5 Benefits of Time Clock Software For Entrepreneurs

Increase employee productivity while benefiting your business with the right time clock software.

Managing employees can be a difficult task for any entrepreneur. Whether you have an office of 3 or 30 employees  — tracking their attendance and productivity can be challenging. Using pen and paper has become a cumbersome task and can lead to inaccurate records of who was in the office and when. 

That’s where time clock software can help improve your daily operations. With the help of the right software, you can easily track employee attendance, manage scheduled time off, and calculate overtime wages. 

Gone are the days of sorting through handwritten sign-in forms and complicated time clocks. All you need now is the right system backing your business needs.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits entrepreneurs can expect to see when using time clock software:

  • Improve your employee punctuality and accountability
  • Provide your employees with better scheduling opportunities
  • Hire and track attendance of remote employees
  • Encourage employees to take necessary breaks during their workday
  • Better track wages and manage employee overtime

Investing in time clock software will provide your business with a number of benefits. You already have enough on your plate as an entrepreneur, why not make taking employee attendance easier.

Benefits of Using Time Clock Software 

Providing your employees with a reliable time clock software will help set them to track and manage their time in the office. It offers visibility across the board and helps build a stronger company culture by keeping employees accountable for their own actions.

Let’s take a look at a few different ways your business can benefit from using a time management system.

Using a time clock will help get your employees to the office on time and get started completing the day’s tasks ahead of them.

1. Improve Employee Punctuality and Accountability

One of the main benefits of using a time clock software is to help increase employee punctuality and accountability. While it may not be a major concern for all employees, setting ground rules for everyone will help manage expectations.

Your top-performing employees may feel that there is an unfair advantage if one employee consistently gets away with coming into the office 30 minutes late and leaves at the same time as everyone else. This can start to cause problems with employee morale and you may find that your top performers begin to come in later and lose accountability as well. 

With a time management solution, your employees can manually log their attendance once they arrive at the office and when they are leaving. This will encourage all employees to arrive at work on time and stay through the duration of their shift. Setting expectations will help increase punctuality, which will, in turn, increase the productivity and accountability of all your employees.

Do some of your employees perform better during the evening hours? Schedule them based on when they are most productive and around the times they prefer.

2. Create Better Schedules for Your Employees

Using a time management system will help create daily schedules for your employees. You have the ability to gain a better understanding of when your employees prefer to work and when they are most productive to create better scheduling opportunities. 

By analyzing the reporting data, you can find trends and habits of your employees and build their schedules based on this information. Schedule your night owls during the evening rush and let the early birds open the next day. 

Once you have a better understanding of what your employee preferences are, you’ll find that the productivity and morale of your crew will reflect that.

In today’s business world you can hire employees across the country. With the help of a time clock system, you can expand your talent pool to find the best employees.

3. Hire and Manage Remote Employees

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is hiring qualified employees. Luckily, with the right time clock software, you don’t have to be restricted to only looking for local employees. Having the ability to manage employees remotely will allow you to expand the reach of your talent search. 

Using a system that has the ability to track employee time at multiple locations with face recognition, and location-based tracking will provide you with a sense of relief when hiring someone remotely. You can manage their time more effectively and trust that they will be putting their time in just as your on-site employees do.

Taking breaks during the workday is an important step in your employees’ success. Make sure they take time away from their projects with break reminders.

4. Ensure Employees Take Breaks for Improved Productivity

For many people, taking breaks at work can fall to the back burner when they have a busy to-do list. While it may sound like a good thing, in theory, employees who don’t take breaks during their workday will actually be less productive and their work may suffer. 

A time management system can remind employees to take their scheduled breaks. This gives them time to take a step back and recharge their battery for a few minutes. Even just 15 minutes of time away from a task can help employees refocus and improve the tasks they are working on. 

As an employer, you can set rules within the time clock software to remind employees about their break times. The system will track how many hours an employee has worked and let them know when and how long to take a break. It will then automatically deduct that time from their time card — another way to encourage them to actually take the time away from their desks.

Your employees all have different wages and hours you need to track, with a time clock management system you can easily and accurately track these details.

5. Better Track Wages and Overtime Expenses 

Tracking employee wages and overtime can be a time-consuming process, but it can be made simple with the right tracking system. By having a more accurate time tracking, you’ll know that you are paying employees for the exact time that they worked based on their personal wages. 

