Keeping Your Staff Safe At Work: Top Tips

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There are many roles out there that place workers at risk. If they have to perform dangerous acts, work in unsafe conditions, or spend time with people they don’t know; it’s all too easy for people to put themselves at risk when they’re at work. As an employer, you have a duty to take care of the members of your team. While you can’t keep everybody safe all the time, you always need to work hard to make sure that no one takes any unnecessary risks. .There’s a lot of work going on in this field, and it’s important that you’ve covered every possibility.

Where they work

The setting in which the team works is one of the most important aspects of their safety. There may be plenty of hazards in the office or warehouse, and those that can be avoided should be kept away.  There is a myriad of possible things that you need to think about as you enter your workspace, including:

Trip Hazards:  Far too many workers end up out of work because of wet floors or cables that knock them off their feet, and this is something that should never be a problem in modern workplaces. Your whole team should be conditioned to search for and be aware of potential hazards, ensuring that they are eliminated when they are first detected. Some businesses would also select workers to be in charge of this kind of job.

Building Security: People have long been one of the biggest dangers facing companies. You may trust your workers, but unfortunately, it is not just employees who can enter the premises.  This means that you need to work to keep your building as safe as possible, use a combination of employee training, efficient locks and CCTV to achieve this objective. Members of the public can put the employees at risk, and individual businesses can also recruit security guards to make sure this isn’t a matter of concern.

What they wear

Safety wear has come a long way over the last few years. Many businesses have no choice and need resources like this to keep their workers secure. Many jurisdictions may have specific regulations in place that require appropriate safety gear or uniforms to be worn by everyone to do their job, so you can use that as a starting point when you fit everyone out. Uniforms, whether retail workers uniforms or landscaping uniforms, mark out your staff, which makes security less of an issue, too.

What they use

Although more and more people are using computers to carry out their jobs, many other machines are being used in industrial spaces that can be much more hazardous. When the team uses tools like this, it’s essential that you take the time to make sure they ‘re doing things right, or else people will end up getting seriously hurt. 

Combating the risks posed by the machine can typically be achieved by simply training the members of the team. All should know the dangers of equipment they are working with or alongside, even if they don’t have to use them directly. This will ensure that the team will watch each other’s back while avoiding mistakes that may be made in ignorance.

What Does Your Company Need From You Right Now?

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At different times throughout the year, or even different years throughout the lifespan of your business, it will require different things from you. Every business grows in its own way. And as the market chances and trends come and go, it’s safe so that those needs are ever evolving. And that’s fantastic. But the most important thing is that you know what your company needs from you at any given point. And then, you are able to ensure that you are working on that. So, do you know what your company needs from you right now? What you should be putting your time and attention on? If not, let’s look at a few ideas that could be relevant.

A Big Sales Push

First of all, you may find that what your company really needs from you right now is a good old-fashioned sales push. If you know that you’ve just been coasting along, it’s time to make a change there. Instead of just seeing what happens, take action. It’s so important for you to think about what you can do to grow. Setting goals will help then creating an action plan is definitely the way forward.


The next thing to think about is security. And this will mean something different to everyone. Maybe it’s your physical security you’re concerned about? Or is it the security of your staff and equipment while at work? Maybe a CCTV system on the premises and fleet dash cam systems are what you need? It could even be cyber security that you’re concerned about. If so, you’ll want to consult with a specialist company to get that in place.


Or, it could just be that you need to be a lot more organized right now. When that’s the case, you’re likely to find that you need to bring more systems and procedures in place. Don’t know where your files are? Create a system. No plan for marketing? Create a plan. Not sure how best to approach a taste? Put a procedure in place. Being a lot more organized can often really transform your business.

More Staff

It could even be that you know you need more staff. When this is the case, it’s time to start hiring. So, ask yourself – who do you need right now? What kind of support will help you to grow? Make sure that you’re bringing on people that will add value to what you’re doing and will help you to reach the business goals.

A Better Marketing Effort

Or maybe you know that you need to put a lot more focus on your marketing? When that’s the case, you’ll really want to ensure that you are connecting with your customers a lot more, then maybe it’s marketing you need to focus on right now? It can be fun to pull together a marketing plan for your company, and to decide exactly what you’re going to work on to help the business to grow.