Master Your Appearance At Every Level Of Your Career

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Despite much complaining and protestation, formalized dress codes in the workplace can be a beautiful thing. The reason for this is that it makes what you need to wear each day crystal clear. Unfortunately, over half of all US employers do not have a dress code. A situation that can make what you wear to work each day a complicated process full of pitfalls. Happily, even if your workplace has no dress code guidance, you can be sure to dress appropriately for your career level. All you need to do is read the advice below.

Career Newbies 

For those at the beginning of their career and just entering the workforce, the world of career attire can be confusing. After all, you want to make a good impression and have others take you seriously. However, it’s vital that you dress suitably for your position and that you fit in with the company’s expectations. 

First impressions count 

In particular, it is essential to remember that first impressions count. That this goes for your very first day, and the first time that your colleagues and superiors see you each morning. To that end, you will want to make sure you dress day correctly, each and every day. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use to make sure this happens consistently. 

Assess the company culture 

The first of these is to take a good long look at what others are wearing in your company. What others wear will usually inform you as to what is OK and what isn’t. Be sure to consider the attire of the whole office, though, because if you base your choices on just one person, you may not be quite right. After all, there is always an employee with a more quirky sense of style around the office. 

Also, be wary of only replicating what the person that hired you was wearing. The reason for this is that during interviews, people are likely to be dressed more formally. Also, as an entry-level employee, it may not be entirely appropriate for you to turn up in full business formal, examples of which you can find at Although, when in doubt, a little too formal is always better than too informal when you are just starting.

Consider too, the company culture as a whole. For example, creative agencies that employ designers, artists, and illustrators, as well as smaller tech startups, tend to have a much more relaxed vibe. However, larger, more established businesses usually have a stricter view of what is acceptable. 

Ask HR 

Remember, too, that if you are struggling as to what to wear in your first week, you can ask HR. This action will show you are serious about your post and will be one that this department will be well-positioned to answer. 

Establish your credibility through your appearance 

In a perfect world, others would judge us in the workplace solely on our actions. However, the world of work is not perfect, and our appearance does have an impact on how we are perceived. 

In particular, dressing in an unkempt or shabby way can hurt how others see us even if we are highly dedicated and adept at our jobs. With that in mind, making an effort to fit in with the company dress code and be well-groomed each day will help those around you come to a favorable opinion on your ability.

Middle management 

After you have been in your career for a while, you will likely get promoted. You may even find yourself rising from the ranks of the entry-level worker through supervisors’ positions and into middle management relatively quickly. 

Of course, as you make this transition from the base level in your career to the one above, it will impact the way that you need to dress in the workplace.

Stand out from those below you

The first thing you need to consider after a promotion is that your work wardrobe needs to stand out. Now, that doesn’t mean you choose loud or attention-grabbing clothes in bright colors. It merely means that you have to delineate yourself from those that you are managing. In fact, by demonstrating this difference visually, you can make day to day life easier for yourself, because your dress will reinforce your position and authority. 

With that in mind, if your office is very casual, you may want to opt for the next level above, such as business casual or even business professional. Examples of the latter being available from Although it is advisable not to go too far up the scale, as your team may interpret this that you think you are better than them and can cause resentment. 

Remember that by the time you are in a middle manager position, you will also have a lot more interaction with senior leaders in your company. Therefore you will want to make sure that your dress is right whether you are called into an impromptu meeting with the big boss or spend all day with those you manage.

Consider how you appear to clients 

Similarly, as you progress through the ranks of the business, you will be interacting with clients on a face-to-face basis. Therefore ensuring you look as smart as possible for this interaction is vital. 

Unfortunately, if you turn up looking too casual, your client may not believe that you are taking them or their needs seriously. Something that at best can get the meeting off to a rocky start, and at work may cost you the contract! 

With that in mind, keeping a change of shoes and a smart jacket in the office or your car is advisable. Then you can make a quick change and make sure you refresh your appearance before each meeting. 

Senior management 

Congratulations, all your hard work has paid off, and you have climbed your way to the top of the tree. Of course, this means that a wardrobe overall is in order. However, before you run out and treat yourself to some hand tailor suits, consider the following points. 

Can you be too formal?

Many people are a little older by the time they achieve senior management status. Happily, age brings experience and so respect in the workplace. However, middle-aged to older individuals that dress too formally may run the risk of being perceived as old fashioned in the approach to work. A risk that is often more apparent if they have come from a more formal and rigid employment environment. 

