Brilliant Ways to Build Brand Awareness

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Increasing brand awareness means consumers and clients will be familiar with what your company does, how it does it and what it stands for. For many companies, having consumers recognize their brand simply from a logo, color pattern or phrase is the ultimate in brand awareness. As well as being aware of your brand, consumers and clients will associate it with positive attributes, such as high quality, customer service, and reliability, which helps to fuel your rise to the top of the market.

Although businesses often spend a considerable amount of time and resources focusing on brand awareness, there are some simple, straightforward and budget-friendly ways to build brand awareness, such as…

Increase Engagement

By getting your target demographic to engage with your company, they are more exposed to your brand identity and are more likely to associate positive traits with it. Whether you offer an incentive to retweet a hashtag, ask users to share brand-related content or run a competition on social media, any form of online marketing which encourages users to interact and engage with you can help to build brand awareness.

Get Published

As well as getting your name out there on consumer-focused platforms, having your content published on professional sites can be beneficial too. Many organizations and websites routinely feature guest editors or guest posters, and this can be a cost-effective way to increase your reach, share your content and build brand awareness inside the industry.

Hone Your Company Personality

Companies which use humor and originality to create a unique personality are often those who are most well-known. Consumers tend to remember these brands more easily and are certainly more aware of them. Of course, devising an effective and appropriate corporate personality isn’t always easy but there are plenty of digital agencies which can help you to achieve your objectives.

Use PPC Advertising

Perhaps a safer option, PPC advertising can be a cost-effective way to get your brand name in front of users who are actively looking for related products or services. This form of online marketing enables you to select keywords or terms and appear in related search results, so you can be sure that you’re increasing brand awareness within your target market and amongst users who are most likely to place an order or make a booking.

Launch A Podcast

With audiences of millions, no business can afford to miss out on the popularity of podcasts. Either launch your own or work the circuit and appear as a guest on relevant and reputable podcasts to increase brand awareness. By representing the company, you’re able to reach your target market via a whole new medium and ensure they’re familiar with your brand and what you do.

Go Viral

This can be a double-edged sword, and businesses don’t always go viral for the right reasons! For some companies, however, any type of publicity is beneficial, so controversy or debate may not necessarily be a bad thing. With viral content often picked up news outlets, radio stations and websites around the world, audacious or bold content is one way to get noticed.

Building your brand has never been so easy.

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