together.

Do Some More Promotion

Are you looking for more members or perhaps hoping to see more people at your games? It’s important to promote your team if you want people to know about it. It’s always good to promote what you’re doing and make sure that people know they can come along if they want to join in. Find the right places to advertise your team, whether it’s on your workplace message board, by handing out flyers in the park, or just by posting on social media.

If you run a recreational sports team, you can make it seem more professional and organized while still keeping it fun for everyone.

Planning A Sports-Based Guy’s Night Out Event

Guys night-out events are the perfect way to let off some steam and have some fun. They can also be a great way to bond with your friends or co-workers. If you’re looking to throw a guy’s night out event, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. This blog post will discuss the basics of planning a successful guy’s night out event, covering everything from choosing the suitable activity to arranging food and drinks!

1) Pick a Location:

The location should be accessible and easy to get to for all your guests. Some good options could be a bowling alley, billiards hall, mini-golf course, or any other recreational activity that allows groups. Furthermore, the location should have enough space to accommodate your guests comfortably and provide reasonable rates.

2) Choose the Right Activity:

The first step in planning a successful guy’s night out event is to choose an activity that everyone can enjoy. You can start by requesting an “entrance fee,” perhaps a bowling hat, exchanging memorabilia, or even Kevin Burge Sports Cards. This will ensure that everybody is having a good time and no one will be left out. Make sure the activity is something that appeals to sports fans and non-sports fans alike, such as golfing, bowling, or even laser tag. Make sure to consider any dietary restrictions or physical limitations of your guests when choosing an activity.

3) Set a Budget:

Once you have chosen an appropriate activity for your guy’s night out event, it’s important to set a realistic budget. Take into account all expenses, including entry fees, equipment rentals, and food/drinks costs, so that there are no surprises on the day of the event.

4) Arrange Food & Drinks:

No guy’s night out event is complete without some food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. If the venue doesn’t have any food options, consider bringing your own snacks or ordering some takeout. Additionally, ensure that there are enough alcoholic beverages available for those who wish to partake. Finally, make sure to review local laws regarding the sale of alcohol if you plan on serving it at your event.

5) Have a Backup Plan:

It’s always important to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong on the day of your event. For example, weather can be unpredictable, so it may be wise to look into alternate indoor activities if necessary. It’s also wise to have an emergency contact list with all your guests’ phone numbers or emails in case a last-minute change needs to be made.

6) Be responsible:

Finally, make sure to be responsible for your guests and their safety. Ensure that everyone knows the rules of the activity they’re playing and set a reasonable curfew for the event. If alcohol is being served, encourage designated drivers or the use of taxi/rideshare services.

In conclusion, planning a guy’s night out event can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. With careful consideration of your location, activity, budget, food/drinks, and a backup plan in case something unexpected happens, you can create an unforgettable night that everyone will enjoy!

How Being a Sports Fan Can Bring People Together

Sports fandom is a unique experience that can have surprising benefits for both individuals and communities. From developing friendships with fellow fans to strengthening family bonds, rooting for a favorite team or athlete has the potential to make an impact on many aspects of life. This blog post will explore why being a sports fan can be so beneficial and how it can bring people closer together. We’ll also look at tips for getting the most out of your sports fandom journey! Whether new to the game or an avid follower, by the end of this article, you’ll understand what makes sports fandom so unique – and why it’s worth celebrating!

Introduction to Sports Fandom

Sports fandom has become a worldwide phenomenon, and those who embrace it can access a world of benefits. Kevin Burge Sports Cards, for example, can help sports fans express their love for the game and form new connections with fellow enthusiasts. Being in tune with the latest news and developments within your favorite sport or team can open up opportunities to enjoy special moments together and gain valuable life skills from experience. Whether you’re an avid follower or just starting, being a sports fan can provide many unique experiences you won’t get from other activities.

The Benefits of Being a Sports Fan

Being a sports fan comes with its own set of advantages. It offers an escape from the stresses of everyday life and can be a great way to bond with family and friends. An emotional connection with the team or player you’re rooting for can add excitement, anticipation, and engagement when watching games together. Additionally, it can also improve mental health since being invested in sports can provide an outlet for stress. This is especially beneficial if you’re going through difficult times, as it helps take your mind off of worries.