With that in mind, senior managers must be careful to balance formality with a more youthful look. The good news is there are several tactics you can use to achieve this.

Overhaul your wardrobe 

The first is to give your current work wardrobe an overhaul with a modern twist. What this means using accessories, as well as pieces of clothing that are appropriate to your age, but also demonstrate an awareness of current styling trends. 

Fortunately, even if you are not much of a fashion person, this is too hard to achieve. The reason being that many department stores will offer personal styling sessions with an expert, like the ones discussed at Experiences that can help you put together some suitable work outfits with a fashion-forward edge. 

Be aware that it’s not just the clothes you wear that will contribute to the overall impression colleagues have, but also accessories like glasses, bags, and shoes. You can even find some suggestions on the latter at

Particularly, senior managers that are concerned with maintaining youthful and relevant visage in the workplace may opt for progressive lenses like the ones at in their glasses rather than varifocal ones. The reason being that the telltale line between long-distance and short is not present. 

Additionally, a smart work bag that nods to current trends or some sharp shoes can help lift an outfit. Therefore making your entire look much more powerful and effective.

Last of all, don’t forget that while sticking to the rule will give you great results, part of the fun of being high up in your company is that you don’t have to follow them if you don’t want to. 

That is, you can make a very bold statement by going entirely against the dress code you have set for your business. For example, in a company where business casual attire like the pieces at is usual, a director wearing business formal can be a real power-play. The opposite is also true. If you require everyone to arrive suited and booted to work, yet turn up in jeans, you are making a bold statement. One that suggests you are so far above the hierarchy of authority that the rules no longer apply.

Final thoughts 

In summary, if you wish to master your appearance at every level of your career, remember to stick the balance between fitting in and standing out that is appropriate for your stage. 

Also, if in doubt, opting for an outfit that is a little more formal than the ones everyone else is wearing at least shows commitment and that you are taking your career seriously. While an unkempt appearance only ever detracts from others’ perception of you in the workplace.

Take Your Business In The Right Direction

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Starting out in business can be nerve racking, and especially when you’re on your own you may feel as if you don’t really have anyone to lean on and nowhere to turn for those first few months. It can be an exciting prospect for anybody but if you’re starting out as a blogger, you could start to look online and read other blogs to start to get a feel about what you need to do. Social media is a great place to start to get help and there are ways to market your business this way also. Business courses are another wonderful way to start learning the rudiments of business and also get on top of your finances to see what you may need to look into when starting up new. If you have to pay for the courses, look for ones that you really align with and will be of the most benefit to you and your career.

If you’re working from home, it may be slightly easier because you are not having any additional worries of premises renting or any additional bills. However, if you have a premises and a team in place then you probably want to look at getting your staff organized and keeping on top of your routine and your workload. You always want to keep your staff members happy, and this can be difficult when you’re starting out as there are always teething problems. Ensuring you have excellent communication with your staff is key otherwise you will find that this company starts to become difficult to maintain. 

First impressions always count, so make sure you are friendly, professional and outgoing; nobody wants to work with someone who isn’t any of these things, so being kind and helpful will ensure you keep your clients! 

Keep on top of your account books and make sure you are always keeping on top of your outgoings and incomings, because this is how you will be able to look back and see what needs to be changed, and if you need to inject money into any other areas and if you are losing money, why and where!  Make sure you are aware of all the pensions and insurance that you will need and ensure that your staff are working to their potential by identifying them if needs be and keeping on top of their needs also.

You will soon be growing and will then be able to analyze month by month what is working and what isn’t. It may take a year for you to earn good money or even two years but this doesn’t always look good to lenders or banks if your business doesn’t do well in year two. Success is achievable with a lot of determination and support behind you to so be sure to keep a positive mindset and remember that if you are passionate about what you do then you certainly will start to reap the rewards of it. Keep on top of things and keep going!

Master Modern Marketing In 5 Easy Steps

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Whichever industry you’re in, the need for effective marketing cannot be ignored. After all, without new customers, the entire business model will collapse. 

Building and managing successful marketing campaigns requires a lot of time, research, and energy. However, you can make the road ahead far less daunting by focusing on the right elements. Here are five easy steps that will guide you to the best outcome. 

