Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want Your Business To Still Be Around In 10 Years

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According to a recent report, a staggering 96% of start-up businesses will fail in their first ten years. This could be due to a multitude of different factors and economic stresses but often comes down to poor planning when the business is in its infancy. While it’s easy to focus on the ‘here and now’ when first launching your business, you need to ensure you are putting plans in place to secure your company’s future, too.

With that in mind, here are four questions you should ask yourself if you want your business to still be around in ten years. 

What Will Make Your Business Stand Out?

With thousands of businesses being launched each and every day, it’s important that you find a way to stand out from your competitors and bring in a loyal customer base. In order to achieve this, you need to know both your industry and target audience inside and out – so that you can provide them with services/products they simply couldn’t get elsewhere. You also need to put together a strong marketing strategy that capitalizes on your USP (Unique Selling Point). Thankfully, there are many ways you can advertise your business, whether you choose to rely on social media or even word of mouth (WOM) marketing.  

How Will I Connect With My Customers? 

Your relationship with your customers is integral to your long-term success – meaning that you need to find ways to improve your customer retention rates. Customer retention refers to the practice of customers remaining loyal to a brand instead of making a singular purchase and never returning. By connecting with your customers, you are instilling them with a sense of loyalty and trust – meaning they will always turn to your brand when they are looking to make a purchase. You can connect (and improve your relationship) with customers by engaging with them more often – be that on social media, through email, or even over the phone. 

How Will I Capitalize On Trends? 

No industry is entirely static – meaning you should expend trends regarding consumer behaviors and habits to change often and sometimes in unexpected ways. However, you can help future-proof your business by ensuring that you capitalize on trends as much as possible, as this shows that you are incredibly customer-orientated. For example, due to its sudden boost in popularity, companies with TikTok accounts have noticed a dramatic increase in sales after advertising their products there. 

How Will I Facilitate Business Growth? 

As mentioned previously, the easiest way to ensure that your company will still be around in a decade is to ensure you lay down plans for the future. This means that you should set yourself goals as to what you want to achieve within a certain timeframe (say a year) and figure out what steps you need to take to achieve these goals. You can also facilitate company growth by bringing new employees with fresh ideas and experiences or by expanding your workspace in order to meet increased customer demands.

Tricks Of The Trade When It Comes To Marketing Trends

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When you get the idea for your business you may be a buzz of excitement and optimism for the next steps. Starting the business is possibly the easiest thing to do, but what about the next steps in terms of moving your business forward? Many people have started a business in the last twelve months because they have had more time to consider it. There are a lot of attributes to get your business off the ground. However, the truth is a business needs a good marketing strategy to reach out to the right people and to the right customers. So what should you try? 

Often you may feel overwhelmed by all of the options available to you and that is understandable. How do you know whether you are using the hashtag, the right campaign and also what is needed to make the right decisions for your business. With that in mind, here are some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to marketing trends and what you can do to make the most of it.

Old school methods still work

Back in the day, when there was little or no technology around to reach people instantly, you needed to work that little bit harder to advertise your business. Most of the time this included things like leaflet drops and printing out information, but this method can still work for you as a business. There are a lot of websites that can offer great printing options and then it is a case of distributing them out to the local vicinity and beyond. Many people are wanting to support local businesses right now, and shop small so this could be a great way to help improve the reach of your business. Radio was also a popular method years ago, and again, this could still work for you as people still enjoy listening to the radio and the information they get from them. A decent advertising message and campaign could make this work for you. So don’t discount the old methods, you may find that this could be an excellent method to try. 

Prospecting is a good idea

One of the hardest things about generating new business is prospecting potential clients and customers. If it isn’t your idea of fun, that is understandable, not many people enjoy the cold calling side of pushing a business. After all, calling people when they are not necessarily expecting the call may not always be pleasant. But a great tip is to utilize the customers that have made contact and then haven’t progressed with their enquiry further. The trick is to find out why. You may be surprised as it could be something simple as not having the answer to their question on your website or wanting further information and consideration. The more you focus on this area, the more you may find that you start to convert missed customers and make that all important sale for your business. 

Having a marketing strategy 

It may sound obvious, but having a strategy when it comes to your business could help you to make the most of it. This is marketing in all avenues, so it could involve leaflets, radio, TV or social media advertising. A marketing company could help you to finalize what is best for your business. Whether that is tech marketing for a specific trade or niche, or marketing with a focus of an industry in mind. A marketing company can help you to understand your target audience and then you will know what direction that you want to take.  

