How to Manage Stress and Bring To Level With Your Threshold

You might be familiar with your pain threshold, but have you heard your stress threshold

Your stress threshold or window of tolerance is the degree of stress you can handle. There are two types of stress our body receives—the ones you benefit from (eustress) and the ones you do not (distress)—and these stressors can affect your life in different ways. Your body deals with stress accordingly depending on how much your threshold can handle. 

Thresholds are shaped by your history and genetic makeup so it greatly varies from person to person. It is based on individual strengths, challenges and can be influenced by situations. “Our window of tolerance is shaped by our life experiences,” says Stacey Thompson, LICSW. Hence, each person has a different response to stressors.

Unfortunately, life cannot be without stress. Part of human experience is stress. Your goal in life should not be to avoid and minimize stressors but to learn how to cope and live harmoniously with the stress you can handle.

As Stanford University neurobiologist Robert M. Sapolsky says, “The idea is to have the right amount of stress.”

How to Stay Within Your Stress Threshold

The goal is to remain within our stress threshold or to return to it as quickly as possible. That way, you can avoid the crippling effects of stress in your life. 

Here are some ways to do it:

Working with a therapist

Talking with a therapist is a great way to release pent up emotions. A therapist can help you unravel your past trauma that may be contributing to your stress. There are several ways on how a therapist may help you, and some ways to do these are through psychotherapy and stress counseling.

A therapist practicing trauma-informed approach can help you with traumatic experiences and manage your relationship with it. You can overcome negative thoughts and feelings through this approach.

As for stress and anger management counseling, you will be talking with a professional psychotherapist about the issues you may be facing as an employee. Often, you can manage stress on your own. But other times, you need a professional and judgement-free space to talk about your feelings and identify the causes of prolonged stress.

Engaging in calming activities

There are several calming activities you can undertake to induce a sense of calm and help you manage your stress. Unfortunately, what works for others might not work for you. Try a variety of activities to see which gives you peace and calms your mind and body. You can ask your family and friends for suggestions on approaches that worked for them.

Mindfulness practice

Mindfulness techniques can help you return to the present when your emotions start to feel out of control. Mindfulness often involves deep breathing, but there are other ways to ground yourself. Mindfulness techniques are most effective when practiced daily.

Giving to someone else

Doing something nice for others can make you happy and calm. This is because giving to others encourages positive emotions. Why not send flowers to someone you love? They will surely appreciate the gesture.

Listing goals

Having attainable goals set for the week is a great way to track your progress. Setting goals is also a way to help you look forward to something, which is great especially when you are prone to get bored with your daily routine. Goal setting also trains you to be patient for it encourages delayed gratification.

Building social support

Having a support system allows you to vent and have fun in the presence of others. Good social networks can reduce the likelihood of feeling sad and lonely based on studies. Friends and family play a huge role in our mental well-being. It can also help us manage mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and depression.

Friends can help you face hard truths and call you out once they notice something in your behavior. Meanwhile, your family is there to show support and love. When you are with your social circle, you are exposed to different personalities which can help you navigate a larger social setting once you are used to it.

Noticing the good things

Make it a habit to take in one good thing you experience each day. Then, write it down or tell someone about it. The event can be something as small as getting out of bed earlier than the day before. These micro-achievements are bouts of positivity that you need especially in these times.

Getting enough sleep

Not having enough sleep causes stress hormones to soar and spark imbalances. Always get enough sleep, so your body has time to recuperate.

Exercising regularly

Exercise is a stressor, but a good one! Forty minutes of intense walk to an hour and a half of moderate-intensity workout is what you need to reduce stress levels and encourage the growth of new brain cells.

Stresses demand your attention and drain your energy. You cannot completely run away or eliminate the stressors in your life, so learn how to manage it or aim to boost your ability to cope with stress. Each person has an optimum level of stress they can enjoy, but passing that level leads to detrimental effects in body and life from physical pains to poor decision making.

Listed above are ways to manage your stress levels and bring it in par with your threshold. The earlier you learn how to manage your stress and improve your stress tolerance, the easier it is to live an invigorating life.

