Top Ways to Earn Money Online

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With the global pandemic in full swing, many people will be wondering how to cover their expensive socially-distanced Christmas presents this year. If this sounds like you, then fear-not; below, we have some ways you can start earning money online from the safety of your home. Whether you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative drive, or some specialist knowledge from a once-thriving industry, there is something on the list to keep you occupied and in the green this winter season. 

Ecommerce Business

An ecommerce business is an online store that uses a variety of ways to sell products to relevant consumers. You can use warehouse shipping, dropshipping, or even stock products in your home. Most ecommerce businesses use affiliate marketing.

Ecommerce is widely considered to be a realistic and profitable way to earn money online. You don’t have to be an expert entrepreneur either; you can profit from ecommerce as an amateur learning the ropes as you go. If you need some extra income this winter, you could do a lot worse than set up a brand. 

To be successful with this income stream, you need to know a few tricks of the trade. Firstly, you need to identify a profitable niche – this is one on an upwards trend without much market competition. Secondly, find a product that sells at a high price, so there’s plenty of profit left for your revenue. 

Self Publish a Book 

Traditionally, writers had to create books and reach their audience through a publisher. This was tricky. Not only did the publisher need to accept the book, but they also took a large cut of your royalty money. With the internet, this has all changed. 

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) from Amazon allows authors to take full control of publishing their book and allows them to keep the majority of the royalties. If you’ve written a book or have an idea for one, sign up to KDP and start earning money from your efforts right away. 

Remember, it’s not enough to simply publish the book and expect the dales to start rolling in. You have to be a publisher too, and market your book. The first week is especially important, but some best practices ensure you get the best results. 

Learn Facebook Advertising 

Facebook Advertising is much like Google Advertising but specifically for the social media giant. The Facebook Digital Agency actually copied Google’s model because it has proved so successful, but not everyone knows about Facebook’s version.

There are many companies and brands who haven’t yet thought about the benefits of Facebook Advertising; as a result, there is a valuable market of possibilities for those willing to step in and do the spadework. It’s not hard to learn Facebook Advertising, so why not fill the market gap? 

Once you’re familiar with the process of writing and publishing Facebook Ads, you can market your services to companies and brands you think might benefit from a small campaign. The results should be positive and more work will follow. 

Design an App

Smartphone technology has boomed in the last decade, so much so that 3.5 billion people globally now operate a smartphone daily. This means apps are being used frequently for almost every service. 

Any business serious about reaching customers is now using an app as well as a website. Furthermore, apps are being developed for almost everything you can imagine. Now is an excellent time to develop your coding skills and earn money online making apps. 

To be successful at this, you will need creativity, imagination, and some coding skills that can be learned online through a short course. There are even apps that teach you coding. With so much possibility, why not get started this winter. 

Create a Digital Product

Due to the global pandemic, many people have experienced reduced or lost incomes. It can be difficult to find new work, too, if you don’t have the skills or experience for a new online or digital pursuit. Luckily there are excellent ways you can build on what you know already. 

If you have some specialist industry knowledge, then you are valuable to an online audience. There will be people interested in your area of work that the skills and experience you have to offer. You could become a freelance consultant or develop a digital product. 

Digital products, like online courses, are very popular these days. Everything from Masterclass to Udemya are helping people to achieve their goals and aspirations. An online course can provide you with some very good possible income – just don’t forget to advertise.

Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Leads Closer With This Tech

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There are few people as important to the future growth and health of your business than your current leads. These are the people who can become your highest value customers if you can cinch that conversion. But how do you do that? Here are a few tech tools that can make sure you’re always striving to get better value out of your leads.

Get them qualified

First of all, if you end up with a bunch of leads, you need to know whether or not they are worth pursuing. This is known as qualifying a lead, making sure that they are likely to convert and bring a high lifetime value before you start spending a lot of time on them. Establishing their interest is point number one, but there is a range of lead qualification questions you can take examples of to help you close in on the people you should be focusing on, too.

Know who you’re dealing with

With both future and existing customers, you’re going to impress them the more that you can customize your approach to their distinct personalities and needs. There’s software that can do this automatically, to some degree. However, it’s important that your salespeople and support team can keep that information on hand, too. Software like Contact Boss can ensure that. You can save and easily retrieve relevant records on any lead or customer, making sure that you can pick up the conversation at whatever point it was left at last. Feeling like they are remembered can help your contacts feel like the business has their interests at heart.

Keep nudging them forward

If you’re following up on your lead conversion process as you should be, then you should have hopefully opened the door and caught their interest. However, you don’t need to reach out directly to influence them in the direction of conversion, either. Facebook Ads can be used to specifically target those who have been on your website before, which is known as retargeting. As such, you can make sure that people who have shown an interest in your brand are confronted with it again, ever subtly pushing them towards the point of conversion.