How Sports Bring People Together

Sports fans come from all walks of life but share a common passion that brings them together regardless of background or beliefs. Watching a game together, discussing teams, and debating strategies are some activities that help bring people closer. It creates a unique sense of community which can be incredibly rewarding. It also makes it easy to find new friendships and conversations with people of similar interests.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Fandom Experience

To make the most out of your sports fandom, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Firstly, identify what type of fan you want to be – do you want to follow a specific team or athlete, or do you prefer watching multiple competitions? Keeping up with all the news related to your favorite sport will help ensure that you don’t miss important updates and developments. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try something new – getting involved in activities such as fantasy leagues can add an extra layer of engagement and excitement to your sports fandom journey.

Why Parents Should Watch Sports with Their Kids

Parents need to get involved in their children’s activities, and when it comes to sports, watching with your kids can be a great way to bond and show them support. Watching games together also provides an opportunity to teach valuable lessons, such as the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. Furthermore, as an adult, you have more knowledge of the sport, allowing you to explain rules and strategies that your child may not understand.

Final Thoughts on the Positive Impact of Sports Fandom

Being a sports fan is one of life’s great joys – it offers moments of camaraderie, pride, and connection that are hard to find elsewhere. It provides an opportunity for fun and entertainment, and the experience also serves as a platform to learn valuable life lessons. Sports fandom benefits everyone, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting – so don’t be afraid to jump in and get involved! From connecting with like-minded people to teaching your kids about a sport, being part of the sports community can bring many positive benefits, you won’t miss out on.

What To Expect Next Year From Sports

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A lot of sports events have been held off until next year, which could make 2021 a potentially exciting (and slightly hectic) year for sports fans. Here are some of the big sporting events to look forward to next year and what we can expect.

The Olympic games

This year, Tokyo was meant to host the 2020 summer Olympics. Due to covid-19, the games were rescheduled to July 2021.

In response to fears by athletes that the games may be cancelled again, the International Olympic Committee has put its foot down and declared that the games will be held ‘with or without Covid’. While it’s therefore very likely that they will be going ahead, certain changes are expected to be made. For instance, athletes may need to quarantine before competing and there could be a focus aimed at ‘essentials’ within the Olympic village. Spectators are likely to still be encouraged to attend – but they may too have to quarantine if travelling from another country.

Who are the athletes to watch out for in 2021? With an extra year to train, it’s become more uncertain as to who will be the big stars. Swimming is thought to produce quite a few new superstar athletes including the likes of Hungary’s Kristof Milak, Russia’s Kliment Kolesnikov and America’s Regan Smith. With new sports such as sports climbing, skateboarding and surfing also being added, there could also be some exciting new athletes to look out for in these sports.


Tennis has also been affected by Covid-19. Wimbledon was cancelled and the French Open was postponed. Many events have continued to go ahead this year such as the French Open and US open, however athletes have been dropping out due to health concerns. Crowds have even been allowed at the French Open.

Next year’s Australian Open is set to still go ahead in January, but with smaller crowds and player bio-security in place. Most players are looking towards this event as a return to normal tennis (Federer has said that he won’t be playing any tournaments in 2020 – the Australian Open is set to be his first tournament since lockdown).


This year’s NFL season has started as usual. As with other sports, there have been efforts to reduce spectators in the stadium and media on the side lines. The game itself has not been affected in any way by the pandemic.

The 2021 Super Bowl will be held in Tampa in February. If you’re thinking of betting on the Super Bowl 2021, you can find plenty of information online about the favorites. Will the Chiefs win for the second consecutive year in a row? Will the San Francisco 49ers come in and steal the trophy? Or will an underdog come in and take the victory?


The 2019 to 2020 NBA season has been long and eventful. In March, it was suspended due to Covid-19. The season restarted again in July but was suspended for a second time in August due to a wildcat strike. It is now not thought to finish until October.

A new condensed 2020 to 2021 season has been proposed that would allow NBA seasons to return to normal in the future. This would start on December 1st, providing that the current season finishes by then. Such a condensed season has occurred before back in 2012 and may require less games.