Author Bio: Marianick Villegas is a Content Marketer at The Flower Shops. In her free time, she writes articles and plays with her two dogs, Nala and Elwood. She also calls herself a ‘shy marketer.’

Physicians Practice: How To Improve Efficiency And Patient Care

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Your practice provides a critical service to numerous people in the US. Thus, keeping on top of new ways to improve your practice’s processes is essential. In doing so, you can save time and money in the short and long term and improve your business’s reputation. 

Below is a range of suggestions that are guaranteed to enhance your practice, improve efficiency, and patient care. 

Improve the Waiting Area

From sterile colors to fluorescent lights, physicians’ practices are often guilty of not providing the most comfortable setting for patients to sit in a while waiting for an appointment. 

The patient’s journey at your practice starts as soon as they walk through the door. Whether they are waiting for test results or suffering from chronic pain. It helps to have a calm, inviting atmosphere waiting for each person to relax before their appointment. 

By adding vases of flowers, using warm tones on the walls, including toys for children, each patient will maintain a memorable impression of the caring environment you’ve created for customers. Furthermore, well looked after patients are more likely to leave you your practice a great review.

Delegate Tasks

It’s beneficial for you to delegate tasks to medical services, particularly when you’re busy.

For instance, extracting blood samples can be delegated and outsourced to Precision Labs, a phlebotomy service that offers flexible care when needed.

By delegating tasks to other trained professionals, you can focus on diagnosing and treating patients and provide each person your undivided attention during your meeting. 

With the help of other medical services and professionals, efficient patient care is possible. Delegating tasks is a smart way for physicians to save time, money, and streamline patient care. Without jeopardizing the quality of service provided.

Appointment Confirmation

An excellent, experienced administrator is often necessary for a busy practice. Physicians rely on scheduled appointments and take time to make the appropriate preparations ahead of each visit. However, when a patient doesn’t show, this wastes a physician’s time and loses the practice money.

If you haven’t already, hiring an exceptional practice administrator is key to handle the ongoing schedule. A schedule shouldn’t be left to run its course; the administrator should contact the patients ahead of their appointment to remind. 

A quick call can either prompt the patient to attend or allow them to cancel. If they can’t attend, the administrator should book in another patient promptly. Otherwise, let the physician know they have 15 to 20 minutes spare to tend too, for example, emails or filing. 

A simple appointment confirmation can improve the physician’s schedule’s efficiency, ensuring time isn’t wasted, and money isn’t lost.

Be Particular When Hiring

It’s an expensive process to hire and train a new professional at the practice. It’s also often a lengthy and costly process to let go of and replace an individual if they haven’t excelled in their role. 

To maintain continuity in the workplace, and prevent the risk of high staff turnover, be selective about the candidates you hire. 

Being vigilant over their background, experience, references, and so forth will help you build a real picture of whether someone is reliable, honest, and committed to the role. 

Salary and Incentives

On the subject of hiring excellent staff, it’s essential to attribute and reward those who go above and beyond to fulfill their roles. 

Retaining highly qualified, personable staff is much easier to do when you provide a rewarding package. Such as an excellent working environment, bonuses, recognition for hard work, and so forth. Rewards and incentives give employees enthusiasm to work harder and the urge to stay.

Familiar staff is often a desirable quality at practice, making patients feel comfortable and confident during their visit.

Assess Advanced Equipment

Keeping ahead of changes and advancements in technology and medicine is part and parcel of the job. However, that doesn’t mean you need to invest in every available piece of medical equipment out there. 

A cost analysis should be determined before purchasing a piece of medical equipment. Alongside the potential ROI (return on investment) to decipher what you and your patients are likely to gain from the new tool. And whether it exceeds the initial outlay.

Running a physician’s practice is incredibly rewarding. Building long-lasting relationships with patients, ensuring their comfort throughout their stay, and enhancing their service, should be the center of any great healthcare facility. 

An efficient, functional business will make better use of their time and offer excellent patient care in the process. In turn, this shall affect the reputation of the company positively.

