Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Leads Closer With This Tech

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There are few people as important to the future growth and health of your business than your current leads. These are the people who can become your highest value customers if you can cinch that conversion. But how do you do that? Here are a few tech tools that can make sure you’re always striving to get better value out of your leads.

Get them qualified

First of all, if you end up with a bunch of leads, you need to know whether or not they are worth pursuing. This is known as qualifying a lead, making sure that they are likely to convert and bring a high lifetime value before you start spending a lot of time on them. Establishing their interest is point number one, but there is a range of lead qualification questions you can take examples of to help you close in on the people you should be focusing on, too.

Know who you’re dealing with

With both future and existing customers, you’re going to impress them the more that you can customize your approach to their distinct personalities and needs. There’s software that can do this automatically, to some degree. However, it’s important that your salespeople and support team can keep that information on hand, too. Software like Contact Boss can ensure that. You can save and easily retrieve relevant records on any lead or customer, making sure that you can pick up the conversation at whatever point it was left at last. Feeling like they are remembered can help your contacts feel like the business has their interests at heart.

Keep nudging them forward

If you’re following up on your lead conversion process as you should be, then you should have hopefully opened the door and caught their interest. However, you don’t need to reach out directly to influence them in the direction of conversion, either. Facebook Ads can be used to specifically target those who have been on your website before, which is known as retargeting. As such, you can make sure that people who have shown an interest in your brand are confronted with it again, ever subtly pushing them towards the point of conversion.

Reach out when you need to

When you want to reach out to your leads and customers more directly, advertising through Facebook isn’t going to cut it. However, you also want to make sure that your approach doesn’t feel too cookie-cutter, while also making it as time-efficient as possible. Sometimes, a phone call or personally worded email is necessary. When it isn’t, however, then email automation software like MailChimp can help you send messages that are professionally crafted, but personalized to the individual. As such, you can make it a lot easier to get a message out to your entire lead list while making sure they don’t all get the exact same message.

Of course, technology isn’t the only thing that converts and keeps your leads. Satisfying service and support are essential if you want to retain what you’ve converted. Don’t make the common mistake of dropping the ball simply because you closed the sale.

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