How to Succeed In Marketing Your Business in Any Niche

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No matter if you are a dog trainer or a business coach, you should not expect customers to just come knocking on your door. In fact, you will need to go out and find them, searching for ways to engage with them and communicate your offers. Your business idea might be great, but without marketing it will be pretty much dead. You will have to make the most out of your reputation and your branding tools, so you can create a system that will generate business leads automatically and turn them into customers. Below you will find a few skills you will either need to learn or gain though outsourcing to make your marketing work for you.

Have a Clear Vision

Before you are able to communicate your offers, you will have to come clear about what you stand for. One of the most common mistakes people make when they set up their website and online presence is that they talk about what they do, their products and services, but not the benefits for the customer. You will have to answer their question: “what is in it for me” in just a couple of seconds, or they will leave your pages never to return.

Do Your Research

Having a business idea will not guarantee success. There might be other companies out there that do the same thing, even cheaper. You will also have to find out what the size of the market is, how you can add value, and how much it will cost you to deliver the services and products. After all, you go to business to make money, not to lose it. You can find loads of free industry reports and statistics online, or conduct your own survey if you are targeting a specific niche.

Identify Your USP

To create effective marketing messages, you will need to make your brand stand out from the crowd. You should sit down to find out what your unique selling proposition is, and how you can best communicate it with your potential clients. It is crucial that you do this task first, so you don’t find yourself shooting in the dark or barking up the wrong tree. Once you have identified what makes your offer special, you will find it easier to locate the people who will appreciate the features that are unique to your brand.

Find Out Who Your Ideal Client Is

If you have ever said that you can work with anyone, you will have to think again. There is a specific niche market that is much more likely to appreciate what you offer than the rest, so you will need to target them, speak their language, and address their most urgent problems through your content marketing. You can brainstorm ideas, read review sites, or simply check question and answer sites such as Quora, so you can find out more about the market and the customers’ buying triggers.

Learn SEO

Setting up a website is not enough if you would like to get traffic and conversions. The cheapest – but also the most time consuming  – way to get traffic is search engine optimization with your niche in mind. You can learn basic SEO from Google Digital Garage, or other alternative training sites, but you will need to double check that you are not provided with outdated information. Search engine algorithms change, so does customer behavior, so you need to have the latest tools and technologies to make it work for you.

Invest In Your Learning

Apart from SEO, there are plenty of skills you can learn in your own time. Every business owner needs to learn what makes a successful marketing campaign, even if they are planning on outsourcing it. You might enroll in a marketing course online, or take private training from someone who has already cracked the code of social media marketing and content creation. You can never stop learning, and investing in your own skill development is likely to give you the most return on investment.

Create a Sales Funnel

To automate your processes, you should create an advanced sales funnel that will keep your audience and leads engaged, so you don’t have to manually follow up every query. This step, however, should only be completed after you have a clear target market and brand message. You can talk to a digital marketing sales funnel expert who will look at your market and help you get your messages right. You can get a startup marketing funnel designed by an industry expert so you can focus on getting traffic and leave the rest to automation.

Provide Value Before You Ask for the Sale

If there is something that can make your audience turn away from you, it is delivering the sales pitch before time. It is crucial that you make your prospects know and trust you, and the best way to do this is by providing value all the way. If you are good at blogging, provide them information that will help them improve their lives. If you are a video person, create a series of quick tips to educate your audience and to position yourself as an expert in the field. Once you have created reciprocity, your leads will convert much easier.

Manage Your Reputation

It is not enough to build a strong brand; you will also have to maintain it. If you don’t keep an eye on your comments, feedback, and ratings on various review sites, you can lose the trust of your market without knowing. You can sign up for alerts from your Google account to get notified every time your brand name or company is mentioned online, so you can respond and manage your reputation. Once you have a few customers, you should ask them for a review or recommendation, so you can strengthen your online visibility and brand.

Consider Your Marketing as an Investment

Most business owners, especially those who are new to the world of entrepreneurship consider marketing as a necessary expense. It is not just about ticking the boxes to run ads or get a brand image and website designed; it is an investment in your business future. If you are spending a dollar to get a lead and every 20th converts, you will need to make at least five dollars on a sale for your marketing to be worth it. The better your conversion is, the more money you can make using digital marketing.