Having a responsive website

Marketing is one thing, but if your website or the place you are directing your customers to go isn’t up to scratch then this is where you will lose customers. It is important for you to ensure that you do what you can to have a responsive website. This means that the page loads up quickly, that you have decent pages and a responsive ecommerce page for customers to place orders and make purchases. This is an essential aspect of any marketing plan, it is all well and good having the customers, but if you can’t complete the transaction you will lose them. 

Being present in your local community 

Your local community is a great place to start when it comes to your marketing strategy. So many more people would rather support a local or smaller business these days, so advertising locally could be a good option. It might be that you write up a press release for your local paper, there are plenty of websites that have tips on how you can write yours. Or it could be that you sponsor local events and get involved within the local community to get your business name and brand seen and heard. The more you focus on the local community, the more you can become the expert in your field in your local area. This is the aim for many as you want to be the sole provider of what you do within the vicinity. Most people want to support local businesses, now more than ever, so this is something that you can capitalize on. 

Doing social media differently 

Finally, social media is by far the avenue people choose when it comes to marketing their business effectively, and I can understand why. So you may want to think about doing things a little differently. Perhaps using your personality instead of making every post business focused. Or maybe you could use other tools within the social media platforms like live video, for example. Taking a closer look at your imagery and content could also be advantageous to your business. The more you place a focus on this, the more you can extend your reach and do more for your business. Social media is one of the easiest and more efficient ways of advertising your business. 

Let’s hope that these tips and tricks help you when it comes to marketing your small business.

Great Ideas That You Can Bring to the Workplace

Standing out at work can be a bit of a tough ask for a lot of people. On a previous post on the blog, we talked about ’20 Strengths and Struggles for Introverts in the Workplace’. Workplaces are composed of different types of people, and not everyone can be gregarious or good at networking. However, just because the American workplace might test the strengths of introverts doesn’t mean that introverts can’t be a valuable part of the team.

The great thing about working with different people is that you don’t have to be a ball of energy all the time. In fact, Psychology Today has listed different ways that introverts can excel in the workplace, including sharing knowledge and generating ideas. What matters is what you bring to the table, not how. Here are a few things you can bring up at your next meeting that might make all the difference.

New Ways of Connecting

Introverts are known for finding networking difficult, and in many ways that might be true. Networking can feel transactional, and the pressure of having to make connections with people you may not know or even like could put anyone off. But as an introvert, you can use your experience to bring a new perspective on networking to the table.

Tech executive Karen Wickre, who also self-describes as an introvert, has some tips on how to do just that. Simply shifting your perspective — keeping in “loose touch” with your connections and acting as a “giver,” not a “taker” — can help you feel more comfortable when forging connections. Small interactions over the span of your acquaintance can help you keep your relationship going, while not pushing your energy levels to the limit. And the plus side is, this advice can work for anyone dealing with a large network of people — not just introverts.

New Marketing Strategies

Introverts are creative, which means that they can suggest new ways of approaching the same strategies. Take marketing, for example. Marketing is most effective when it’s about forging close, personal bonds with your customers without overwhelming them — something that introverts know all too well. Each interaction with your customers has to feel unique and meaningful, and the more meaningful the interaction the more effective your campaign.

Take direct mail marketing, as an example. It’s not a constant barrage of mass emails or ads like most digital marketing efforts often turn out to be. Instead, it’s highly personal and an individual campaign that can bring in great returns if you know how to play your cards right. Marketing solutions company Triadex outlines that direct mail marketing is effective because of five reasons: among other things, it’s personal, it’s targeted, and it’s accountable — things introverts are very familiar with.

New Avenues for Communication

Introverts aren’t well known for being comfortable in groups; in fact, the exact opposite is true. Constant meetings and personal check-ins can get grating fast, and might not even be as effective as other people think they are. According to Entrepreneur, there are several ways for an introvert to thrive in a workplace, and all it requires is a little bit of creativity.

Take communication channels, for example. The corporate standard is the meeting, whether one-on-one or with a team. But as introverts know, these meetings can get crowded and confusing, and can take away precious work time. Making use of asynchronous communication methods like Slack and emails can actually help employees work more efficiently, as you can check in without interrupting your work. As working environments change and work-from-home policies become more widespread, these channels might even turn out to be the new norm.

New Plans for the Workplace

As an introvert, you may find that you don’t seem to “fit in” with standard office culture, and that’s fine. Rather than seeing this as a drawback or a flaw, you can actually turn it to your advantage. Having a differing perspective allows you to see the weaknesses of a system that others might be taking for granted.

