A Little Birdie Told Us That Social Media Marketing Might Not Be Enough

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In 2021, any business not on social media may as well not exist. After all, 73% of marketers believe that these sites are very effective for driving sales. At a time when we’re increasingly stuck inside, companies are especially enjoying the spoils of continued connectivity on everything from Twitter to Tik Tok. 

In fact, there’s so much on offer that many businesses are spending the large part of their marketing budgets here. In 2021, especially, what other marketing focuses could there be?

Well, let us tell you that there are actually quite a few. Far from putting all their eggs in those social media baskets, companies looking to succeed should continue to seek outdoor advertising printing services, Google ads, and a whole lot besides. Fail to do this, and you may find that your efforts stop reaping the spoils that you’re used to.

Of course, this goes against a lot of current business advice because, honestly, social media monopolies benefit many big players. But, to prove why your marketing needs more legs than this outlet, we’re going to look at where social media lets marketing down.

# 1 Leads not landings

Effectively, social media is one big lead-making tool. Here, you’re uniquely situated to catch the eyes of new customers and, perhaps more importantly, remind your existing customer base who you are/what you still have to offer. And, you get to do all that on a platform with personality, and thus likability, at heart of. 

Unfortunately, social media is rather useless for creating sales. While this past year has seen platforms like Instagram offering shops, you certainly aren’t going to get a great deal of landings this way. Rather, implementing your social focus alongside priorities like fantastic web design is the only real way to see verifiable results.

# 2 A competitive market

When you pay for a billboard, you know for the most part that you’ll be standing alone. You certainly won’t have to cope with a poster put up right next to your closest competitor’s. Yet, that’s precisely what happens on social media. After all, this is the marketing trend of the moment, and everyone is making the most of it. Worse, hashtags mean that every other competitor will come up when someone searches for your services. While healthy competition never hurt, this can make it increasingly difficult to stand apart, meaning that spending for marketing in other areas can often give you the edge that may even drive customers directly to your social media. 

# 3 Unpredictable algorithms

Social media is also unique in that it can either push or hide your page. Worse, it does so on the back of seemingly unpredictable algorithms. This could lead to significant engagement dips and increases that make things difficult. By comparison, physical marketing options or solutions that stand alone like your own website put power fully back in your hands. And, where marketing is concerned, that’s most definitely where you want it.

Social media certainly matters but, as you can see here, it’s most definitely not a marketing island.

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