The Sporting Events You Should See In Person

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It’s all good and well watching sporting events on television, but it doesn’t compare to the excitement of seeing the event live. There’s just something about seeing people compete at the highest level that captures the imagination — indeed, this is one of the reasons why there’s such a great atmosphere at sporting events.

While you can enjoy live sports at any level, there’s no denying that there is something pretty darn special about attending one of the world’s biggest sporting events. In some cases, it doesn’t even matter if you’re not an expert on the sport. The magnitude and awesomeness of the sporting event will win you over.

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the best sporting events and venues. It might just be time to start planning your trip!

A Trip to Fenway Park

Fenway Park is a must-visit for baseball fans. This, after all, is perhaps the most historic sporting ground in the United States — it has certainly seen its fair share of awesome, memorable moments over the years. Indeed, even non-baseball fans will find that their hearts are captured by the romanticism of this spot. While you can enjoy the venue no matter who the Red Sox are playing, if you want to make your trip extra special, then take a look at getting tickets to a Red Sox and Yankees game. It’s the most fierce rivalry in the country and dates back more than one hundred years. 

One Country, Two Teams 

If you think the Red Sox and Yankee rivalry is fierce, then you’ll want to take a look at El Clasico, the soccer game between Real Madrid and Barcelona. These two teams positively hate each other for reasons that go far beyond soccer. There are always fireworks when these two teams play each other, and not just because of the rivalry — both Real Madrid and Barcelona are excellent teams, with players that can be considered among the best in the world. If you have the chance to see the match in either Madrid or Barcelona, make the most of it. 

The Fifa World Cup Final

There are some events that transcend the sport that’s being played. The Fifa World Cup Final is one of them. This is the largest sporting event in the world, one that temporarily brings the entire globe (more or less) together. The final is a special occasion, in large part because of the magnitude of what’s on offer. The World Cup only takes place once every four years. If you win it, you become a legend. There is rarely a boring world cup final, but even if the game doesn’t thrill, it doesn’t matter — the atmosphere of the event always ensures that it’s worthwhile being there. 

Le Tour De France

Spending some time in a stunning environment in France, watching some of the world’s best athletes battle it out? Sign us up. The Tour of France is one of the most brutal competitions in the world — it’s just incredible what the athletes put themselves through. Being there in person is special because it’s such an unusual setup. There’s no arena, you’re just perched on the side of a road, hanging out with friends, waiting for the riders to come past. It’s a different kind of experience, but not one that’s any less valuable than others. 

The Monaco Grand Prix

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious vacation, with a bit of sport thrown in on the side? If that sounds appealing, then you’ll want to book a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix. This is as much about the social side of life as it is about the sport. You’ll find that you’re mingling with the rich and famous, all the while watching an event that’s steeped in history. 

Sport of Kings

And if you like the idea of mixing a social event with a sporting event, then you’ll also want to consider attending a horse race. There are many fantastic ones to choose from, but perhaps the one that’s right at the top of the list is the Kentucky Derby, a race that’s romantic and historical and everything else that horse racing should be. Whether you’re an expert in horse betting 2020 or just want to sample the thrill of seeing a horse and jockey galloping towards victory, you’re always sure to have a great time at the Kentucky Derby. It’s best to make it a multi day vacation, because there’ll be a lot happening around town on the days before and after.

Heavyweight Boxing

People who have been to a major boxing match all say the same thing: the atmosphere is unlike anything else. It’s a constant roar, as people cheer on the champions in the ring. There’s not one single standout boxing event; it’s more about who’s fighting. If you ever get the chance to see a heavyweight boxing match between two fighters at the peak of their powers, then you’ll know that you’re watching history. 

The Super Bowl

It doesn’t matter which teams are in the Super Bowl: it’s always an incredible event. The history, the half-time show, the post-match celebrations; it’s one of those events that anyone would be lucky to see live in person. 

The Olympics 

And finally, we have the Olympics. We can reasonably say that this is the world’s biggest sporting event. And it’s not just that the whole world comes together. These are the world’s best athletes all competing for glory. In virtually every event, there’s drama of one kind or another — someone pulls off the performance of their lifetime, someone gets disqualified. Unlike other sporting events, the Olympics is all about good vibes. There’s no real rivalry, people just want to see the athletes perform at their highest level. This makes it a fantastic event to attend.

Final Thoughts

So which one will you choose to visit? Ten points for anyone who visits all of them; they’ll have completed the ultimate sports fan bucket list.

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