Know Your Competitors

Knowing your market and your ideal client is useful, but you will also have to get to know your competitors, so you can find out what you can do better and how you can provide more value than them. Your strategy should not be reactive, more like proactive, still you want to know when your competitors are running a promotion, so you can focus on increasing loyalty and come up with a plan to prevent your clients from leaving you. After all, no business exists in an empty space.

Track Your Conversion Rates

If you don’t know where your visitors and sales are coming from, you will never be able to come up with an effective marketing plan. There are plenty of free and low cost tools online that will track the engagement level on your social media pages, your website, and your ads. If you would like to take the guesswork out of your promotions, you will have to create a system that will give you a snapshot of all your campaigns, so you can make adjustments and focus on the traffic sources that are the most likely to get you sales. Some people say that the fine line between success and failure lies in business intelligence.

Use Email Marketing

If you generate leads, but cannot turn them into buyers, your marketing investment will not deliver the results you expect from them. Instead of spending hours following up leads, you should implement an autoresponder and use a copywriting service to craft your messages professionally. It is crucial that you make technology work for you; not only delivering your emails, but also tracking open rates, clicks, and conversions. This will help you make the most out of your business without having to spend too much time with administration and customer service.

Tweak Your Campaigns Continuously

It is crucial that you know where your website visitors are coming from, where they land, and which pages they leave on. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up yet, you should integrate it in your site, so you can tweak the campaigns and set up AB testing on your pages, finding out which headlines and images your readers are the most likely to react to. Marketing is a numbers’ game, and  – thankfully – you don’t have to do the number crunching yourself; there is a software for that.

Many new business owners struggle to come up with an effective marketing strategy. It is crucial that you educate yourself on the basics and get help with the specialist marketing tasks to achieve the best results possible.

Great Ways To Expand Your Business

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When we run a business however big or small, the one thing which we always want to do is be able to grow and expand our business to the max and make an impact on the world. Today we are going to have a look at just some of the different ways that we can expand our business and make more of a profit for growth this year.

  1. Make a sales funnel.

When you want to make a change to your business and allow it to grow quickly one of the things to do is get organised. If you want to make your business easier to run and automate a lot of your processes, one of the things you can always look to do is create a sales funnel. A sales funnel can be a handy tool to have when you want to grow your brand and it will allow you to automate your business and make more of a profit in the long term.

  1. Build a website

If you feel as if you need a push in the right direction for your business this year, one of the best things which you can do is build a website and build an online presence for yourself. These days, if someone wants to find a brand or look up information about them, they will choose to search on google and find answers there. This is where you need to be present so that people can see your brand and engage with you. Make sure to build a great website which is clear and concise to grab people’s attention.

  1. Research the competition

One of the things which you may not have already considered when you are looking to build your brand is looking at others. Take a look at the current market and research your biggest competitors. It is incredibly important for you to make sure that you know who you are fighting against and how they operate. Look at their website, social media, prices… gain an insight into the way they run their business and see if you can make the same impact on your followers. This is always a great way to build a better reputation and help you to be seen amongst the sea of content.

  1. Loyalty scheme

If you fancy trying something a little bit different when it comes to your brand this year, one of the greatest ideas you can have is to build a loyalty scheme with your customers. You can create a card which they can earn points from and these points can translate into prizes and discounts or allow them to get free products. This is always a good thing to bring into your business because if a customer has a loyalty card with you, they will be more likely to get what they need from you rather than from someone else.

  1. Identify new opportunities

As a business owner you need to always keep one eye on the ball and one eye on the future, and there is no better way to do this than look for opportunities in the world and take advantage of them. For example you could look into the pros and cons of expanding your business overseas to reach a new audience. Perhaps you could look into new products which can be created and sold for profit and new markets you could enter into. There are so many great ideas you can try and all of these will help you hugely to grow your business.

  1. Have an email list

When it comes to keeping in touch with your customers and keeping them interested in your products, the key word which you need to use is consistency. It is incredibly important to be consistent with everything that you do whether it be social media posts or updates on your website. The easiest way to stay in your customers mind is to email them every week or every few weeks with new offers and products which you want to sell. This is a simple and effective form of marketing and one which you should definitely consider using this year.

  1. Collaborate

There is nothing which can change the flow of your business and excite your followers more than collaborating with an influencer or another brand. If you want to expand your audience you can get in touch with another brand or an influencer and come up with a collaboration together which will mutually benefit you both. They will gain exposure to your audience and you will gain exposure to theirs and this can bring up your numbers by a huge mile.