What To Consider When Hiring An Air Conditioner Expert

You need to recall that you are welcoming that individual into your home and you are confiding him/her, to be completely forthright, and reasonable with regards to fixes and costs. With the hottest months of the year drawing nearer, your AC will be high in demand, so you will need to bring the best person to conduct regular upkeep and fix any perplexities or crises in your AC. You require to make sure you are hiring the suitable person for the venture.  So underneath are a portion of the things that you have to consider when hiring the right air conditioner expert.

Above all else, the experience

A fix could be certified, however in the event that the staff member allocated to you does not have any sort of experience, the certification will be of no help. As per the experts at prior to agreeing to an organization, ask data on the expert who will be allocated to fix your air conditioner. Check on the off chance that they have carried out the responsibility somewhere else. The advantage of getting an accomplished professional is that you are ensured of a praiseworthy activity as well as assure that they can deal with whatever sort or brand of AC or warming framework you own.


The most significant insurance covers a large portion of the AC fix organizations have is the specialist’s remuneration. In the event that anybody is injured or hurt when working in your place, you will be bound except if the expert has the right insurance coverage.

The cycle of establishment and overhauling of forced air systems is an unsafe errand. Never falter from requesting insurance coverage verification and consistently contact the insurance agency to guarantee the spread is as yet dynamic.

Doesn’t make any presumptions

If your prevailing gear isn’t accurately measured, vitality bills may be soaring. A quality AC expert reaching over to inspect your air conditioner will be accurate and won’t immediately pretend that your AC was precisely measured from the start. Having the option to eyeball private homes doesn’t make anybody a specialist in HVAC gear. In actuality, it makes professionals languid and wrong. Playing out an appropriate estimation before making any fixes or substitutions is proficient.

At last, get everything in writing

Once you are done choosing the expert for your AC repairs, ensure that you get a composed proposition before you make the ultimate commitment. This agreement will help secure you by determining the activity costs, venture plan, explicit models, and, sometimes, guarantee data. Ensure that all terms, conditions, and oral guarantees are incorporated. Try not to pay ahead of time, consent to an inadequate arrangement, or sign an agreement you haven’t read or don’t completely comprehend. Make certain to keep a duplicate of every single composed report.

By considering these couple of things you would have the option to employ or pick an ideal air conditioner expert that best suits your prerequisites. Ideally, the above-mentioned data may better assist you in your future undertakings.

What is the Right Time to get your Air-Conditioner Serviced?

When you buy a machine, you are committed to maintaining it for better efficiency and durability. This commitment isn’t limited towards the types of machines you own but is essential for each one of them. The air conditioner is one such device that requires regular checks. The luxury device cannot be ignored for its routine checks. Doing so will only lead it to getting damaged along with contributing towards harming your health.

You rely on the air-conditioners of your home during the summer season. Through proper maintenance, they can be in a working condition for years to come. If not maintained properly, you will only end up buying a new air-conditioner that will cost you a huge amount. But how exactly would you know when to call for your local service provider? One answer to this question would be when you need to switch on the machine after several months. This is essential to get the dust accumulated inside cleared to cause no harm when you breathe in the air later.

Other Times to Get an Air-conditioner Serviced

Apart from getting the air conditioner serviced after months of no usage, here are the other situations when you should get the service done:

  1. Odd Sound: If there is a weird sound coming from the machine after switching it on, you should immediately turn it off. Next, you should call your local service provider and get the device checked. It can be an issue of a part or more inside the machine coming loose. If the same isn’t taken care of on time, it can lead to bigger damage.
  2. Water Leakage: Many times, you may face the issue of suddenly water getting leaked from the air conditioner. During such a situation too, the professionals at suggest to immediately turn off the machine using the remote. This should be then followed by switching off the machine from the plug and calling a service provider.
  3. Weird Smell: When you use the device after a short break, there may be chances of getting a weird rusty-like smell. You must turn off the air-conditioner immediately if such an issue persists as it can directly hamper your respiratory system. Breathing in such air can lead to serious health concerns including asthma.

