Is Starting An Online Business The Right Decision For You?

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Starting a business – especially an online one has never been easier and more accessible than it is today.

In the past, starting a business was a huge big deal, and that’s not to say it’s not a big deal today, but it was just so out of reach for most people. Even 15-20 years ago, if you wanted to start a business you would have to have a really unique idea, or at least a very specific angle on an existing idea.

That was the easy part, you’d then have to invest a lot of money to get your venture off the ground and oftentimes this involved either having your own savings that you’d use or approaching the bank for a small business loan, and a lot of these were declined.

Fast forward to the present day, and anyone who knows how to switch on a computer can start an online business, there’s an endless amount of paid and free support for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them get started, as well the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world without even having to spend money on advertising to actually reach them – with social media, the world has become much smaller, and that’s a great thing for those looking to create a life on their own terms.

However, as the saying goes – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Starting a business may be easier and more within reach, but it’s still hard work, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart, so with this in mind, we wanted to give you a variety of points to consider for yourself if you’ve been thinking of starting an online business so that you don’t waste time or even money on something that you later realize was a mistake.

We want to help you make the right decision, so here are some things to consider when it comes to starting an online business.

We’re going to look at some of the wrong reasons people get into working for themselves.

The reason we’re doing this is because we know that social media can really show things in an unrealistic way and often people who are marketing things like courses to help others start an online business will flip these points around and manipulate people’s pain points to lure them into thinking that starting a business will solve all of their problems and make them millionaires when that really isn’t how it works.

We want to give you the full picture so that you have a realistic idea of what business entails and allow you to not make a mistake.

You may NOT want to start a business if these are your motivators:

You Hate Your Current Job:

Let’s be honest here, everyone has a moment of not loving their job, because life isn’t going to be perfect all the time, and no one is saying you should put up with a bad job and be miserable, but if this is your only motivation for starting a business, then your heart probably won’t be in it as much as is needed to keep going during tough times.

Many people who have started their business will often cite hating their job as a reason, but you can be guaranteed that if they’re enjoying a good level of success, then this is not the only reason.

You Hate Your Boss Even More:

Again, your boss may not be your favorite person in the world. In fact, they may be downright horrible, but using hatred for anything as a reason to start a business really isn’t bringing the best mindset or energy to your new venture.

You Only See The Dollar Signs:

Of course you need to make money, and you should always set good financial goals – especially for your business. Unless you’re running a charity, then you should never apologize for needing and wanting your business to be financially successful, but if money is your primary motivation, then your business is as good as doomed.

Not only will you find you have very little passion for your business, but you’ll fail to feel fulfilled, and as much as you may be surprised to realize it, people will actually see right through it, so you won’t really be as financially successful as you had initially hoped, anyway.

Even if you’re not completely focused on the money side of things, doing your homework before starting a business is definitely something you should be doing anyway so that you can estimate what the potential of that business is. Reading books on sales, marketing, attending webinars, and even getting your hands on some guides, such as Estimating Market Size: The Complete Guide For Startups And Small Businesses can really help you avoid a lot of the mistakes that new business owners make.

You Think Starting A Business Means You Won’t Have To Work:

Again, social media and the rise of self-proclaimed online business gurus shares a big part of the blame here for making the running of an online business look so flawless and easy, and whilst it’s true that you will have more freedom when you’re the boss, in order for your business to actually be successful you’re going to need to put in the work to make it happen. If your reasons for wanting to start a business is not wanting to do any work, then you may have to reconsider.

You Don’t Want To Work At Certain Times:

Yes, it’s true that in most cases when you have an online business, you have more flexibility and freedom over your schedule, but this is simply a perk and shouldn’t be a main reason for starting a business of any kind. The thing to realize is, when you’re the boss, you’re always the boss, so although you get to take time off if you want provided you have systems in place to cover you, you also have to step up when things go wrong, and sometimes things don’t always go to plan and you’ll have to to work at unusual times even if you don’t want to. Building a successful and sustainable business means taking the good with the bad and understanding that it won’t all be smooth sailing.

You Think It Will Be Easy:

Although people online can make it look easy, and just because it’s easy to start a business, that doesn’t mean that the day-to-day running of the business itself is easy. It’s also helpful to remember that social media rarely shows the challenges, problems and downsides of things, so it’s not the best place to be looking if you want a realistic idea of what running a business is all about.

Certainly, you should never start something just because you think it will be easy, because business is far from it, as is the case with most things that are worth doing.

You Don’t Like Authority:

Whilst none of us particularly enjoy being told what to do, if you’re only starting a business because you don’t want to answer to anyone, then this is only going to lead to bad things.