#1. Know Your Audience 

Before launching any marketing campaign, you need to consider who the products and services are aimed at. Different audiences respond to content and adverts in contrasting manners. Defining your demographic will help you focus on the right places to market your products while also setting the tone of your content. Crucially, it’ll allow you to reduce the amount of time and money spent on ads that reach individuals that have no interest in your goods. This in itself will have a telling influence on campaign efficiency. 

#2. Make The First Impression Count 

A winning first impression won’t guarantee success on its own. However, failing to grab a consumer’s attention and create an initial spark of interest can end any hopes of getting a conversion. Most audiences will now research your business online. As such, a strong website supported by SEO and positive Google reviews will play a significant role. It is equally important to check your work for potential mistakes. Grammar errors, inaccurate details, and conflicting info can raise doubts in the consumer’s mind.

#3. Know Your Objectives 

Ultimately, your aim is probably to generate more revenue. This is a very vague response, though, and you need to confirm your actual objectives. When working on web pages and social media content, the right CTA puts them on the path to conversion. Other tools such as automated cart abandonment emails and timed promotions can work wonders too. Lead generation is still a key feature in a winning strategy, regardless of your audience. When campaigns get prospective clients to take the right action, you are set for success. 

#4. Track Everything 

We live in a world that is driven by data. As such, you no longer need to leave your marketing campaigns to chance. Advanced analytical tools such as UTM tracking codes allow you to monitor every campaign. Understanding which funnels are producing results enables you to focus your energies on the most effective ones. By simultaneously making the changes needed to ideas that haven’t worked, unlocking the full potential of your ad campaigns is easy. If nothing else, it’ll allow you to act with conviction. 

#5. Invest In The Right People 

While the strategies used to promote your products will have a huge influence, you should not forget the need for great employees. Sales teams, customer care staff, and all other employees are a reflection of the brand. In turn, then, they are also a reflection of the company as a whole. Sales scripts, uniforms, and other features all help. However, it’s their natural personalities that will have the biggest impact. It can make all the difference for your initial conversions as well as the retention rates for long-term loyalty. Perfect.

Making Your Next Networking Event Stand Out

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Networking events can be an exceptionally effective way to boost your business. They give you a chance to meet new people, make useful connections with clients, suppliers and other business people. At networking events, we meet people that could be useful to us, we make friends and build support networks, and we learn. We learn more about business, the economy and things that we can do to move forward. 

But, not all networking events are this effective. Some of them are, in fact, a complete waste of time. If there’s a shortage of networking in your area, you might consider hosting one for yourself. If you do, you’ll want to make sure it stands out from the others, and gives your attendees what they are looking for, or need to make their business a success. Below is a look at some ways to host a fantastic networking event. 

Make a Great First Impression

As soon as attendees arrive at your event, they are forming an opinion. This first impression can set the tone for the whole event, so it’s worth taking the time to get it right. An excellent first impression gets people in the mood to communicate. It helps to break the ice and boosts the morale of your guests. They should walk in excited and eager to get started. Adding printed carpets for event decor and other touches can help you to get your first impression just right. 

Invite Different People

One problem with hosting a networking event is that we tend to invite the same people every time. You might see the same people at most of the events that you attend, even if you a little further away from home. Often the best way to add something new is to reach out and invite new people. LinkedIn is a fantastic way to make contacts. Look at your connections, and their connections, and invite who you can, without worrying if you know them personally or not. Another idea is to ask all of your invitees to bring someone who they think might benefit from your event. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Food

Feed people and they will come. They’ll relax, and they’ll start to enjoy themselves. When this happens, they’ll communicate, they’ll open up, and they’ll begin to share ideas. Food and drink are incredibly powerful, and it’s often a good idea to time your networking event around a meal. A networking breakfast or lunch could be a great idea, even if you only offer a basic buffet. 

Make it Easy

People won’t attend your events if they are hard work. Host them at an easy to reach location with plenty of parking. Send online invites, and use an app, or shared calendar to help them check-in, and to share information. 

Speak with Everyone

As the host, you are the only person at the even who has had contact with everyone, or almost everyone, in attendance. So you need to lead the way and make the first moves. Take your time to speak with everyone, and make introductions as soon as people arrive. If you see anyone standing alone, head over for a chat, and introduce them to other attendees.

Branding For Beginners

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When it comes to owning a business, and ensuring that enough people know about your Business, plus its service and products, then you will need to think about Branding. Not necessarily the logo, which is required, of course. Branding has many aspects to it that you may not even think about. But also how your Business looks to people from the outside. First impressions count.