When you call in your local service provider, you can expect to receive a series of solutions. Right from cleaning the air-conditioner filters inside of dust to repairing a damaged part, they can do them all. However, you must be careful in finding the right professionals. The best step to take is to inquire from your relatives and friends about the service provider they connect with. If you are not lucky to find one with this method, you can take some time out and search for the best service provider online.

Remember, only timely maintenance of the air-conditioners will ensure their durability. You will be able to use the machine for several years without the need to invest in an all-new machine which can be pretty expensive too.

The Financial Implications Of Serious Personal Injuries In Car Crashes

It is evident that major car collisions can lead to serious injuries that may have a life-changing impact. Apart from the suffering and loss of quality of life, such injuries can result in extensive financial damages as well. The good thing, however, is that you are legally entitled to claim compensation for all the damages sustained if the accident is caused by someone else’s negligence. But everything boils down to awareness- you need to know everything about the damages you can claim and how you can have the negligent driver pay up. So it becomes imperative to understand the financial implications of serious personal injuries. Let us explain to them in detail.

Medical bills

Clearly, your medical bills will be the biggest financial impact of a serious injury. The more severe the damage, the greater effect it will have on your financial situation. Minor injuries will not make much of a difference as you can easily spend out of pocket and claim later on. But catastrophic ones like a spinal cord injury, broken bones, or amputations often leave you with extended and expensive treatments. Apart from diagnostics, surgery, and medications, you may also require long-term rehabilitation to regain mobility or get as close to normal as possible. In such cases, you can expect your finances to go haywire and quick compensation is desirable to get proper treatment.

Time away from work

Serious injuries can lead to temporary incapacity or even lasting disability. Once again, it can have a far-reaching impact on your finances as you may have to miss work for weeks or even months depending on the severity of the condition. It is quite understandable that you will lose your wages during the recovery phase. Or you may have to switch to part-time work. Thankfully, it is possible to claim for lost wages but you need to learn more before filing a claim. A seasoned personal injury lawyer can help you cover up and get your finances back on track. You can even claim disability benefits for covering expenses such as paying someone to look after your children, clean your house, and do your laundry while you are still recovering.

Diminished earning capacity

The financial implications of serious injuries can stay even after you recover. You may no longer be physically capable of handling the demanding requirements of your previous job, which can translate into diminished earning capacity with the new job profile. Or maybe you just missed an upcoming promotion just because you suddenly had to go off work due to the accident. In such cases, you are likely to end up with a lower pay after a serious car crash, all because of your new physical limitations. Here too, an experienced attorney can help you cover such losses and ensure that you do not bear financially for a mishap that was not your fault.

The simple fact is that you will have to suffer as much financially as physically in a catastrophic accident. Apart from these losses, you may have to face expenses such as damage repair for your vehicle, loss of property, and cost of home improvement you may have to invest in to cope with disabilities. Still, you can take solace in the fact that personal injury law ensures adequate compensation, provided that you have a lawyer who is good enough.

Taking Notes After A Car Crash – Things You Should Be Careful About

A car accident that happens out of the blue can surely leave you in a state of shock. But it is always wise to have things in writing because you are likely to forget details even if you are in senses. Even if you are injured, you can seek help from someone who is with you or even a witness on the spot. Needless to say, good notes can make all the difference if you want a speedy process to recovery rather than a painful, drawn-out legal battle to get the compensation you deserve. Written facts create an accurate record of the events, which can enhance the credibility of your personal injury case as you negotiate it or take it to the court. Here are some things that you should bear in mind while recording information on car crash injuries.

Be quick to jot down facts

Your safety should be the top priority after the mishap. Once it is established, start writing down all the details about the accident. Recount the details and have them listed down on paper. Include all the fundamental information such as place, date and time of the accident, weather conditions, and the details of the vehicle and the guilty person. Don’t forget to record the details of the eyewitnesses as you may need them to testify if the case goes into the trial. Apart from these facts, jot down other details such as the road conditions and the cause that led to the crash. Taking photos of the accident spot, vehicles and the surrounding scene is a good idea as they can corroborate your narrative.