You’ll also have visibility into what employees are working overtime, or who is approaching overtime. This will provide you with clear insight into what employees are putting in the extra time and need to be paid extra. On the other hand, if you don’t have an approved overtime schedule, you can be notified when someone is nearing overtime and send them home early.

The more productive and accountable your employees are, the more successful your business will be.

Set Your Business Up For Success

Using a time clock software solution will help you set your business up for success. Whether you’re just starting out or have more than 50 employees, you can benefit from the help of time clock management. Get started increasing your employees’ punctuality, productivity, and accountability to keep your business growing. 

Taking Care of Your Business Premises

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It’s important that you’re thinking in the right terms when it comes to your business premises. It’s not just any old space where you and your employees sit at a desk and get things done: it’s an extension of your company. It reflects your values, what you’re trying to achieve, and the level of self-respect you have. As such, it plays a huge role in how your visitors and customers see you. As such, it’s important that you’re actively managing the space, to ensure that it’s in fine condition. We take a look at a few ways how below.

Hire a Cleaner

This one should be at the top of your life. You’re running a busy office, and it’s just normal that from there’s mess and debris. While you could have an internal cleaning schedule, the truth is that these are far more complicated than their worth. You’re not paying your staff to clean, for starters, and in any case, they’re unlikely to put in the required level of care into the task — they have more important things to do. So hire a cleaner. They’ll ensure that your office is always spotless and they won’t interrupt your working environment. 

Thwarting Potential Damage

A little bit of dust and debris isn’t ideal, but at least they can always be quickly cleaned up. There are some things, however, that can have a hugely detrimental effect on your overall business operations. Take your worksite’s general infrastructure, for instance. If there’s a problem there, then you could walk into an issue that is expensive and lengthy to resolve. There are two areas in particular that can do damage: the roof, and surrounding trees. Have an inspection of your roof regularly carried out by a commercial roofing company; they’ll ensure that no water can get through during heavy rainfall. Trees pose a danger because they can crash into your premises during high winds. If you’ve got trees there, work with a tree surgeon before and after summer. They’ll remove any dead branches that could break off. 

Curb Appeal

It’s normal for business owners, like homeowners, to focus on what’s going on inside. But there’s value in making sure that the outside area is in tip-top condition, too, for the simple reason that this is the first thing that your visitors will see. If it’s dirty, or there are broken signs, or it’s just otherwise unappealing, then you won’t be doing right by your business. Look at upping the curb appeal of your work premises, and you’ll be getting off on the right foot with your guests. 

Setting the Tone

Finally, make sure that you’re looking at the overall ambiance and tone of your business premises. It’s not just about what you see! What you feel also counts. To improve the general vibe, look at adding incense and atmospheric lighting. These things will have a subtle but influential impact on how people feel when they enter your premises, and can also boost your employee’s happiness and productivity, too.

How to Make Life Easier for Your Staff

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Keeping your employees happy is essential if you want them to do their best work. If they’re finding it difficult to concentrate or they feel like it’s harder than necessary to get their work done, you could find the productivity is nowhere near as good as you want it to be. Many employees complain that things get in the way of them doing their jobs. If you want things to improve, you should think about how you can make life easier for your staff. There are many things you could do that will remove some of the barriers your employees face so they can work better.

Remove Unnecessary Work

There are tasks that you might ask your employees to do that they feel are completely unnecessary. Although you might see them as things that they need to do, they could just think that they get in the way of their real work. The best way to identify these tasks is by asking your employees for feedback. If you’re unsure if they will be honest, you can allow them to give anonymous feedback. This will allow them to say what they feel, without having to worry about whether there could be negative consequences.

Put Them in Control of Their Time

Helping your employees to manage their own time can help them to balance their work life and personal life. This is one of the best ways you can improve your employees’ happiness and work satisfaction. With the right HR software, your staff can manage their own time off, submitting requests for leave when they need to. If they have their own accounts that they can log into when they need to make a request, look at pay slips or find out other information, they won’t have to spend time dealing with HR in person or sending emails.

Make Sure Team-building Has a Purpose

One thing that can really frustrate your employees is having to deal with team-building days that don’t have a clear purpose. Many companies want to engage in team-building, but they don’t have a clear goal. So your employees are left wondering why they’re doing it, and why they can’t just get back to their normal work. Before making them participate in team-building activities, make sure that you know why you’re doing it so that you can make it clear to your staff why you’re doing it too.

Improve Transparency

Another thing that can be frustrating for your employees is feeling like they’re missing vital information. Not only does a lack of transparency cause frustration, but it could also lead to big mistakes and a lack of motivation and morale. While there are some things that might need to be as confidential as possible, they are many times when you should open up communication and make sure that your staff have as much information as they need. Keeping them in the dark won’t help them do their jobs better.