Reach out when you need to

When you want to reach out to your leads and customers more directly, advertising through Facebook isn’t going to cut it. However, you also want to make sure that your approach doesn’t feel too cookie-cutter, while also making it as time-efficient as possible. Sometimes, a phone call or personally worded email is necessary. When it isn’t, however, then email automation software like MailChimp can help you send messages that are professionally crafted, but personalized to the individual. As such, you can make it a lot easier to get a message out to your entire lead list while making sure they don’t all get the exact same message.

Of course, technology isn’t the only thing that converts and keeps your leads. Satisfying service and support are essential if you want to retain what you’ve converted. Don’t make the common mistake of dropping the ball simply because you closed the sale.

Using Facebook to Promote Your Business: Insider Tips

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Facebook, like other social media platforms, is an excellent marketing tool. It has both free ways to promote your business and a paid advertising platform for you to use. As with any other marketing tool, it’s important to know how to use it and get the most out of it if you want to be successful with it. You can use Facebook to find new customers and visitors to your site, but it’s also useful for helping you to retain existing customers. You can use a range of techniques to use Facebook in a way that will help you to draw attention to your brand and keep customers engaged.

Plan and Schedule

When you use Facebook or other social media in your personal life, you probably just post whatever you’re thinking, whenever you feel like it. However, taking this approach to promoting your business is not the best idea. When you post, you should be doing so with intent and with a clear goal in mind. In addition to defining why you are using Facebook and how you want to use it, you should have a content calendar that you use to outline when you post what. This helps you to take an organized approach to Facebook marketing.

Use 3rd-party Tools

Facebook has some useful tools that make it easier to manage your business page and paid adverts. However, it’s also a good idea to look beyond the tools that Facebook provides. There are also various third-party tools that are designed to expand the capabilities of Facebook. Audience Eye helps you to find the right audiences on Facebook, making it easier to target your ads. Other tools might help you find and create content for your page or analyze your ad metrics. Look for tools that other businesses and marketers use so that you know they are worth the investment.

Focus on the Right Metrics

When you’re looking at the performance of your Facebook pages and groups, as well as your paid ads, you need to focus on the right metrics. When you only have a small marketing budget, it’s important to know why metrics really matter. While it might be great to see your page getting a lot of likes, does it really make a difference in the number of sales you make? Some of the more important metrics to measure include click-through rate, video views, and the number of messages received.

Provide Customer Service

Social media isn’t just for promoting your business and finding new customers. A lot of people use it to get answers and service from different brands. It’s important to allow people to ask questions and get in touch through Facebook and not to ignore the comments, reviews, posts, and messages that you receive. Make sure that you provide good customer service on Facebook and refer people to other customer service channels if it’s necessary.

Become an expert Facebook marketer by taking note of the most important ways to use the platform. There are many techniques that you can use to successfully promote your brand.

How to Get Your Company’s Message Across

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You’ll have put a lot of thought into the development of your business. You’ll have ideas, things you want to achieve, knowledge about how you can help to improve the lives of your customers, and so on. In many ways, that’s the fun part. The difficult bit is putting them into practice, and getting other people to listen to your message. In a crowded marketplace where people are bombarded with advertisements every day, this can be a challenge. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can achieve this goal.

What is Your Message? 

First thing’s first: you need to define what your message actually is. It’s all good and well having a vague feeling about what your company stands for, but let’s not forget: your customers don’t have access to your mind. You’ll need to transform that message into words that make sense to someone who has never heard about your business before. What is obvious to you won’t be obvious to anyone else. Put your message into the simplest form possible. How would you explain it to a five year old can be a good starting point. 

Clear Branding

Of course, when it comes to receiving a message, words will only take you so far. In any case, most people’s first interaction with a new company lasts only a second or two. So you don’t have much time to work with. One way to ensure your message has an impact is to focus on your branding. These are the symbols, colors, and slogans that differentiate your company from other companies. It works on a repetitive nature — your branding will mean little during the first time a person sees it, but will grow increasingly impactful the more they see it. If you don’t know how to brand your business, look at working with an outside expert. 

Accessible Content

If you want new customers to listen to your message, then you should put it into a format that they like. Text on a webpage is fine, but it’s not how everyone prefers to consume their information. So one of the best ways to deliver your message is to investigate how people are receiving information. For example, video is huge at the moment, and thus it’s worthwhile working with a video production agency to create this type of content for you. Ebooks, short blog posts, and infographics are also excellent ways of transmitting your message, too. These mediums will help bring in a whole new audience for your business, too.

In-Depth Website

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a digital or real-life company: a huge chunk of consumers visit the website of a company they’re considering giving their business to. So make sure that what they’ll find there is useful. You only have limited amounts of space on, say, a Facebook advertisement. But on your website, space is unlimited — it’s here where you can go into depth, and really outline everything that a customer would want to know about your company.