Detail the accident injuries

More often than not, people do get injured in car accidents. No matter how major or minor your injuries may be, you must record every single one that is evident. Adding more injuries as and when these are diagnosed would make your notes complete. There may be some symptoms that you develop subsequently, but recording them is equally important. If you learn more about car accident compensation, you will know that mental injuries are also claimable under this law. Therefore, the list of injuries should include issues like loss of sleep, anxiety, and depression as well. Having a complete record of injuries can be of great help eventually when your lawyer estimates the fair value of the settlement for the case. Ensure that you have appropriate medical records to back up the list of your injuries if you need to present them in the court.

Record the economic and financial losses

The final important element of car accident notes is the details about the economic and financial losses you may have sustained as a result of the accident. The most obvious one at the time of the accident would be the damage to your vehicle. Assess all that has been damaged and write the details in your notes, no matter how small they may seem– you can add monetary value to it later when you get a professional assessment. Also, keep clear records of other losses such as reduced working hours, loss of wages, lost job opportunities or missed appointments. Any expenditure made on commuting or home improvement to deal with the impact of injuries also comes under financial losses.

A complete and accurate list of facts can serve as a substantial benefit to your case. Your lawyer can use it to make your case stronger by adding value to the evidence, which can get you a step closer to winning the claim.

Is Your Home Impacting Your Health?

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For most of us, our home is the place where we want to feel the most secure and safe. It’s our fortress from all of the pressures and complications that are a natural part of modern life for many people. The world is stressful enough that having somewhere to go to escape all that is practically a necessity. This makes it a serious problem when it feels like those issues are creeping into your home. This is especially true when they start to have an impact on your health. With that in mind, here are some things in your home that can potentially have a negative impact on your health if you’re not careful.


Damp is one of those things that’s a lot more common in many of our homes than we often like to acknowledge. The issue is that a lot of people don’t even tend to notice it until things become extremely serious. When that happens, not only is it going to be a whole lot more difficult to deal with but it also has the potential to have caused some serious damage by that point. Damp can cause mold as well as the spread of bacteria throughout your home.


Most people assume that asbestos isn’t really something that they have to think about. After all, homes don’t use it anymore, right? Well, that might be true but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of homes out there that may well have been built using asbestos. If you live in an older home then one of the most important things you can do is to get your home to checked for it. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and your family at serious risk.


Electric and magnetic field radiation, or EMF, might not be something that you’ve ever heard of before but that doesn’t mean that it can’t impact your life. This kind of radiation has been shown to potentially impact a variety of different aspects of your health from headaches to fertility issues to mental health issues like depression. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to protect yourself from EMF radiation, including EMF paint, protective blankets, and even other, more holistic methods. It’s hard to avoid a lot of EMF in the digital age but at least you can be sure that your home is keeping you as protected from it as possible.

For most of us, these are the kinds of things that we would really rather not think about. And the good thing is that many of these things can be quite minor and rare issues. However, it’s a mistake to allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security by that. The best thing you can do is to make sure to check over your home as much as you can in order to ensure that it’s always in ship shape and that the chances of anything like this happening are as remote as possible.

Restoring Normality In Your Life Following An Upset

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You never know what is around the next corner in life. You might well feel as though you have it figured out and you know exactly where you are going, but a major event may take place that sets you off course. 

Stressful situations emerge in life on the back of bouts of ill health, motor vehicle accidents, relationship problems, difficulties in the workplace, a lack of money, or the death of someone that you are close to. When major problems such as these occur, it can cast a wide shadow over your whole life, which may have a knock-on effect. 

At the time, when tragedy strikes, it may feel as though there is nothing that you can do, that all hope is lost, and that life will never improve. And, while things may feel as though they are always sliding out your control, there are ways of making your life that little bit more manageable. 

Here are some great ways of restoring normality in your life following an upset. 

Talk To Friends, Relatives, And Partners

Stressful situations can be hard to face on your own. It is often our human instinct to try to take ourselves away from others when we need them the most. This is counterproductive to your situation though. Isolating yourself during your time of need will only add to the emotional pain that you are feeling. 