The Huffington Post claims that open plan offices, one of the biggest fads in workplaces across the world, might not be all that they’re cut out to be. The lack of privacy and constant barrage of noise can make getting work done more difficult than it needs to be. Funnily enough, that’s something every introvert is well acquainted with, and might be a helpful thing to mention at your next office-wide meeting.

What Does Your Company Need From You Right Now?

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At different times throughout the year, or even different years throughout the lifespan of your business, it will require different things from you. Every business grows in its own way. And as the market chances and trends come and go, it’s safe so that those needs are ever evolving. And that’s fantastic. But the most important thing is that you know what your company needs from you at any given point. And then, you are able to ensure that you are working on that. So, do you know what your company needs from you right now? What you should be putting your time and attention on? If not, let’s look at a few ideas that could be relevant.

A Big Sales Push

First of all, you may find that what your company really needs from you right now is a good old-fashioned sales push. If you know that you’ve just been coasting along, it’s time to make a change there. Instead of just seeing what happens, take action. It’s so important for you to think about what you can do to grow. Setting goals will help then creating an action plan is definitely the way forward.


The next thing to think about is security. And this will mean something different to everyone. Maybe it’s your physical security you’re concerned about? Or is it the security of your staff and equipment while at work? Maybe a CCTV system on the premises and fleet dash cam systems are what you need? It could even be cyber security that you’re concerned about. If so, you’ll want to consult with a specialist company to get that in place.


Or, it could just be that you need to be a lot more organized right now. When that’s the case, you’re likely to find that you need to bring more systems and procedures in place. Don’t know where your files are? Create a system. No plan for marketing? Create a plan. Not sure how best to approach a taste? Put a procedure in place. Being a lot more organized can often really transform your business.

More Staff

It could even be that you know you need more staff. When this is the case, it’s time to start hiring. So, ask yourself – who do you need right now? What kind of support will help you to grow? Make sure that you’re bringing on people that will add value to what you’re doing and will help you to reach the business goals.

A Better Marketing Effort

Or maybe you know that you need to put a lot more focus on your marketing? When that’s the case, you’ll really want to ensure that you are connecting with your customers a lot more, then maybe it’s marketing you need to focus on right now? It can be fun to pull together a marketing plan for your company, and to decide exactly what you’re going to work on to help the business to grow.

Everything Your Business Needs to Achieve Success

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If you want to be successful as a modern business, it is important to make sure you think about what it takes to achieve this. There are a lot of elements you need to keep in mind in order to achieve the best possible success, and the way to do this more effectively is to ensure you look at every area of the business and how it can be improved. 

Ensure that you work on coming up with ideas and techniques that will help you to make the most of changes in the business. You have to do as much as possible to work on taking things further, and these are some of the key elements you need to focus on. It is essential that you try to factor these things in, and use them to work toward being more successful.

Great Marketing

Great marketing is a massively important part of the process of running a business, and you need to make sure you are focused on getting the best outcome from your marketing. This means having a balanced and inventive marketing strategy that allows you to attract more people to the brand in a variety of different ways. Do as much as you can to make the most of this, and ensure that you use it to help the company thrive and grow.

Legal Protection

Legal protection is massively important for modern companies as there are so many things you need to make sure you get right. Do as much as you can to ensure your business has legal protection so that you preserve its reputation and ensure that you look after the future of the company. These days you are at risk from cybercrime, as well as the potential for lawsuits and other issues as well. Hiring a business attorney and using legal contracts like the ones found at is a great way of protecting the company as much as possible.  

Something Different 

You need to look at how you can make your company stand out by offering something different. People are always looking for companies to stand out and be different, and so you need to make sure you look for ways of standing out and being different. If you can innovate as a company, you stand a much better chance of being able to improve the amount of people you attract to your company. 

Top Talent

You are going to need to work on improving your staff base, and this means hiring top talent for the business. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need a strong team around you, and this is something you need to make sure you work on. Hiring the best and most talented people out there is crucial for helping your business improve and work toward success right now. 

There are a lot of factors that you need to keep in mind here, and you are going to need to use these to make your business more successful. It is important to improve the way your business is run, and this is something that you are going to have to factor in. Try to improve the way in which you run your company, and focus on these elements that will help you get better.

Fewer Words, More Meaning–a Marketing Secret That All Retailers Must Know

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In the world of marketing design, less will always equal more. People don’t like to see heavy adverts with too many words and loud pictures that make it difficult to read anything, hence why many marketing strategies revolve around fewer words, more meaning.