What is Branding

What is Branding? Basically, it’s what your Business is known for, the recognizable features and themes surrounding the Business showing the quality. You can simply hugely improve your Branding by making sure your Business is delivering its promises. Making sure that your customers are happy with the service is the best thing you can do for your brand. If you’re not able to keep up with demand, then it’s best to gather a support network of people and outsource some services such as vinylcuttingmachineguide best vinyl cutting machine

Social Media 

Social media can play a big part in your branding efforts, the attitude and friendliness that you want to portray are easy to do with some short messages and stories. All you need to do is be authentic, stick to your plan, and make sure everybody is close to the Business by sharing so much, they will feel right at home when they walk in. You can also use social media to create some noise surrounding the Business, by way of sharing events, and creating competitions.

Graphic design

This may be something that you would want to outsource, especially if you don’t have any experience of designing previously. But after all it is incredibly essential so worth mentioning, you need to think about your color palette, what you’re trying to portray, how you want to go about that and then action it ready for potential clients. Find all the inspiration you can for this one, set the mood board, get magazines and cut out pictures because once you’ve changed the script, it’s not entirely easy to set it back


Check with friends and family, and even possibly a control group of people, to find out if your new graphic design is working. Print a couple of sample leaflets and send them around to you about this and also just go over and above with the recycling and growing new plants. 


If your Business is based around you or something that you do personally, then ensuring that the Business you’re running shows precisely what the Business is all about is an important task! Creating a personal brand can be as straightforward or as difficult as you make it, you can just allow your own personality shine by setting up some small videos on Facebook, maybe even launching Facebook live Videos and Instagram stories. This is one of the best ways to build your Branding because people always trust a person above a faceless business.

So, in a nutshell, Branding is just the first look of your Business, it’s the thing that will help people settle on whether to become customers of yours or not, and it is compelling so expect to spend time on this aspect of your new Business.

How To Impress An Important Client

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In this blog post, we are going to focus on those important meetings with clients or indeed potential clients. When it comes to these meetings, the importance of making a good impression cannot be underestimated. Not only do you want to secure business, but you are a representation of your company and the day’s proceedings are a representation of your company, so you want to make sure everything goes as well as possible.

If there is one way you can be certain to make a good impression it is with chauffeur services. Whether you have got a meeting with important members of your business or you are meeting with potential clients for the first time, you want to impress. The way you arrive makes a massive difference, as this is the first impression you are going to make. And, you know what they say; “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

It is all about professionalism and the way you want to be perceived. Nowadays, brand image is more important than it ever has been. This is why businesses invest huge sums of money in everything from their business cards to their office premises. Everything they do is considered with how they will be perceived. Therefore, when you think about it like this, there is no better way to travel than with a chauffeur, is there?

This approach is also extremely effective if you are going to meet a client on the way. You can pick them up in a luxury executive vehicle and you can start the pleasantries in your vehicle before you sit down to do real business at the venue in question. You could even send a chauffeur driven car to the hotel or home of the person in question and get the driver to bring them to your business or the venue you are meeting. This shows that you have gone the extra mile to ensure that your guest’s needs are catered to and they are not inconvenienced. This will make a massive difference. Something like this could be the difference between securing a deal and not.

This is especially the case if your clients are new to the city. In this case, the experience of getting to the venue a stressful and overwhelming one. You can take this all away with chauffeur services. Not only can your client sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that the driver will get them to their destination. But, the ride is assured to be a comfortable and luxurious one. There will be complimentary water at a minimum, yet some chauffeur companies also give you the option of ordering meals for en route. This comes as an added cost but may be something you want to think about.

When choosing a chauffeur company for business purposes, you need to choose with care. There are many companies offering this service, which is why you must know how to narrow down your search effectively. Firstly, you should read feedback that has been left by past clients. This can give you a great insight into the level of service you will experience. Aside from this, take a look at the range of cars the company has available, as you need to be sure that they are going to be able to cater to your requirements. Experience can also be very telling, as you don’t want someone that is essentially learning on the job. You can also add little extras like custom car air fresheners for a branding touch and keeping the vehicle smelling nice, as well as ensuring refreshments are on hand in the car should your client need something to drink.

All things considered, there is no denying that using a chauffeur service is one of the best ways to get your business meeting off to a positive start. You can make a great impression on your client, ensuring that they feel special and reassuring them that your business does things the professional way. Of course, in order for this to be the case, though, you do need to choose a provider with care.