You Only Care About Having Fun:

Your business absolutely should be fun – otherwise there’s really no point, because it should be something you love to do each day and that you have a complete passion for, but if you’re only interested in having fun and are using that as your reasoning for wanting to start a business, then it’s not a great idea.

You Think It’s Going To Make You Famous:

In recent years there has been quite a disturbing growing trend of people using their online business as a way to make themselves famous – though there’s nothing wrong with creating fame through your business when done for the right reasons, many of these examples simply use it as a way to boost their ego and aren’t actually interested in helping people or using their business for the greater good.

Your business, depending on what industry its in does have the potential to make you famous in some circles, but if that’s your primary reason for getting into business, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

Not only will it lead you to a business that’s not enjoyable or fulfilling to you, but it takes a lot of time and energy to build up to that stage, and if you’re not creating authentic and organic fame for the right reasons and are using it for your ego, then people will see right through it and won’t want to work with you, anyway.

Someone Else Is Trying To Get You Onboard With Their Business Idea:

If someone else has a business idea and has approached you for a potential partnership, then this is something you need to think about very hard. There will be so many factors that go into making this decision, and that includes if the person is a family member or friend, and if you trust them to be able to run a business, as well as if they’re putting pressure on you to join them or are letting you decide at your own pace.

Having your own business is a wonderful thing and can lead to great rewards and a very satisfying career, but you need to be sure it’s the right thing for you before jumping in, and not just doing it because you feel like you should.

4 Killer Pieces Of Advice For Early-Career Millennials

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Starting in the real world of offices and colleagues is never straightforward. There’s a lot to learn in a short time, and college isn’t the greatest nursery. For millennials, it’s twice as difficult because there are new rules that often conflict with the old ones. You have to focus on your career but not to give it too much thought, or make friends and socialize yet keep everyone at a distance.

Frankly, it’s exhausting, especially when you throw technology into the mix. How you measure your career is a personal decision, but in this new world, these tips might be able to help. Here are four things to remember in your early career.

Realize The Ladder Doesn’t Exist

Nope, this isn’t a budget sociology class posing as a helpful career post. The reality is the ladder that your parents and grandparents tried to climb doesn’t exist any longer. What people want from a job is changing all of the time, which is why it’s wrong to see it as either up or down. You can as easily move to the side or diagonally nowadays depending on your needs. Hopping from role to role to gain experience or boost your wage is perfectly acceptable, as is going backwards for happiness’ sake.

Embrace Your Quirks

Back in the day, somebody who wasn’t on the same page would be an outcast, a pariah. Like witches were burned at the stake, entrepreneurs were shunned from the boardroom. Thankfully, the culture is changing as peers, colleagues and bosses realize the importance of a different point of view. Therefore, your “quirky” outlook might make you the go-to person for a second opinion. Lots of millennials can carve out a lane by embracing the features which are dissimilar to everyone else’s. All you need is the courage of your convictions.

Be Ready To Jump

Technology has reached a level now where it’s possible to start a company from your bedroom. And, millennials are the best placed to take advantage because they understand the modern market, as well as the computer software. Look at how Spiegel and Zuckerberg created social media platforms and made billions. Do you think they saw the question “what does LLC mean?” and got scared? No, they did their research, believed in themselves, and took a leap of faith. Forget about your age and level of experience: if there’s an opportunity, grab it with both hands.

Never Sacrifice Happiness

Because there is no need to in the 21st century. As modern leaders of industries start to set the rules, there will be less emphasis on sitting behind a desk and clocking in and out. Today, there are lots of remote opportunities which don’t include working in an office. Not only that, but there are chances to balance your life outside of the office with the workplace, such as flexible hours. And, lots of businesses let their employees chip in with ideas on causes which are important to the world.

Put these features up there with how much the position pays when searching for a job. You deserve it.

How to Further Your Management Career

If you have dreams of managing hundreds or thousands of employees at a large firm or want to eventually run your own big business, it’s important to grow yourself as a leader. This is the case whether you’re currently in a management position, or want to be in the future.

The people who further their careers in management don’t stay static. Instead, they keep developing new goals to achieve and look for promotions to pursue and additional skills to learn along the way to make them more desirable as leaders. If you want to further your management career over the coming weeks, months and years, read on for some key steps you can take to make it happen.

Know Where You Want to Go and Create a Plan

To begin with, you need to know where you want to go with your management career. Take time to become clear about your goals, so you don’t inadvertently find yourself stuck in a dead-end job. You should have both short-term and long-term aspirations in mind.