Odds have already been posted on the 2021 NBA season. Some of the favorites for the next season include the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks. The results of this current 2020 season will likely be more telling.


The UEFA champion’s league has already returned. As with other sports, crowds and media have been reduced to keep the virus at bay.

The UEFA Euro 2020 has been postponed to Summer 2021. To celebrate the event’s 60th birthday, the event was already planned to take part in numerous cities across Europe – there are plans to continue this in 2021. The women’s UEFA Euro will meanwhile be held in England in 2021.

France are currently the favorites to win the UEFA Euro 2021. Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium are also likely to do well. Then there’s England, who may well be in for a chance.


The Rugby Six Nations started in February this year but had to be put on hold due the pandemic. The remaining matches have been postponed until October.

Next year, the Rugby League World Cup will take place in October. With any luck, covid-19 should be well under control by then and there shouldn’t have to be any changes to the way in which the games are held.

Formula 1

Formula 1 was postponed this year, but has since started up again. Several races have been cancelled in order to keep this year’s grand prix within the time frame.

Next year, there is expected to be more races and things will get back to normal. A few regulations changes will be put into place that could spice things up. Every team is going to have a budget cap, dual-axis steering will be banned and the usual four day race weekend will be condensed into three days.

Tour de France

This year’s Tour de France was postponed and has only just started this September. A few measures have been taken to control crowds and keep the event relatively safe.

Next year, the famous cycle race is expected to return to being held in June. It is scheduled to start in Best in Brittany.

The Sporting Events You Should See In Person

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It’s all good and well watching sporting events on television, but it doesn’t compare to the excitement of seeing the event live. There’s just something about seeing people compete at the highest level that captures the imagination — indeed, this is one of the reasons why there’s such a great atmosphere at sporting events.

While you can enjoy live sports at any level, there’s no denying that there is something pretty darn special about attending one of the world’s biggest sporting events. In some cases, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not an expert on the sport. The magnitude and awesomeness of the sporting event will win you over.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the best sporting events and venues. It might just be time to start planning your trip!

A Trip to Fenway Park

Fenway Park is a must-visit for baseball fans. This, after all, is perhaps the most historic sporting ground in the United States — it has certainly seen its fair share of awesome, memorable moments over the years. Indeed, even non-baseball fans will find that their hearts are captured by the romanticism of this spot. While you can enjoy the venue no matter who the Red Sox are playing, if you want to make your trip extra special, then take a look at getting tickets to a Red Sox and Yankees game. It’s the most fierce rivalry in the country and dates back more than one hundred years. 

One Country, Two Teams 

If you think the Red Sox and Yankee rivalry is fierce, then you’ll want to take a look at El Clasico, the soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona. These two teams positively hate each other for reasons that go far beyond soccer. There are always fireworks when these two teams play each other, and not just because of the rivalry — both Real Madrid and Barcelona are excellent teams, with players that can be considered among the best in the world. If you have the chance to see the match in either Madrid or Barcelona, make the most of it. 

The Fifa World Cup Final

There are some events that transcend the sport that’s being played. The Fifa World Cup Final is one of them. This is the largest sporting event in the world, one that temporarily brings the entire globe (more or less) together. The final is a special occasion, in large part because of the magnitude of what’s on offer. The World Cup only takes place once every four years. If you win it, you become a legend. There is rarely a boring world cup final, but even if the game doesn’t thrill, it doesn’t matter — the atmosphere of the event always ensures that it’s worthwhile being there. 

Le Tour De France

Spending some time in a stunning environment in France, watching some of the world’s best athletes battle it out? Sign us up. The Tour of France is one of the most brutal competitions in the world — it’s just incredible what the athletes put themselves through. Being there in person is special because it’s such an unusual setup. There’s no arena, you’re just perched on the side of a road, hanging out with friends, waiting for the riders to come past. It’s a different kind of experience, but not one that’s any less valuable than others. 