During the worst times in your life, it is important to surround yourself with people who care about you. Reach out to them and talk to them about what you are going through. Sometimes this can be hard because you may find the situation embarrassing or difficult to talk about. But it will get easier if you know that you have the help and support of people that want the very best for you.  

Reach Out And Get Help 

Getting help for problems in your life is not a sign of weakness. In fact, far from it, there is a great strength that can be drawn from admitting your own limitations and knowing when you need the help and support of others. 

There are, of course, countless professional organizations that can help you to deal with the situation that you may currently find yourself in. For example, a truck accident lawyer would be able to help you following a crash. You will need medical bills paying, and your lost earnings recouping. The compensation they can claim for you will be able to help you to rebuild your life. 

If you are struggling with financial problems, speak with a financial advisor or better still, a debt charity. Getting your finances on track will need the experience of someone who can help you to make sense of your situation and who knows all of the options which are available to you. 

Taking Better Care Of Yourself

When you are dealing with a stressful time in life, self care is something that becomes ever more important. It can be very easy to start to neglect the things that are important in our lives. Our health is one of these things. Make sure that you are eating, sleeping, and exercising.

The right diet is important. When you are stressed, you will be more inclined to want to binge eat or to eat food that is high in fats and sugars. Comfort eating may help you to feel better in the short term, however, the great feeling that it gives will only last for a few minutes. This easy solution to the way that you feel will ultimately add to your longterm problems. 

Get plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet and try and eat some home-cooked meals. Make sure you are keeping to regular meal times and are not skipping any meals. 

Exercise is something that your body needs in order to stay healthy. But it also has a profound effect on your mental health. Make sure that you are trying to stay as physically active as possible. Go out and take a walk. If you are able to, run. Get your lungs filling up with air and get your blood pumping. All of this will help you to naturally feel better about yourself. Exercise creates feel-good endorphins which are great for lifting your mood. 

Sleep is essential in the fight against stress. If you are not getting enough sleep, then you will struggle to stop yourself from feeling stressed or anxious. Try and get eight hours of sleep. If you can’t unwind before you sleep, try a guided meditation to help you to relax before you go to sleep. 

Read Self-Help Guides

The self-help industry is massive. There are books and videos and a wealth of resources out there that can help you to deal with any stressful situation in life. Of course, they are not all going to be suitable for you, but you should look for self-help guides that will be relevant and helpful to you. The only way of finding out if something is going to be helpful to you is by reading them. 

There are plenty of resources online including blogs and forums around all kinds of topics. Find support wherever you can and try and look for good advice. 

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

When we hit bumps in the road, it can be very easy to be hard on ourselves. We might beat ourselves up about the way that we feel or the way that we have handled a certain situation. It can be very easy to blame ourselves for the way that things have turned out. 

But regardless of what has actually happened, the past is not something that you can change. Dwelling on mistakes means that we cannot be present right now and we find it hard to look towards a better future. 

Learn to treat yourself with kindness and remember that you deserve to be happy and to be able to move past this point in your life.

Can Healthcare Centers Improve Cancer Treatment?

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Nobody likes the C word. It leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. For many, it tastes of death. Cancer is the kind of topics most people would prefer to forget about. Unfortunately, as a little under 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, it’s a risk you can’t afford to take. Countless statistics seem to reveal trends when it comes to the most common types of cancer to the most vulnerable populations. For instance, Asian and Pacific Islander women have the lowest cancer mortality, with only 88.3 cases per 100,000 women. However, while scientists have identified interesting or meaningful clusters of data, we are far away from understanding and manager cancer. 

Perhaps in the distant future cancer will be just as treatable as the common flu. You’ll only need to go to your doctor to be prescribed a few pills to wave goodbye to the big C. Unfortunately, science is not there yet. While it doesn’t mean that having cancer is a death penalty – it isn’t anymore as cancer survivors outnumber those who die from the disease –, it would be unfair to pretend that the medical body hasn’t already improved the available treatments. Indeed, science enables doctors to diagnose cancer in its earliest stages, giving patients the highest survival chance. Additionally, a variety of medications can help to target some of the most disruptive treatment complaints, such as nausea or pain. Of course, treatment has just yet become an enjoyable experience, but the equipment, the knowledge and the drugs offer smoother management for countless patients. 

