Stop Wasting Time Today: Here’s How

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If you want to be as productive as possible and ensure you’re not constantly playing catch up, then you’re going to want to make sure that you utilize your time as well as possible. However, many workers admit to wasting hours of time each day. Some people admit to even wasting more than 5 whole hours! Whether you’re a business owner, solopreneur, or an employee, that isn’t a good way to spend your time. Just think of the things you could have spent doing in 5 hours, both high energy and low energy tasks. Being aware of what your biggest time sucks are and how you can improve them will help you to make the most of each and every day and get as much done as possible.

Below we’ll explore in more detail what you can do if you want to get more done and be absolutely sure that you’re making the most of your days:

  1. Know When You Are At Your Most Energetic

The key to not wasting time and to getting as much done as possible is to know when you are at your most energetic. Most people are most energetic early in the morning, a small amount are true night owls and get more done at night. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, make sure you’re honest with yourself. This way, you can schedule out when you do your most high energy and low energy tasks and get them done to a high standard.

  1. Find More Effective Ways To Utilize Your Time

There are numerous ways you can ensure you’re utilizing your time in the most effective way. You can outsource and automate tasks that you do every day for example, using freelancers and software. Software like JungoHR | Canada’s 1st HR Software with Multi-Carrier Connectivity can be extremely useful in various industries.

  1. Use Apps And Gadgets

Apps and gadgets can help you to better tracks your time. Timeular is a great gadget that  you can use to track exactly how long you spend on certain tasks and then make changes depending on what you need to do. Then there are apps that you can use to block certain sites from your devices so you can work without distractions.

  1. Plan Your Day In Blocks

Planning your day is key if you want to get as much done as possible. Plan out your time in blocks and know exactly when you’re going to do what and stick to it.

  1. See If You Can Get The Most Important Things Done Early In The Morning

As most people are more productive in the morning, they find it more effective to get the most important things done early on. Try getting up before the rest of the world and see what you can do.

  1. Stop Clouding Your Focus

Social media and emails can fill your head with needless information and cloud your focus for the rest of the day. Don’t let that happen!

Why Routines Should Be Mandatory

daily routine

People ask me all the time, “What’s the biggest difference between having a boss versus being your own?

Besides a steady paycheck, my response is: a lack of routine.

Parents stress how children need routine and structure to survive (it’s true I have 2 kids under 3 years old). But what works for kids also works for adults.

If you work for a company your routine is taken care of during the day, but if you’re an entrepreneur or even work remotely it’s up to you to set a routine.

I’ve been on my own since 2007 and through much trial and error here’s what works for me:

Morning workouts – I try to exercise 5 times a week in the mornings between 6:30-8:30 AM. I don’t consider myself a morning person, but with 2 kids I don’t have much of a choice. Since I’m up anyway, I force myself to go to the gym regardless of how I feel. It’s become my morning coffee and when I don’t stick to this routine I literally get cranky and feel lethargic.

Task time – I know I do my best work from about 10 AM-2 PM. As much as possible I try to find a quiet place with minimal distractions and accomplish as much as I can. Since I’m a pretty organized person I schedule everything into my phone with alerts so I don’t have to think about what to do next. This uninterrupted time is when I plan my workshops, speeches, marketing, etc. Protect this time, it’s necessary.

People time – Around mid-afternoon I usually hit a wall, so meeting with people, Skype or phone calls are scheduled between 2-5 PM. Conversations energize me, so whatever creative juices I am lacking usually get rejuvenated through interactions. Of course sticking to this schedule isn’t mandatory, but over time you pinpoint what flows best for you and go with it.

Routines promote productivity. Without them distractions will rule your life. I’m a planned person, but don’t consider myself Type A. The nice thing about routines is they can change. Tinker with them to see what works best. What matters most is to have them.

Routines are like boundaries. They determine what is useful and help us decide what to say yes and no to. That’s why they should be mandatory.

Winsight Episode 37: Healthy Addictions

healthy addictions, addict, counseling



We all are addicted to something. For some it may be fitness. Others are to coffee. Some love certain TV shows. Whatever it is, there’s a deeper reason behind it. What is it that you’re addicted to?

As we move into the new year, this episode will explain how addictions can be a good things using the following points:

  • Why fitness can be your drug of choice
  • What routines represent in our lives
  • If you’re addicted to attention, how you can use it in a positive way
  • What’s at the root of addictions and why it can be a good thing

So what are you addicted to? How can you put a positive spin on it? Please share by leaving a comment below because you’re not the only one!