The Monaco Grand Prix

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious vacation, with a bit of sport thrown in on the side? If that sounds appealing, then you’ll want to book a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix. This is as much about the social side of life as it is about the sport. You’ll find that you’re mingling with the rich and famous, all the while watching an event that’s steeped in history. 

Sport of Kings

And if you like the idea of mixing a social event with a sporting event, then you’ll also want to consider attending a horse race. There are many fantastic ones to choose from, but perhaps the one that’s right at the top of the list is the Kentucky Derby, a race that’s romantic and historical and everything else that horse racing should be. Whether you’re an expert in horse betting 2020 or just want to sample the thrill of seeing a horse and jockey galloping towards victory, you’re always sure to have a great time at the Kentucky Derby. It’s best to make it a multi day vacation, because there’ll be a lot happening around town on the days before and after.

Heavyweight Boxing

People who have been to a major boxing match all say the same thing: the atmosphere is unlike anything else. It’s a constant roar, as people cheer on the champions in the ring. There’s not one single standout boxing event; it’s more about who’s fighting. If you ever get the chance to see a heavyweight boxing match between two fighters at the peak of their powers, then you’ll know that you’re watching history. 

The Super Bowl

It doesn’t matter which teams are in the Super Bowl: it’s always an incredible event. The history, the half-time show, the post-match celebrations; it’s one of those events that anyone would be lucky to see live in person. 

The Olympics 

And finally, we have the Olympics. We can reasonably say that this is the world’s biggest sporting event. And it’s not just that the whole world comes together. These are the world’s best athletes all competing for glory. In virtually every event, there’s drama of one kind or another — someone pulls off the performance of their lifetime, someone gets disqualified. Unlike other sporting events, the Olympics is all about good vibes. There’s no real rivalry, people just want to see the athletes perform at their highest level. This makes it a fantastic event to attend.

Final Thoughts

So which one will you choose to visit? Ten points for anyone who visits all of them; they’ll have completed the ultimate sports fan bucket list.

New To Paddleball Sports? Check Out These Top 5 Tips!

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It’s no secret there are dozens, if not hundreds of different sports you can play these days. Each has different rules and guidelines to follow, but they all have one thing in common: they’re fun to play!

Another fact which ties all sports together is how you can master any of them if you’re prepared to invest in yourself. As you can imagine, being physically fit is a good idea when you play any sport. But what should you do if you’re new to paddleball sports?

1. Learn the rules of the game

Whichever paddleball sport you decide to play, there’s one thing you should do before you even begin to play. Learning the rules will give you several advantages over your competitors, such as:

  • Knowing what you shouldn’t do;
  • Working out how each player scores in the game;
  • Giving you ideas on how to score without breaking the rules.

You can usually learn online about the rules of the paddleboard sport you wish to play. That way, you can refer to those rules from your smartphone if you’re playing and need to quickly check you and others are playing within the rules.

2. Buy the right gear

Let’s face it: you wouldn’t turn up to a sports center and play a game wearing a suit! On a similar note, you wouldn’t try to play a sports game wearing beachwear or what you’d wear when you go to bed!

It makes perfect sense to buy the right gear for the paddleball sport you want to play. For instance, you’d want to research the best shoes for pickleball as you’d spend a lot of time running around.

3. Maintain a realistic exercise regime

Irrespective of the paddleboard sport you wish to play, you need to be physically fit and have plenty of stamina during each game. You can’t do any of that if you never exercise and lead a virtually sedentary lifestyle.

With that in mind, be sure to plan a daily exercise regime and stick to it. You must also make sure that it’s achievable and not something you’ll only do once a month.

4. Eat foods that give you plenty of energy

When you’re playing a paddleboard sport such as badminton, table tennis, or pickleball, it’s vital that you’re feeling energetic at all times. Did you know that the food you eat will have a significant impact on your energy levels?

Foods that are high in sugar, for example, will only give you a short burst of energy but then leave you feeling lethargic after the sugar low. Generally speaking, you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables each day to feel energetic on the court.

5. Play with like-minded individuals

Last but not least, when you’re playing paddleball sports you should do so in the company of like-minded people. After all: playing any sports games should be fun and rewarding. The sports you play shouldn’t make you feel deflated and depressed.