What are the benefits of using fewer words?

Regardless if you’re scaling up your business or trying to get started with your first products, there are a lot of different benefits to using fewer words in your marketing materials.

  • Less reading means less chance of customers glossing over your marketing materials and forgetting it.
  • Fewer words mean more interesting catchphrases and company messages that stick in the minds of customers.
  • Having a smaller company message means it can be fit on more branding materials since it takes up less physical space.
  • A more meaningful message in fewer words means that more thought was put behind your brand message
  • People hate reading stuffy sentences with pointless words and corporate nonsense

It all comes down to making your marketing materials more down-to-earth and easier to understand. A lot of companies tend to use long sentences just to convey something that could be shortened to a few words. By being more direct with your audience, you have a much better chance of actually getting through to them and affecting their purchase decision or making them a long-time customer.

Trying to sound smart by stretching out text and adding lots of jargon doesn’t make you a better business, it only alienates your audience by making it more difficult to branch out and attract more people. If you’re serious about growing your business, you’d be better off avoiding stuffy language and look for ways to simplify your marketing.

How to take advantage of less is more

There are a couple of ways to implement a less-is-more strategy in your marketing.

First, make sure that you’re using high-quality sign supplies for your store. You want large, colorful signs that show off your message, but you also want them to be resistant to the weather while also being easy to clean. This will ensure that your message stays there and doesn’t get worn out over time.

You also want to think about cutting down useless words that don’t help with a message. For instance, your customers don’t really want to know why there’s a sale going on, they just want to know that things are discounted. That’s why many business owners just use a sign that says “SALE” instead of “Seasonal Sale, Everything Must Go!” or something similar. Let your audience know what they want to know.

When it comes to flyers and more detailed marketing materials, pictures can tell a thousand words–literally. Make sure you’re using plenty of images and cut out any fluff. Don’t explain loads of background information about the products, just write about what they are, why your audience might buy it and why you’re the best option for their product and service needs.

4 Tips For Startup Businesses

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When you are setting up your own business, you are firing on all cylinders, probably getting very little sleep and have ideas coming out of your ears. There is so much that you know that you need to get done, from funding to premises to business plans. It is a frantic and busy time, a time you are never likely to forget. When it’s all in place and your business has finally launched, it can be difficult to know which areas are best to concentrate on next. Which is where we come in as today we share with you 4 tips for startup businesses.

Look after your team

Your business will rely on your team, so you need to prioritize looking after them.

To help your team to grow and enjoy working with you, they will need clear initial training and ongoing coaching and support. It should be open and friendly and any feedback should be constructive. This should enable everyone to feel confident and comfortable in the role that you are asking them to fulfill. 

Your team needs to feel invested in your business in order to give the best of themselves. To engender this, involve them in all aspects of your business and communicate with them regularly. Hold team meetings to share updates and encourage ideas from everyone. Book in one to ones with each member of your team to allow them time to talk through their work, their progress and any potential issues. Offer your support to help them to achieve goals or address any shortfalls in their performance. 

Most importantly, ensure that they feel appreciated and important to you. Get to know them, look out for opportunities to praise and thank them and reward appropriately when you see a job well done or want to celebrate your successes. 

Keep up with technology developments

It is worth always looking out for software, technology and packages that can make your business run more smoothly, such as investor crm software. These products will ensure that you can deliver a greater level of service to your customers, and usually with less effort on your part. They are specifically designed for a certain job, one that might currently be taking up the time of several members of staff as they use many different systems. Take the time to look around for products that can take some of the work out of your processes for you. 

If this is not your area of expertise, it will always be someone’s, so delegate the task to a team member or stay in touch with others in your industry to keep abreast of any developments. 

Develop your own marketing strategy

Marketing is key for every business, no matter your niche. What can vary widely here is the amount of time and money you choose to invest in it. 

You might choose to invest a lot of your own time here, rather than heavily invest financially, and there are plenty of ways to do this. Many businesses are able to build strong followings and customer sales through effectively utilizing social media, free to use in most cases. Others have strong email marketing campaigns or content marketing strategies. In these cases there is a significant time commitment required, but very little monetary outlay, so you will need to weigh up whether this works well for your business, or whether outsourcing to specialists will make more sense on balance.

Build strong relationships with your customers

Your initial customers are likely to be precious to you and rightly so, you will want to look after them and build strong relationships with them.

Anyone that experiences your business could potentially be talking about your business the next day with a friend, so these early interactions are absolutely key in developing your reputation. Word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool, and these days that extends to people talking about your business online too. A great rating on trusted review websites can really boost your business, as can people talking positively about you on social media. 

