Branding For Beginners

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When it comes to owning a business, and ensuring that enough people know about your Business, plus its service and products, then you will need to think about Branding. Not necessarily the logo, which is required, of course. Branding has many aspects to it that you may not even think about. But also how your Business looks to people from the outside. First impressions count.

What is Branding

What is Branding? Basically, it’s what your Business is known for, the recognizable features and themes surrounding the Business showing the quality. You can simply hugely improve your Branding by making sure your Business is delivering its promises. Making sure that your customers are happy with the service is the best thing you can do for your brand. If you’re not able to keep up with demand, then it’s best to gather a support network of people and outsource some services such as vinylcuttingmachineguide best vinyl cutting machine

Social Media 

Social media can play a big part in your branding efforts, the attitude and friendliness that you want to portray are easy to do with some short messages and stories. All you need to do is be authentic, stick to your plan, and make sure everybody is close to the Business by sharing so much, they will feel right at home when they walk in. You can also use social media to create some noise surrounding the Business, by way of sharing events, and creating competitions.

Graphic design

This may be something that you would want to outsource, especially if you don’t have any experience of designing previously. But after all it is incredibly essential so worth mentioning, you need to think about your color palette, what you’re trying to portray, how you want to go about that and then action it ready for potential clients. Find all the inspiration you can for this one, set the mood board, get magazines and cut out pictures because once you’ve changed the script, it’s not entirely easy to set it back


Check with friends and family, and even possibly a control group of people, to find out if your new graphic design is working. Print a couple of sample leaflets and send them around to you about this and also just go over and above with the recycling and growing new plants. 


If your Business is based around you or something that you do personally, then ensuring that the Business you’re running shows precisely what the Business is all about is an important task! Creating a personal brand can be as straightforward or as difficult as you make it, you can just allow your own personality shine by setting up some small videos on Facebook, maybe even launching Facebook live Videos and Instagram stories. This is one of the best ways to build your Branding because people always trust a person above a faceless business.

So, in a nutshell, Branding is just the first look of your Business, it’s the thing that will help people settle on whether to become customers of yours or not, and it is compelling so expect to spend time on this aspect of your new Business.

Your brand is your business

Collaborative post – may contain affiliate links

Your brand is your business. Get your name out there, have something memorable and that appeals directly to your target audience, or run the risk of falling short and turning customers off what you’ve got to offer.

Getting your branding just right is a difficult endeavor and is as unique as your company, whether you’re a taxi company or sell Personalized Bricks, Pavers & Tiles. There’s only one of you and you need to rise above the rest in a sea of competition.

In this blog, we take a look at why you might need to shake up your branding and take your business to new levels.

You’re Identity Has Shifted

When you started your business you had a firm idea of what that business was going to offer and designed your branding around those specific goods or services. As your business has grown and become more refined, it’s moved away from those original offerings and taken on a different persona.

Yet, your branding has stayed the same and now it’s time to recognize that misalignment needs to be addressed. It’s time to match up your brand to better reflect who you are and your unique place in the market.

Your Competition Is Too Close

As you’ve grown, so has your competition and what the style they’ve adopted is clearly apeing your own. If you fear it’s affecting your customers’ abilities to tell you apart then it’s time to relaunch your style and get going with a fresh look.

Don’t go it alone, get a branding expert on board to give you some expert advice.

You’re Out of Touch

Quite simply the market and your customers have moved on and your style looks distinctly dated. While some companies thrive on the history of their brand, yours just looks old fashioned. The knock-on effect of this is that you won’t find it easy to launch new lines while your business is still associated with an older style of product. 

Dare to be different as you relaunch with a new look but consider keeping elements of your old design to act as an anchor point for your most loyal of customers.

You’re Planning a Price Hike

One of the most effective ways to persuade customers that your new prices are worth paying, is through a brand redesign. Your new look works to convince customers they are getting the latest, freshest product and are, therefore, more likely to pay your higher rates.

Whatever the reason for your re-brand, you need to spend some time researching what your competitors are up to, how they’re positioning themselves in your market and what you need to do to become a stronger competitor.

Get some professional expertise on board to talk you through your options and come up with a brand that reflects the products your sell, the identity you want to promote and the prices you’re selling at.

A fresh look, a great new brand identity and you’re going to be back on the market looking better than ever.