Modern Ways Of Pleasing Today’s Customer

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Pleasing a modern target audience can be tough for any business. The market is always changing, and your company needs to work hard to stay on top of its game. You need to keep rethinking your business strategies to make sure that you’re appealing to the modern consumer. If you’re struggling on that mission then here are some modern ways of pleasing today’s customer.

Rewarding people.

If you start rewarding your customers then you’ll probably notice more repeat purchases. Discounts, vouchers, and even giveaways are a great way to get people buying from your business in the first place, but such rewards can also keep customers returning to your business. If customers see they’ll get 50% off their second or third purchase, for example, then they’ll be more likely to buy from you again. You really have to appreciate the power of word of mouth marketing, too. Happy customers will tell their friends and family about you. In fact, you could even use rewards as an incentive to get people talking about your brand. If you offer discounts to customers who refer your company to their friends then you’ll probably notice a bigger influx of new clients. Rewards are definitely a good way to build a long-term bond with your client base.

Creating an enticing online presence.

Another great way to satisfy the modern-day customer is to create an enticing online presence. Most people search the internet for the things they want to buy. If your digital marketing game isn’t up to scratch then you’re missing out on potential sales. You might want to read about conversion rate optimization because the goal of digital marketing is to gain paying customers. Boosting traffic on your website is a good start, but your company isn’t going to improve if none of those visitors actually buy anything from you. You need to find ways to improve your website’s design and content to impress people who visit your homepage. With an enticing site, your business could see a much better conversion of traffic to sales.

Listening to them.

Finally, the best way to please today’s customer is to simply listen to them. This has always been the case, but it’s something that many modern businesses neglect to do. Giving the consumers what you want to give them isn’t going to get you the sales you want. Like it or not, the customer is always right. If you want your business to do well then you need to meet the needs of the market. Do your research to find out what your target audience wants. You could run polls on Twitter or invite people to leave feedback online.

Find out what clients like and dislike about your business, and ask them for their opinions on rival companies in your industry. That’s the best way to gauge the current consumer mentality in your marketplace. Once you start listening to customers, you’ll have a better understanding of what they want. And, in turn, you’ll be able to deliver a service that pleases today’s customer. You might even be able to find gaps in the market that your competitors have missed. It could be a chance for your brand to really stand out in its industry.

The Power Of A Business Blog

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As a business, you need to have a voice out in the world. With around seven million new pages added to the internet every day, it stands to reason that the biggest challenges that any new entrepreneur will come across is how to get their voice out there. A business blog is going to be the best way that you can extend your reach and make connections. Publishing a blog can show off what you do for your business, and it can also give you the chance to show your customers and clients a little bit about your personality as a business. Your blog is the space that you can have a personal voice, rather than just a professional one, and it’s going to be the way that you interact with people, get them to notice you and generally share your industry and company specific news.

The problem? Finding the time for a blog is hard. It’s a powerful tool to use to connect with others and step out of the professional box that you put yourself in, but you should consider outsourcing your content elsewhere if you don’t have the time to manage it yourself. You need a blog that will run effectively, with a WordLead WordPress Management Service that can ensure that your blog goes out on time every time and keeps it from developing glitches. You probably have spent a lot of money on developing your business, but if your blog wasn’t a part of that, you need to have a rethink. The feedback that you get from your blog can tell you if you are on the right track, so you should fund it correctly.

Your blog should be front and centre on your social media and your website, as this can allow for you to partner up with others in the industry. It’s a great way to get a conversation started with others and it’s a very effective way to grow your contacts list. It can be more efficient than events networking. On the flipside of this, while you can find new clients and partners this way, any potential employees interested in applying to your company can also learn about you and what you do. People work for those that they respect, and you will be far more respected if you take the chance to put yourself out there to attract the best talent.

If you need a vehicle to meet investors, your blog could be it. Competitors won’t be able to resist commenting on your blog to ask questions and once you make yourself an expert in your field and prove it on your blog, investors will have you at the very top of the list for funding. Your startup isn’t yet a recognized brand, which means that you need to do everything that you can to get noticed. A blog is a very powerful tool for a new business, and you can avoid being in the 70% of businesses that fail in the first year by running a proper blog.

Are Chatbots Destroying Customer Service?

When’s the last time you visited a site and immediately greeted by a chatbot?

We do the majority of our shopping online and prefer not to be bothered by a salesperson.

Chatbots seem very impersonal, but the last thing you want is to be hounded by customer service while you’re browsing.

This is much different than the retail experience where employees usually greet and ask if you’d like any assistance. Since retail has been dying stores have taken a different approach and tend to let shoppers browse on their own now.

The bottom line is: customers are educated and want the freedom to do things themselves; they’ll initiate support if needed. Between reviews and recommendations online platforms such as Amazon and Walmart are self-service e-commerce sites.

There’s evidence that Millennials spearheaded this movement, but with the convenience of home delivery it’s generation-wide accepted.

As a business owner the shift that needs to happen is creating a sales free process. That doesn’t mean eliminate customer service completely, but make the buying transaction as efficient as possible.

For example, with the online SAT/ACT prep company I own, this student profile form collects the same information an initial phone call would. It offers parents the opportunity to input the information on their own time without having to talk to anyone.

Chatbots aren’t destroying customer service, in fact they are enhancing it by allowing the shopper to reach out when they are ready. Self-service is the wave of the present and companies must adapt or die.

The Wonderful Benefits of High-Quality Content for Your Business

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One of the most underrated aspects of business is high-quality content. This can cover a huge range of different components in your business, and in this article, we’re going to be discussing a couple of the most important ways to use original high-quality content.

What Type of Content Could Your Business Use?

The word content can be rather vague, but in most cases (at least, when relating to businesses) it means any kind of writing, video or photos that can be consumed by your audience. Here are some examples of content that you should always ensure are of high quality.

  • Product descriptions – When adding products to your business, their descriptions, specifications and any additional information should always be professionally written so that they convert leads into paying customers.
  • Blog posts – If you’ve attached a blog to your business, then all of those blog posts need to be relevant to your business in some way and written to a quality standard. You don’t want amateurish writing attached to your business, which is why it’s important to focus on quality over anything else.
  • Press releases – A press release is going to be publicly seen by many news outlets and industry influencers, so make sure you hire a professional service to write it for you unless you have talented writers at your disposal.
  • Website news – Any news post on your website should be able to excite existing customers and pique the curiosity of new ones.
  • Social media posts – Despite Twitter being focused on short-form writing, it’s still important to structure your social media posts.
  • Guides Any tutorials or guides that are written for your business should be relevant to the products or services you create. For instance, a guide on how to use a certain product you release is greatly appreciated, assuming it’s written well.
  • Video content – Content doesn’t always need to be written words. It can be videos as well, so make sure you don’t neglect this as an option.

The Benefits of Well-Made Content

The benefits are numerous and wide spreading. Quality guides and videos will draw people to your business. Professionally-written product descriptions will convert far more leads into sales than you could if you wrote them with no experience. In addition, social media posts will help expose your business by improving your online presence.

Finding the Right Creators

Whether you look for the services of an inbound marketing agency or search for freelance writers to help you out, there are thousands of creators out there that are willing to help you bolster your business. Just don’t forget that content can be more than just words on your website or blog. Content can be videos on a YouTube channel and they can also be images or infographics.


In short, don’t neglect to focus on the content that your website publishes. From product descriptions to videos and guides, everything that you publicly show to your audience will be an extension of your business yourself, hence why it needs to be written professionally.