Take the time to ensure that those initial customers receive the very best from you, encouraging them to return to you as repeat customers and share their experiences with others. Ask for their opinions on what you have delivered to them and make it clear to them how much their feedback is valued. Use any feedback to improve your service and shape your business going forwards and thank them for helping you in this way.

Go For Growth

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You’ve been cruising along with your business for a while and though you’re turning over a profit, you know that, deep down, you’re playing it safe and taking zero risks.

And why would you want to? After all there’s nothing wrong with staying put and turning over a profit each month. What if your business could grow? What if, with a little careful planning, you could double that profit margin? Wouldn’t that be an achievement?

While growing your business can be frightening, it’s almost always well worth doing. It doesn’t have to be done in such a way that it leaves you feeling out of control but instead can be planned and executed with the greatest of detail.

We look at some ways you can grow for success.

Plan to succeed

Before you even consider the how’s and why’s, you’ll need to take a look at what you might need to change in order to accommodate extra growth. If you’re limited by certain restrictions on your website and worry it couldn’t handle the extra commerce, have a chat with your platform provider or web host and see what you can do to ensure a sustainable performance.

How about staffing? If you run your show solo, you might have to think about investing in taking on an assistant or two. Start by doing some research into how to make hires in your industry and checking out on business blogs what you might need to consider in terms of potential salary and other employee benefits.

Finally, stock. If you are a business that sells physical products can you guarantee that you’d be able to fulfill shipments should you increase in orders and will your current storage facilities adequately meet the need for extra room? Planning to succeed now will save you rushing around in a panic as your business makes the transition from small to a growing concern.

Hit marketing hard

Now is the time to get that killer marketing strategy in place. If you’re serious about making it big, then consider bringing in an established and reputable company to help you. Let them take the strain and help you find your perfect customer base and produce for you the perfect plan guaranteed to draw in more and more trade.

You’ll want to consider your social media outlets, direct mail options and web advertising options such as Walmart Performance Ads and other web-based promotions.

Have your marketers research who you are aiming your products at and creating advertisements and offers that speak directly to your ideal base.

Growing and succeeding in business can be a tough challenge so be realistic as well as ambitious. Set objectives that are practical and achievable, within time frames that, while giving you a clear cut off point, also give you time to reach your goals.

A little investment now and you’ll find your business soaring off to new heights that you never thought would be possible. Start planning for success today and see greater profits tomorrow.

Creating the Elements of Your New Business Venture: Here’s How

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Many people get ideas over the years to create business and start working for themselves, but not many people actually take that leap of faith and make it happen. However, for the ones that do, they are about to embark on what can be the rollercoaster adventure of their lives. Starting a business requires you to think about a lot of things all at once, and so it can be quite overwhelming. So I thought I would share with you some of the elements that you can think about to help you build a good platform to create your business the right way.

Having a decent marketing campaign

Marketing and advertising will be essential parts of your business, so you do need to spend some time on creating the right campaign for you and your business. It may just be using things like social media, which actually is one of the easiest ways to do it, or it could be that you just want to create the right level of marketing first time so you seek the help of a digital agency to make it happen. It is more than just telling people about who you are, it is about creating an online and physical presence for you and your business.

Think of the manufacturing and processing side of things

You also need to think of the manufacturing and processing side of things, which can actually be a daunting area. Whether you choose to jump in the manufacturing side of things yourself, which will have you needing to think about things like whether you can get a simplex strainer here or knowing what oil seals you need fo elements of a machine, but you could also think about outsourcing manufacturing where you live or taking advantage of cheaper costs abroad. There are many ways you can consider doing it, so research will be essential to make the right choice for you and your business venture.

A decent logo and brand is a must

A logo and your brand is your chance to make a first impression, so you need to give this careful consideration when it comes to your business. You need to think about the color choices, what you want it to say about your business, without overcomplicating it. It will also need to be something that will work well online as well as physically.

A worthwhile digital presence

You also need to think about your digital presence as these days the world of online is your opportunity to make your business a success. So much is done online these days and people spend their lives looking at it, so you need a website that is easy to use and stands out, but you also need to consider being unique and different.

Growth and worldwide domination

Finally, take the time to think about the end goal. What do you want to achieve? Is it to sell your products globally? To be a recognizable brand? No dream is too big and the bigger you think the bigger the rewards could be for all your hard work and dedication.

I hope that this has given you some grounding to start your own business venture.