  1. Use Amazon and eBay

A lot of us likely think that amazon and eBay are only for the use of small sellers online, but they are actually used by big brands all the time to sell off old stock and end of range products. To expand your reach again and also get rid of these items without suffering a heavy loss, it is a good idea to start selling on these international platforms.

  1. Can you franchise it?

If you are looking to expand your business and perhaps open up more locations this year, one of the best things you can consider is franchising your business. This will allow people to buy a location from you and run it with your brands name on the front. It can be a quick way to gain a good reputation and some real cash.

  1. Stick to your niche

The main thing which you need to remember as a business is that you should be a master of one trade and not the Jack of all. It is always good to expand your product lines now and again to reach a new audience however it can also make your customers a little confused if you go too far with it. Make sure that you always stick to within your niche so that your customers always know what to expect from you. This can make a massive different and it will allow you to be successful.

  1. Create an event

One of the main challenges you will always have to face as a business is engaging with your audience in a meaningful and real way. When you want to build a business which is trustworthy and that people love you need to be aware to engage with people as a person and not just as a business this is why it can be a fun idea to create an event in which you meet up with your customers and engage with them in a real life setting. If you are a cookware brand you could host a cookery class and workshop, and you can really create an event which suits you and everyone else too.

  1. Spend less

The most obvious way to help you expand a business this year is to learn to spend less money on other things. When you run your business make sure that you think about spending as little as you can on things such as your supplies and your software in the offices there are so many ways you can find second hand furniture, free applications and other tools which can be exactly what you need for your business to thrive and make a bigger profit. Only spend what you have to, and only invest in things which will genuine make an impact on the way you work and your ability to work.

Giving Your E-Commerce Startup The Best Chance

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E-commerce is expanding and evolving at a fast pace; customers are choosing to shop online, instead of visiting a physical store, at a higher rate every year. However, for many online retailers, maintaining a steady flow of consumer traffic is becoming more of a challenge due to new brands being launched, and tempting in customers, every day. For your business to stand out, and to effectively convert traffic into sales; you’ll need to implement as many practical and efficient processes as possible. Whether you’re turning your side-hustle into a dream full-time job, or you’ve taken the plunge, and invested in your new business wholeheartedly; it’s worth taking some time to polish up those crucial areas so that you can flourish as a company online. The following are some areas to consider if your business needs time and investment to give your sales a boost.

Straightforward Processes

You need to focus your attention on how smoothly and efficiently your business is running. Saving time and unnecessary effort on everyday tasks will save you cash in the long run and ensure that your processes run smoothly. Therefore, it’s vital that you implement technology and software to help your company wherever you’re able; it could save you the cost of hiring another member of staff to complete tasks, which will add up to thousands of dollars annually.  Looking into sales funnel templates is a great place to start; you’ll help to ensure that each area of your website is working hard for your visitors, which will turn them into customers.

Having a fast and reliable system to sort out your payment transactions and invoice processes will increase visibility and help your business get ahead of the rest. By improving on the time it would take a human to sort through data and paperwork, you’re online retail company will be able to focus on the customer and the quality of the service you’re providing. Substantial improvements to behind the scenes of your company will always have a direct and visible effect on how things come across at the front end of your brand and website, so choose your tech wisely.

Maintaining the level of social media quality and consistency that was discussed earlier, can also be a laborious task. Therefore it might be worth considering using a social media management platform to help you run your online empire and spread the word about your brand. Utilizing the technology that’s available on your tablet and smartphone is another business savvy way to boost your productivity and sales. There are a variety of apps available that can do everything from tracking your expenses and stock control, to planning your schedule and meetings; downloading them and seeing what works for you might be a smart choice for those who don’t want to spend money on a PA.

Make Sure That Your Audience Is Engaged

Knowing exactly who your products or services are going to sell to is vital to the success and longevity of your business. Therefore, you need to invest in some market research and find out exactly what your key audience want and expect from your brand. Ensuring that you supply everything a potential patron is after when they arrive on your site, is the only way to make and increase sales. Figure out how and where your customers are engaging online, and become a regular part of their conversations and what they see on social media. Your Facebook posts and Tweets don’t have to all “sell sell sell,” but they should be relevant to your brand identity and spark and interest with your future brand ambassadors.