Have fun – and good luck!

How To Have A Career After Sports

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A sporting career is a dream for a lot of people. However, a career in sports doesn’t last forever, and at some point, you will have to consider what to do after your sporting days are over. Athletes often have to retire at a young age, sometimes just because they’re getting older or have been injured badly enough to prevent them from competing at a professional level. Sports come with a lot of risks, so it’s important to be prepared.

If you’ve had to retire due to an injury, you may be able to get a compensation payout, which will give you time to decide what to do. Contact a lawyer who knows how to deal with this, such as NFL disability lawyers

If you’re ready to find a new career path, you will need a few skills to make a successful transition. It’s important to have resilience, relationships, and education if you’re going to make a change. 

Anyone who has made a career out of professional sports already has resilience, optimism, and confidence. You already have a strong internal drive, which will help you to make a career after sports. You can develop these traits with coaching and support. 

To have a career after sport, you’re going to need formal education and some marketable skills. Those who continued their studies before going into sports will have a better chance of transitioning, than those who dropped them in favor of playing. You can also market the skills you learned in sport, such as leadership and team building, both of which can be easily transferred to another industry.  

You’ll also fare better if you have a strong network of personal and professional relationships. You’ll find it easier to make a big change if you have a strong social network to help you find new opportunities and experiment with a new role outside of the world of sport. Your professional connections can help too; this is why sports stars often move into positions in coaching, sports management, or sports agencies. 

It can be hard to know where to go after your dream career ends, but retiring from professional sport doesn’t have to be the end of your career altogether. You have skills that you can transfer to another industry. You already know you’re determined and driven, which will serve you well as you move to a new career direction. Use the skills you learned during your professional sports career to help you forge a new path. It can be a good idea to stay in formal education as long as you can, so you have some professional qualifications to fall back on after your time playing sports is over. If you have already left education, you could consider taking some courses or classes outside of your sports career to make progress outside of sports easier. Take a course in management if you’d like to be a sports manager or study something that interests you if you want to change to something completely different.

5 Relaxing Sports That Still Give You A Good Workout

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A lot of sports are very fast paced and energetic, which is great for exercise, but it’s not always suitable for everybody. If you’re a little older and you’re not active enough to be running around and playing high impact team sports, football or basketball aren’t really great sports to play. Similarly, if you have an injury from exercising and you’re trying to rebuild your strength, those high impact sports are just opening you up to more risk and you’re likely to get injured again. Some people just don’t like that kind of intense exercise either and if you don’t enjoy the activities that you’re doing, it’s a lot harder to stick to a fitness routine.

All of these people will find it a lot easier to exercise regularly if they engaged in lower impact, more relaxing sports. A lot of people think that means you won’t get as good a workout but that isn’t the case at all. Some of these more relaxing sports also have other health benefits so they can be better than energetic team sports. If you want to add some variety to your workout, these are some of the best relaxing sports that still give you a good workout.


When you think of a relaxing workout activity, yoga is the first thing that comes to mind. You might not necessarily think that it gives you that much of a workout but if you try it, you’ll see that you’re wrong. Doing stretches and holding certain poses requires quite a lot of strength, particularly in your core. When you do yoga, you’re engaging so many different muscles in the body at once and it’s great for strengthening those muscles and toning them properly as well.

Yoga is also incredibly relaxing and it’s great for stress relief. It’s all about focusing on holding the poses and maintaining a good breathing pattern. You’ll find that you let go of a lot of stress when you’re focused on your body and your breathing and you’ll finish the session feeling incredibly relaxed, while getting a good workout at the same time.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is fairly similar to yoga in a lot of ways, but it’s a little more active. It combines exercises and stretches with the practice of mindfulness, much like yoga, so it’s brilliant for relaxation. It’s a martial art but not in the same way that you would normally imagine one. It involves a lot of very slow controlled movements that engage and tone the muscles very well. People that practice tai chi regularly see a lot of different benefits from it. As well as giving you a workout, it has been shown to improve balance and coordination, help to manage pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve your sleep. If you’re looking for a great relaxing fitness activity that is incredibly good for your body and mind, tai chi is the way to go.



