A Little Birdie Told Us That Social Media Marketing Might Not Be Enough

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In 2021, any business not on social media may as well not exist. After all, 73% of marketers believe that these sites are very effective for driving sales. At a time when we’re increasingly stuck inside, companies are especially enjoying the spoils of continued connectivity on everything from Twitter to Tik Tok. 

In fact, there’s so much on offer that many businesses are spending the large part of their marketing budgets here. In 2021, especially, what other marketing focuses could there be?

Well, let us tell you that there are actually quite a few. Far from putting all their eggs in those social media baskets, companies looking to succeed should continue to seek outdoor advertising printing services, Google ads, and a whole lot besides. Fail to do this, and you may find that your efforts stop reaping the spoils that you’re used to.

Of course, this goes against a lot of current business advice because, honestly, social media monopolies benefit many big players. But, to prove why your marketing needs more legs than this outlet, we’re going to look at where social media lets marketing down.

# 1 Leads not landings

Effectively, social media is one big lead-making tool. Here, you’re uniquely situated to catch the eyes of new customers and, perhaps more importantly, remind your existing customer base who you are/what you still have to offer. And, you get to do all that on a platform with personality, and thus likability, at heart of. 

Unfortunately, social media is rather useless for creating sales. While this past year has seen platforms like Instagram offering shops, you certainly aren’t going to get a great deal of landings this way. Rather, implementing your social focus alongside priorities like fantastic web design is the only real way to see verifiable results.

# 2 A competitive market

When you pay for a billboard, you know for the most part that you’ll be standing alone. You certainly won’t have to cope with a poster put up right next to your closest competitor’s. Yet, that’s precisely what happens on social media. After all, this is the marketing trend of the moment, and everyone is making the most of it. Worse, hashtags mean that every other competitor will come up when someone searches for your services. While healthy competition never hurt, this can make it increasingly difficult to stand apart, meaning that spending for marketing in other areas can often give you the edge that may even drive customers directly to your social media. 

# 3 Unpredictable algorithms

Social media is also unique in that it can either push or hide your page. Worse, it does so on the back of seemingly unpredictable algorithms. This could lead to significant engagement dips and increases that make things difficult. By comparison, physical marketing options or solutions that stand alone like your own website put power fully back in your hands. And, where marketing is concerned, that’s most definitely where you want it.

Social media certainly matters but, as you can see here, it’s most definitely not a marketing island.

Top Factors that Are Affecting your Site’s Ranking Now

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The way that your pages are optimized really does have a profound effect on the ranking that you have. If you don’t think that your page is optimized then you could be seriously missing out and you may even run into more problems with Google at a later date. If you want to put all of that behind you then you can find out everything you need to know right here.


Keywords are quite possibly the main influencing factor when it comes to setting your site up for success. If you choose keywords that are too competitive then you may not be able to rank very high when compared to the other sites that are competing for the same keyword. If you don’t choose keywords that are competitive enough then you run the risk of people never searching for those words. Balance is key here, but including them in your content is just not enough. You also need to include the keywords that you have in your meta tag as well. This is one of the strongest relevancy signals you can send out. If you can, include it at the start of the title tag. When you optimize your page this way, you’ll start to see some incredible results. Social signals are huge as well, and if you want to find out more about them then simply visit socialproof.xyz.


A sitemap essentially helps search engines to try and index all of the business pages that you have on your website. It is the most efficient way for you to tell Google what your site is all about. Domain trust is also another huge factor here. If you have a sitemap then this isn’t enough unless your domain is solid. One way for you to build domain trust is for you to have lots of links coming into your site and to also have a lot of social signals. All of this adds up when it comes to your site ranking.

Site Layout

The layout of your site won’t really affect your ranking, but the amount of people who drop off your site will. If you have a lot of traffic but they don’t stay on your site for more than a couple of seconds then this won’t be giving Google a very good impression. You need to have a site layout that is easy for your user to navigate and you also need to make sure that you don’t have any broken links either. Broken links will really go against you and you may not even realize that you have any if you don’t make the effort to check your pages from time to time. If you have hundreds of pages then it’s very easy to get a broken link from time to time, so run your website through an online SEO tool to check it and get it sorted out as soon as you can.

So there are many different factors that could be potentially going against you, and by getting this sorted out, you can then be sure to make the most out of your own site’s potential.

The Biggest Social Media Marketing Challenges In 2018

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Everybody knows that social media marketing is one of your best tools because it has such an extensive reach and it allows you to have direct contact with your customers. But there are a lot of misconceptions about social media marketing, one of them being that it’s easier to see a return online than it is using more traditional marketing materials. While it’s true that it can be easier to reach your audience, the sheer amount of competition on social media means that it’s actually a lot harder to see a valuable return than you might realize. There are all sorts of challenges to overcome if you want to build a successful social media campaign, these are just some of them.

Getting Followers

This is obviously step one, and it’s way harder than people realize. People will only follow a page if it has some good content to offer them. That means if you want to build a good following, you have to be putting out good quality stuff all of the time. Luckily, you can use services that will help you find followers, but be very careful. Look at this Crowdfire review for an example of the kind of thing you should be looking for. The software will streamline your page and find relevant followers who may have an interest in your company. However, there are a lot of so called click farms out there who will just use lots of fake accounts to follow you. This might make you look like you’re doing well because it’ll give you a lot of followers but in reality, none of them are real people who might actually consider buying products from you so you’re just wasting your money.

New Algorithms

When social media first started it was simple; if you followed someone then their posts would show up on your newsfeed. But now that everybody has a far high number of followers, social media platforms have introduced algorithms that are selective about what they show and what they don’t. That means your posts aren’t automatically guaranteed to reach people anymore. They’ll only display things that are relevant to the user. That means it’s important to find the right followers because, if they haven’t been viewing anything similar, they won’t get to see your posts either. That means it’s more important than ever to consistently post good content rather than generic marketing messages.

Time Management

Being able to update social media all the time is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, it means that you can constantly push your products and have a good dialogue with your customers. However, it also means that it can easily eat up all of your time if you aren’t careful. Spending all of your time on social media and neglecting other areas of your marketing strategy will seriously damage your attempts to create a good cross platform marketing push, which is vital if you want to spread brand awareness.

Be aware of these social media marketing challenges in the coming months and make sure you don’t get caught out.