Areas of Your Small Business to Consider Outsourcing

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Many small business owners start out by taking all work that needs to be done into their own hands. They’ll operate independently and get their business up and running alone. However, as your business establishes itself and you begin to experience more demand, you’re going to have to accept help. If you don’t, you’ll burn yourself out and your business will suffer for it. At the same time, taking on part time or full time employees can be relatively daunting. Becoming an employer lands a whole lot of responsibility on your shoulders. So, what’s the solution? Well, a good place to start is outsourcing.

What Is Outsourcing?

So, what exactly is outsourcing? Well outsourcing is a commonly employed business process in which you pay third parties or freelancers to take care of some of the work that you have to carry out. You don’t have to employ them – you simply pay them for a temporary service.

Web Design

Increasing numbers of small business owners are deciding to take their store online. The world of Ecommerce is booming and allowing customers to make purchases through the web can significantly increase your sales and profits. However, unless you want to spend a whole lot of time learning CSS and HTML coding, you’re going to have to outsource web design to a web design professional. They’ll be able to bring your ideas to life on a webpage.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable, otherwise more casually referred to as “AR”, are records of the money owed to your business. Perhaps you have let a supplier take stock and they are going to pay you for it as it sells. Maybe you have offered finance plans to your customers where they can buy now and pay later. Regardless of why you are owed money, it’s important that you manage these accounts well and keep an accurate record of what is owed, what has been paid back, and what settlement figures different people have attached to their account. This, of course, can prove extremely time consuming. At the same time, you can’t cut corners, because this could mean making losses and charging people the wrong amount for products and services that they have already received or used. So, consider an accounts receivable solution.

Product Photography

Sure, you might be able to take some good quality pictures on your smartphone nowadays. But nothing quite beats professional product photography. A professional product photographer has the best equipment and also has an eye for the perfect shot, so they’ll display your products in the best light possible. This can boost sales, especially if you are selling online. Remember that online customers only have images to go by when it comes to deciding whether to purchase a product or not.

These are just a few different areas that you might want to consider outsourcing. At the end of the day, you can outsource almost any aspect of your business’ operation. But these are some really good starting points that you could seriously benefit from.

Areas In Business You Should Almost Always Outsource

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Starting a small business is incredibly fulfilling, but what many people realize too late is that it’s also a massive amount of work. In fact, it’s more work than you will have ever dealt with so far in your adult life. Despite this and what some people claim, you shouldn’t be dealing with every small job yourself. It’s not cost-effective, and it’s incredibly unproductive. Instead, it’s important that you delegate and outsource jobs wherever you can. With this in mind, here are five areas in business you should almost always outsource to freelancers and other companies.

  1. IT Services

Unless you’re incredibly technologically savvy, it’s always easier to have someone else take care of the computers and other technology in your office. Of course, you could hire a permanent IT department, but, more often than not, it doesn’t make financial sense to do so. Instead, you can outsource specific IT tasks to different companies. These tasks could include designing and maintaining your website, maintaining and updating your computers, and installing software.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to nurture relationships with customers and potential customers and generate leads. Unfortunately, it can take some time to produce and distribute content that will get this job done well. Rather than hiring a marketing team to handle this, you could outsource to an agency or freelance writers. This will likely produce better content, and you’ll save money too.

  1. Legal Services

Running a business isn’t as simple as creating something and selling it to whoever comes along; There are a lot of laws and rules you need to follow. Because of this, it always makes sense to speak to corporate law solicitors and make sure you’re doing everything you should be. Unfortunately, lawyers can get quite pricey, so you probably can’t afford to hire one in-house. Instead, you can outsource legal work to law firms when you need to.

  1. Human Resources

As your team grows, human resource tasks can take up a lot of your time. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is time you simply can’t afford to lose. Rather than mishandle your HR and risk headaches, angry employees, fines, and lawsuits, you should outsource tasks to different agencies and providers. This will save you a lot of work and ensure that every job is being handled as it should be.

  1. Administrative Tasks

From running focus groups to organizing travel arrangements, business owners have a lot of small administrative tasks they need to deal with every single day. If not dealt with properly, these small jobs can get incredibly overwhelming and distract you from the important work you should actually be getting on with. To free up some time, you can outsource some of this work to a virtual assistant. This will ensure your day is more productive, thus saving you time and money.

Business owners have a lot that they need to get done each day. To make your life a whole lot easier, consider outsourcing the tasks listed above.