Recently, doctors have been advising that people try to take regular walks in order to stay healthy. Even half an hour of walking on a regular basis can improve your heart health and help you to lose weight. But a lot of people find it boring to just go for a walk. In that case, you should try your hand at golf. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, especially if you grab some golf sandals and head down to a beachside golf resort. You can spend the day outside and do plenty of walking which is great for your health, but it doesn’t feel like a chore because you’re not just walking for the sake of it. Golf is also a more demanding sport than people realize because you’re engaging a lot of different muscle groups when you swing. It also strengthens your arms and back and improves your hand-eye coordination skills.


Hiking is another more interesting way to increase the number of steps that you walk. Walking isn’t that exciting if you’re just walking up and down the road, but if you’re hiking through picturesque landscapes, it’s a lot nicer and it doesn’t feel so much like exercise. We don’t connect with nature as much as we perhaps should, which is a shame because it’s great for relaxation. It’s easy to get stressed because we all have such a fast pace of life these days and getting out into the great outdoors is a good way to escape from that stress and just relax. Plus, if you’re hiking over difficult terrain, you’re giving yourself a good workout at the same time.


Swimming is often people’s first choice when they’re looking for a low impact, relaxing sport that still gives them a good workout. Swimming doesn’t always feel as tiring as a lot of other sports but you’re probably giving yourself a far better workout. When you swim, you’re using every single muscle in the body, however, the buoyancy of the water absorbs all of the impact so it’s a lot easier on the body than running, for example. If you’re looking for a vigorous workout, you can swim fast lengths and really get your heart racing. But if you want to do a relaxed workout, you can swim slower lengths and still see some great results. Even if you’re not swimming that quickly, you’re still constantly engaging all of your muscles and pushing back against the water resistance so you’re getting a good workout. If you’ve recently sustained an injury and you’re trying to build your strength back up, swimming is a great place to start. To begin with, you can walk in the water and the resistance will help to build muscle, then you can move onto a slow swim when you feel ready.

There is also a lot of research to suggest that being close to water has a very calming effect on the body and mind. If you’re under a lot of stress, swimming is a great way to get a workout in and relax at the same time.

You don’t have to play energetic team sports or go running for an hour to get a good workout. These are all great relaxing activities that give you a good workout at the same time.

How to Build a Winning Sports Agency

Your dreams of being an all-star professional athlete have been dashed – maybe long ago. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up working in sports for good. The sports industry is massive: Hundreds of millions of professionals around the world devote their careers to sports, through journalism, event planning, athlete and team management, coaching, data and statistics and more. In fact, more than half of the entire industry is sales.

One of the most enticing non-athletic careers for those devoted to sports is sports management. Sports managers operate the business side of teams, leagues and associations, making sure that everything behind the scenes is right so the athletes can shine. Often, sports managers are involved in creating teams, balancing budgets, crafting marketing campaigns and organizing schedules. Most athletic successes are due as much to the hard work of sports managers as they are to the athletes themselves.

Perhaps the most lucrative way to work as a sports manager is by forming your own sports agency. What does that mean, and how can you do it? Read on to find out.

What a Sports Agency Does

Sports agents represent athletes during contractual agreements. Therefore, it follows that sports agencies transact deals between athletes and teams, sponsors, endorsement companies and any other group that wishes to contract the athletes’ services. For this effort, agents are given a pre-determined percentage of the earnings from those contracts, which can be exceedingly lucrative considering the million-dollar price tags assigned to some major athletes.

Contrary to popular belief, no credentials are mandatory to launch a sports agency; unlike lawyers and law firms, agents and agencies can begin offering services without any specific education or licensing. Still, it is a good idea to get some training in certain business and sports fields, so you know how to best serve your athlete clients. That’s why you should become a sports manager before you open your own sports agency.

How to Become a Sports Manager

Fortunately, the path into the sports management career is well-paved, meaning it isn’t difficult to find the right education and experience fast. First, you need plenty of experience with sports, either as an athlete or functioning as an administrator in some capacity. Then, you should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, like business administration. These will form the foundation of your knowledge as you hone your sports management skill.