So, if you’re a serious professional service, you’ll want to post content that will attract and engage your audience in the correct manner. However, if you are a young and vibrant brand; make sure that your content reflects your personality by using humor and pop-culture references to grab their attention. You can filter in information about your products and special offers to ensure they click through to your website and start shopping. Maybe you want to tempt a more mature generation of shoppers onto your site; you could use a printed marketing campaign and ensure that your brand is popping up in relevant newspapers and magazines so that consumers will visit you. Many consumers now prefer to shop online, so you have a massive market to reach and tap into; just make sure you head down the right avenues for people to see you.

Directing as Much Traffic to Your Webpage as Possible

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Nowadays, increasing numbers of people are deciding to set their small business online. This is an entirely logical step for any first time business owner. Why? Well, the world of E-commerce is seriously taking off right now. Online businesses are experiencing skyrocketing success, with online giants such as Amazon taking multiple other high street companies completely out of business. Operating online means that you can offer customer lower prices on the goods and services that you offer, as operation costs are significantly reduced – you don’t have to fork out for commercial property rent, commercial property energy bills, staffing costs, security costs, or other expenses. Selling online also means that your products are available for purchase around the clock. Potential customers can log on, browse your stock, and process transactions whether you are present or not. This is convenient for consumers who work awkward hours. What’s more? With the simple addition of international postage, you can also reach out to a worldwide audience. However, when you set up online, you need to take active steps to direct traffic to your page. Here’s how to achieve this!

Understanding the Importance of Traffic

If you have a web page, you need to understand the importance of encouraging traffic to pass through. Think of traditional brick and mortar stores. Traditional brick and mortar stores benefit from being located in high footfall locations, as the more people who pass by their storefront, the more people who are likely to step in, which means more people browsing your stock, being exposed to your goods, and making purchases. This logic also applies to online stores. The more people you get onto your webpage, the more people who will browse your stock, be exposed to your goods, and make purchases!

Getting People Onto Your Page

So, by now you may be wondering how to get more website traffic. There are literally millions of websites out there and the online consumer market is pretty saturated at the moment, so you’re going to have a whole lot of work on your hands. But with the right techniques you can start shifting attention to your page and increase your number of hits. Here are a few to incorporate into your business plan!


The first step in your mission to boost website traffic is to engage with SEO. SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. This is a process where you help links to your page to get into high positions in search engine results. Why would you want to rank highly in search engine results? Well, think about it. When you’re looking for something that you’re interested in buying, what do you do? You google it! Then you proceed to click one of the top links in the list presented to you. Extremely few people go beyond the first place, so, you want the link to your page to rank as highly as possible. The best way to get your page as high in search engine results is to use the services of a professional SEO company or agency. They know the ins and outs of the process and will be able to take the responsibility off your shoulders.

Linking to Social Media

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for businesses. Sure, it may mostly be used by individuals for personal reasons, but if a lot of people have their attention focused on a given social media platform, you can use it to your advantage, using the platform as a means of exposing your brand to them. Create social media profiles for your business and draw in the attention of potential customers. Then ensure that your page or bio includes a link to your website. This allows people who are interested in your products the opportunity to find the space where they can make purchases.

Keeping People On Your Page

Getting people onto your page in the first place isn’t the end of the journey. You need to keep them on your page to benefit from the page hit! Studies have found that when people access a webpage, it only takes them a matter of moments to decide whether they want to consider browsing, or whether they are going to quit the tab and look elsewhere. Here are just a couple of ways to keep people on your page once they have accessed it

A Well Designed Landing Page

Your landing page needs to be as captivating as possible. Generally speaking, a good approach to take is to have some sort of slideshow showcasing your featured and most popular stock or new launches, as well as clear category links to different products that you have to offer. A professional web designer will be able to implement these into your web design on your behalf.

Clear Navigation

Many small businesses make the mistake of making their page too complex. You need your customers to be able to find their way from one page to another seamlessly with simple navigation options. This will prevent frustration and ensure that they can find everything that they need and make purchases without problems developing. Again, a competent web designer will be able to achieve this for you.

As you can see, directing as much traffic as possible to your webpage is essential when it comes to your small online business’ success. So, start implementing the above steps into your professional process and your web design as soon as possible!