Fewer Words, More Meaning–a Marketing Secret That All Retailers Must Know

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In the world of marketing design, less will always equal more. People don’t like to see heavy adverts with too many words and loud pictures that make it difficult to read anything, hence why many marketing strategies revolve around fewer words, more meaning.

What are the benefits of using fewer words?

Regardless if you’re scaling up your business or trying to get started with your first products, there are a lot of different benefits to using fewer words in your marketing materials.

  • Less reading means less chance of customers glossing over your marketing materials and forgetting it.
  • Fewer words mean more interesting catchphrases and company messages that stick in the minds of customers.
  • Having a smaller company message means it can be fit on more branding materials since it takes up less physical space.
  • A more meaningful message in fewer words means that more thought was put behind your brand message
  • People hate reading stuffy sentences with pointless words and corporate nonsense

It all comes down to making your marketing materials more down-to-earth and easier to understand. A lot of companies tend to use long sentences just to convey something that could be shortened to a few words. By being more direct with your audience, you have a much better chance of actually getting through to them and affecting their purchase decision or making them a long-time customer.

Trying to sound smart by stretching out text and adding lots of jargon doesn’t make you a better business, it only alienates your audience by making it more difficult to branch out and attract more people. If you’re serious about growing your business, you’d be better off avoiding stuffy language and look for ways to simplify your marketing.

How to take advantage of less is more

There are a couple of ways to implement a less-is-more strategy in your marketing.

First, make sure that you’re using high-quality sign supplies for your store. You want large, colorful signs that show off your message, but you also want them to be resistant to the weather while also being easy to clean. This will ensure that your message stays there and doesn’t get worn out over time.

You also want to think about cutting down useless words that don’t help with a message. For instance, your customers don’t really want to know why there’s a sale going on, they just want to know that things are discounted. That’s why many business owners just use a sign that says “SALE” instead of “Seasonal Sale, Everything Must Go!” or something similar. Let your audience know what they want to know.

When it comes to flyers and more detailed marketing materials, pictures can tell a thousand words–literally. Make sure you’re using plenty of images and cut out any fluff. Don’t explain loads of background information about the products, just write about what they are, why your audience might buy it and why you’re the best option for their product and service needs.

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