After graduating undergrad, you should begin pursuing internships within the sports industry. During this time, it would also be wise to apply to online sport management master’s programs. Advanced education in this specialization will provide you with the key competencies you’ll need to succeed in this field. Plus, because the program is online, you can continue working in the sports industry, making critical connections that you can use once you begin pursuing sports management positions in earnest – or once you deem it time to build a sports agency of your very own.

How to Build Your Own Agency

Truly, the first step in building your sports agency is all that work you put in beforehand, gaining skills, knowledge and industry contacts. Without this fundamental endeavor, it will be much more difficult to understand your place in the sports industry, make productive decisions for your budding business and grow a clientele of high-performing athletes. Thus, you shouldn’t skip any of the steps toward becoming a sports manager – or else your efforts toward establishing a successful sports agency will be significantly greater.

Next, you should generate a business plan. Your agency, first and foremost, is a business, which means it needs a long-term strategy explaining how it will generate revenue, calculate finances, perform marketing and more. This is where your background in business should come in, but if you lack that, you can use online guides for business plans or rely on a mentor or business partner for this task.

To accumulate a clientele, you should regularly be attending games or meets in your chosen sport. This should familiarize you with the field as it stands – to include players’ strengths and weaknesses and those of your competitors. By being present at sporting events, you can also work on your agency’s visibility and develop a branding strategy that stands out.

Speaking of branding, you should ensure that your agency has an ethos that attracts athletes. To do so, you might consider taking the sports agency exam that pertains to the league in which you will work. Though not required to practice as a sports agent, the exam will lend you professionalism and demonstrate your knowledge and skill in certain arenas.

Becoming a successful, well-known sports agent requires diligence, but more than that, it requires a foundation in sports and sports management. Once you have that, you can go your own way by building a sports agency to call your own.

Make Exercise More Exciting

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Whilst some people love exercise, others can find it a real chore. By taking steps to make exercise more fun, you can motivate yourself to stick to your fitness goals. Here are just several ways to make exercise more exciting.

Find a training buddy

Many people find that having a training buddy spurs them on. Not only is it a chance to work out, but also a chance to catch up with a friend. You may find that you’re both able to encourage one another to exercise when the other person is having a lazy day. If you’re of a similar ability, you can also compete against one another to help push one another. It’s a great solution for those that struggle to find the self-motivation to work out alone.

Join a class

You could also consider joining an exercise class. This could be an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things as well as getting fit. Popular examples include spin classes, CrossFit classes, group dance classes and martial arts clubs. If you’re a gregarious person that enjoys being around new people, this could be just what you need to make exercise more exciting.

Listen to music

Exercising to music can also make it a more fun experience as you can allow yourself to get lost in the music, taking you away from the physical discomfort of the exercise. Many people line up playlists of their favorite songs whilst exercises to keep them motivated. You could even explore new artists on Spotify and use it as a chance to discover new music.

Watch TV

There are lots of exercises that can be done in front of a TV. If you keep putting off going to the gym because you’d rather catch up with your favorite show, why not scrap the gym altogether and start exercising at home whilst watching your favorite TV shows. You could even consider buying a treadmill rather than going out jogging so that you can meet your running goals whilst watching TV.

Use gadgets and apps

If you love technology, it could be worth investing in a few gadgets and apps to help you train. If you love tennis, you could try looking for the best tennis ball machine on the market and create your own workout. If you love video games, you could even look into virtual reality games that help to get you fit. There are meanwhile plenty of apps that can record your progress and help you set goals.

Exercise in new places

Your workout could also be a chance to explore new places. Rather than going on the same jogging route, why not try using it as an opportunity to explore new places nearby. Similarly, if you always work out in the gym, you could try buying some of your equipment and finding new places to exercise such as your local park or your home. This could break you out your routine and make exercise more exciting.

Allow yourself rewards after training

You can also make exercise less of a chore by rewarding yourself after training. For example you could allow yourself to use the sauna as a pay-off for going to the gym, or you could allow yourself a milkshake as a reward for going on a run. Even if you dislike the workout itself, you’ll be excited enough by the reward that comes afterwards, helping to make exercise more enjoyable.