If you want to make life easier for your employees, stop getting in the way of them doing their jobs. Help them to get their jobs done well and avoid unnecessary work.

Office Space Planning Tips

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Office space planning is one of the most difficult things you will encounter related to your business premises. Nevertheless, it can also be one of the most rewarding processes if you get it right. After all, having the ideal layout and making the best utilization of space can reap mass results.

Not only are you being efficient, but your productivity levels will soar and your company will look great as well. As is the case for any type of planning, knowing where to start seems to be the most difficult part. However, once you have read this blog post, you should have a better understanding of office space planning, as well as the inspiration needed to begin thinking about your office’s layout.

One of the first things you need to think about when planning your office space is how your employees work with one and other. Is your business one that is very team orientated? Or do people tend to do most activities on their own? If your business is one whereby teamwork is imperative then having desks lined in a long parallel line won’t be very productive. You need to come up with a design that aids productivity. Nonetheless, if you do operate a business whereby people work solo, it is important that you don’t make people feel isolated. It’s good for all businesses to have a friendly and warm ambiance. It does wonders for productivity because it makes people feel more at ease.

When designing the layout of your offices you also need to consider how easy it is going to be for people to maneuver around. Nobody wants to have to encounter a maze every time they enter your building. There is nothing wrong with a winded or curved path – this can break away from the rigidness that is so often associated with offices and, therefore, can be a highly positive point. However, you don’t want people to have to wind around every single desk or they will end up feeling dizzy by the time they get to the place they were originally going to.

You also need to remember the fact that making the best use of your office space does not mean cramming in as much stuff as possible. There are too many people who make this rookie mistake, which is why enlisting experts like Vertical Interior Design is a good option. Planning your office space does not mean having no space left at all. When you are considering meeting rooms or your employees’ working areas you need to put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel sat at this desk for eight hours a day? If the answer is cramped, uncomfortable, and enclosed, then you know that you need to create some space. If your employees don’t feel at ease, they can easily begin to fluster and their productivity levels suffer dramatically.

If you consider the three main points touched upon in this blog post, then you should have a solid basis for effective office space planning. Just remember to contemplate creating a layout whereby everyone is included, there is enough space for people to feel comfortable, and the pathways are uncomplicated.

Encourage Your Employees Within Their Environment

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Your employees should be seen as godsends – sure, they may bug you at times, but that’s just human beings in general. Your employees are the ones that you can fall back on when nothing seems to be going the way you want it to. They’ll pick you up off the floor and brush you down, encouraging you to carry on. And they deserve an awful lot of credit for that. You can’t begin to think about expanding your business if you don’t have them standing behind you.

Having said that though, we all have our off days, and when they happen we seem to lose all motivation and struggle to focus. – It’s your job as a boss to ensure that all of your employees are encouraged so they always work to the best of their ability, making you and your business proud. And one brilliant way of doing that is by the kind of environment you provide everyone with, as this has a huge impact on people’s mindset.

Here’s how to get started.

Remove all the unnecessary clutter.

A messy home equals a messy mind, and not only that, but it can lead to danger too as things can cause an obstruction as well as an injury, so there is no excuse to leave the place a mess. This is just as much your responsibility as it is your employees, but you should be leading by example because you’re the one in charge. So make sure that all leads and wires are well secured and hidden so they can’t be tripped over. Keep any files and documents properly organized and stored away in drawers and cabinets in an order that is understood. And of course, ensure that people clean up after themselves.

The exterior is just as important.

A lot of people won’t bother about the outside of the office as they see it as being irrelevant and doesn’t affect anyone – but this is totally wrong. It’s the first thing that people see when they approach the workplace, essentially making it the first mood decider of the day. If the area is messy and unkempt, the mind will adapt to that environment, whereas if the space is clean and pretty in appearance, it will brighten up anyone’s mood. So get in a gardener to pretty up the place as much as you can, and add some Commercial Site Furniture so that your employees can sit out in the sun during their break and bask in the sun.

And last but not least, when you enter the office, make sure that you have a good energy that follows you, because people will instantly vibe off that. You can create the same energy from the walls that surround you all too. Think of fun ways to make the place more alive and exciting. Create a feature wall that stands out. Paint it a bright pop of color, and decorate it with paintings or various art pieces. Inspire people – that’s what it’s all about.