Five Tips To Make Your Social Media Posts Better

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To many businesses, social media is just a way to grow your business by alerting your audience about new products, discounts, and changes to your business. If you let your audience know what’s happening, then surely they’ll listen and pay attention? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that. The problem with social media is that trends are constantly changing and you’re trying to attract the attention of real human beings. This means you need to be approachable and you have to shake things up if you want to really attract an audience.

So here are a couple of tips to help make your social media posts better.

Find the time to interact with your audience to build a strong relationship

One of the most important factors that makes a successful social media presence is having the time to interact with your audience to build a relationship with them. Social media is interactive; you get to speak with your audience and you get to have a bit of fun with them. Brands should be more open to engaging with people that interact with their social media posts instead of just ignoring them or refusing to respond to questions and concerns.

Use different images for every post and make sure it’s meaningful

Some brands can get into the habit of reusing images for social media posts. If there’s enough time between the posts then this can be fine, especially if you mix in a lot of text-only posts. However, if you’re making use of platforms such as Instagram where the content is mostly visual, then you’ll definitely want to try and vary your content as much as possible. Meaningful images are also important. Instead of just reusing the same images or using stock images, make sure it’s related to your business and, if possible, taken by you.

Make full use of all the different types of media available to you

Images aren’t the only type of media that you should be using on social media. You can also make great use of videos and even audio-only posts. There are so many different ways to mix and match media types and it’s a great way to maximise the potential of your social media posts. However, it does take quite a bit of work to produce videos (even short ones) and it’s not easy to find a subject or some kind of content to base your media off of. Guides like this one at can help you kickstart your use of different kinds of media to make your social media posts stand out a little more. Eventually, you’ll want to start producing unique videos that can be shared with your users to generate a strong brand presence.

Share content from your followers to encourage engagement

Once you’ve started to grow a following on social media, you might find that your users are willing to create content that resonates with your brand. For example, they might make a funny image that represents your products or they might make small jokes that your followers might find funny. In situations like this, you can show your appreciation and engage with it by sharing and retweeting those kinds of posts, then adding a comment of your own. User-generated content is all over social media and it’s a great idea to share the content they’ve created as long as you’re not claiming it as your own and you follow proper social media etiquette.

Create your brand personality and don’t be afraid to show it off

One of the biggest differentiating factors between successful and unsuccessful social media presences is that some brands will have a real personality on social media. This is usually because the social media account is managed by a real person and nothing is really automated, meaning they’re allowed to inject a bit of personality into their posts. This can create a more exciting presence and makes you seem a lot more human and presentable. It lets you mix in a bit of humour and encourages other people to engage with your brand. This is extremely important for creating a strong relationship and it helps to encourage engagement.

Hopefully, these tips have given you a better idea of how you can make your social media posts better. These are extremely important considerations for growing your business and you should be investing more time and effort into growing your social media presence if you want to run a successful business.

How To Shape Your Brand Personality In 4 Steps

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There is a case to be made that, even though it is easier than ever to start a business, it is harder to make one work consistently than ever before. For all that the internet and a more connected world has made it possible to find a niche, source supplies and market a product or service, we are also living in a world where competition and the speed of movement make it easy to fall flat – and when businesses fail, these days they tend to fail fast.

If you want your business to stick around, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that people will return to businesses that stick in their mind (for the right reasons, anyway!). While it remains important for a business to do what it does well, it’s perhaps just as important now to have a personality. This way, you will be on someone’s mind when they need to use a business in your field. So how does a brand develop a personality? The following tips are a good place to start…

Find a word or phrase that defines you

As much as we have been taught to consider pigeonholing a negative thing, finding your brand’s essence often comes down to the basics. Reductive as it may seem from the outside, you can even probably attribute a single word or phrase to some of the biggest names in modern business. What word, or combination of words, do you want people to associate with your business? Keep that in mind, and make sure your marketing reflects it.

Establish a “look”

So much in marketing comes down to the “look” of a thing. For example, there is a certain drinks company that is so widely-recognized for its red and white livery that a (probably apocryphal according to story credits them with being the ones who created Santa’s red outfit. Finding a look for your own business is an excellent way of planting a seed in people’s minds. Picking the right combination of colors can even result in people thinking of your business whenever they see that combination elsewhere.

Invent and use a mascot

Smart branding can be as simple as coming up with a cute or memorable character people will associate with your business. If you do this smartly enough, it can take your company to the next level. Collaborating with animators such as, you can create memorable videos, while the right mascot can also make your social media channels feel more “personal” rather than just another corporate corner of the internet.

Speaking of social media…

The average corporate social media account is rarely the type of account you would follow for any reason other than freebies and special offers – but if you have the time and inclination to tweet a few times a day, you can develop a cult following. People are more likely to engage with a social media account that behaves in a “human” way. It certainly makes your business more relatable, and more likely to stay in customers’ minds. Just remember to keep business and personal social media accounts separate; the history of ill-advised tweets from corporate accounts is long and embarrassing.

Developing a convincing brand personality is a good way of staying in the minds of potential customers – and the above tips will help you do the same for your business.