However, smooth doesn’t mean stress-free. If you were to ask patients about their day-to-day lives, many would gladly admit that they struggle to handle a tremendous amount of stress regarding their disease. As stress affects your immune system, it appears vital for the healthcare body to find the best approaches to help cancer patients relax as much as possible.

Stockpiling all the essentials 

Cancer drugs come at a cost. Unfortunately, for more and more patients coming from a disadvantaged background, getting access to lifesaving medication is impossible because their health insurance doesn’t cover for the prescribed drugs. Even when the prescription is part of the health cover, the cost can still put the household through a lot of financial pressures. Therefore, doctors need to help their patients find not only the most suitable health insurance coverage for their situations but also to offer advice regarding their supply of oral chemotherapy. Additionally, charitable organizations are also providing dedicated support to help vulnerable patients get the best health care. As treatment regulations and state laws are still in the process of debating affordable cancer treatments, more and more good Samaritan health charities and health centers have considered the acquisition of additional professional equipment such as a medical fridge to store drugs and medications. A certified pharmacist can ensure the most common drugs are stored and checked regularly and help to find a solution to make treatments more accessible. 

Being there to answer their questions

A cancer diagnostic sends a shock wave that destroys the everyday routine of your patient. Coping is not the most difficult part of their healing process. Not understand what it means is the worst. Indeed, many patients feel like they’re fighting an invisible monster they don’t know. The first step of accepting the diagnostic is to ask questions. As a doctor, you need to make yourself available. However, questions can arise in the middle of the night when your patients are awake and afraid. Offering an online chat for your oncology practice or a 24-hour call center can make a great deal of difference. Your patients can’t want to wait until their next appointment to understand what is going on with their body. 

A good oncologist is not always the best interlocutor

People worry that cancer might change who they are. Indeed, going through treatment can mess up with their mood, their energy level, and even their overall identity. Am I still the same person now that I have cancer? That’s precisely why it’s vital for your patients to talk to a counselor or a therapist who can offer the emotional support they need. Cancer is a life-changing experience, and looking after the mind helps to manage the body. 

Helping people to fuel their bodies

Fighting cancer is a fight of every day. The body needs plenty of nutrients to stay strong and recover your health. More importantly, cancer treatment typically causes a dramatic weight loss, which makes it even more difficult for the body to recover. A dedicated dietitian can offer advice and a tailored meal plan for each patient. During treatment, you need plenty of high-protein foods to repair the damage. However, dealing with side effects such as nausea and constipation can be tricky without expert knowledge! 

Teaching people to dress for their bodies 

Even at the best of times, most people can struggle with body confidence. However, when your body is unhealthy, and you feel it has let you down, body confidence becomes almost impossible. Cancer adds scars, puffiness, loose skin and other unpleasant marks to your body. In many cases, cancer can lead to the removal of the cancerous zone, from a mastectomy to the loss of a limb or a bone – through limb-salvage surgery. It changes your body and regaining your self-confidence is a challenging journey. Additionally, the drugs can also make the skin more vulnerable to acne outbreaks and rashes. Finding a stylist who can not only help people to reclaim their body but to dress for their new shape might seem like superficial pretension. But in reality, it’s the first step of making peace with the body. 

Stop being ashamed

Chemotherapy is incredibly tough for cancer patients. Hair loss is a stressful experience as it affects the scalp but also the eyebrows and eyelashes too. Makeup doesn’t remove the unpleasantness of the treatment, but it helps people to rediscover their beauty and feel normal. A beautician or a makeup artist can transform your patients’ day dramatically. 

It’s time for healthcare centers to think beyond cancer treatment and offer a full cancer management experience to their patients. Making the stress go away might not kill the cancer cells, but it can certainly give the immune system a better fighting chance.