The goals you set could relate to the size of the team you want to lead, what type of business you want to work at, how much you want to earn per year and other factors. Regardless of what you wish for, by getting clear on your desired results, you will be better able to come up with strategies to make them happen and avoid wasting your time and energy on the wrong paths.

Once you have a direction to head in, create a plan for your career. Think about what kinds of activities you can do now and into the future, which will help you get where you want to go. When designing your plan, consider elements such as your values, interests, experience, skill set, special talents and mission, as well as the industry you’re in and the trends you can see in it.

Keep Learning and Growing Your Network

To be the best manager possible, you must also find ways to keep learning. Top achievers are always those people who improve and don’t rest on their laurels. You must develop new skills and keep broadening your knowledge over time. This will help to make you much more appealing to businesses that are after top managers.

To grow yourself, consider enrolling in a relevant management degree, such as an AACSB-accredited online MBA. During this kind of study, you’ll not only learn about different management styles and techniques, as well as tips on running an organization, but you’ll also likely meet a variety of interesting, like-minded people who can be key contacts for you during your career. Growing your network is vital if you want to get to the top of your industry.

On top of university studies, also consider developing yourself and your relationships by attending relevant trade shows, conferences and other industry events; joining business associations and clubs; attending short courses and talks; and networking on social media. You can also grow by finding a mentor to guide and teach you and by reading magazines, books, papers, blogs, newsletters and the like.

Find Ways to be Proactive

When it comes to becoming a well-respected, sought-after manager, you must demonstrate plenty of initiative. To get to the top as a leader, you need to go after opportunities and continually think about ways in which you can be proactive to make things happen.

For example, don’t be too scared to ask for what you want. If you are eyeing a higher management role in your current company, make sure your bosses understand that you’d like to be promoted. Bring up your aspirations and ask them what you need to do to get there.

While you might worry that being bold like this could be taken negatively, such as you being pushy, the fact is that as long as you are assertive rather than aggressive and have been working hard and seem committed to the firm, your superiors are likely to be relieved to hear you want to advance. Many employers are often searching for people they can promote and develop and will be thrilled that you are putting your hand up for new and more challenging responsibilities. Once they know what you want to achieve, they can keep you in mind for future positions and other career-making opportunities.

3 Excellent Career Choices for Health Freaks

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Being interested in health is something that more and more people seem to claim – yet, a career in healthcare is not for everyone. While it requires a lot of hard work and a few years of education, in general, it can also be so rewarding to those who really care about others.

If you have been considering a career in healthcare, you’re probably wondering about what kind of options you have. There are, after all, more to the sector than just studying to either become a nurse or a doctor.

Here is a handful of the most popular options that are in demand right now so that you can land on the best decision for you.

#1 Study nutrition

When you are above average interested in food and what happens in our digestive systems, you should certainly consider a career as a nutritionist. You will need a rather good grade in biology and chemistry, though, as this has a lot to do with how our bodies handle the food we feed it.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that, as a certified nutritionist, you have a lot of options in terms of what you’d like to do with your degree.

Some choose to spend their expertise in the fitness areas, helping others to achieve their weight goals and getting the kind of food they need – others might want to travel abroad to provide help to third world countries where they need more calorie-dense food.

Think about where your talents are best spent and remember that you’re going to have to be prepared for a few years of studying. It will definitely be worth it, though, in the end.

#2 Become a medical assistant

If you are interested in providing medical care but don’t have the patience to become either a nurse or a doctor, you can still reach your goals and become a medical assistant instead. The field needs more people like you, in any way, and the pay is great compared to the time you spend in training.

You’re going to have a lot of exciting job opportunities everywhere and may even want to spend some time abroad to develop your skills and help those who need it the most.

Read up on all the benefits in the link below and have a look around the web to do some more research.

#3 Personal trainer

With so many people being increasingly interested in living healthy lives, the fitness areas need way more personal trainers. This is the perfect choice for you if you’d like to work in a gym and help people reach their fitness goals – plus, you get to work out as much as you please.

The great thing about the field of healthcare is that you have so many options to choose from, regardless of how many years you’d like to spend at university. Do some more research and keep in mind that you can always further your education in a few years.

Making Lemonade From Your Workplace Injury

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Sometimes, even a positive person may struggle to look on the bright side. Say that you receive an injury at work. You have no choice but to take time off, and you’re in a whole load of pain. What’s more, a negligent employer is behind it. On the surface, it’s a terrible situation with no silver lining. But, does it have to be that way?

Undeniably, injuries like these can feel like a terrible blow. We trust  our employers to look out for our best interests and when they don’t…well, it sucks. But, to say that there’s no silver lining may be to simplify the issue. In reality, there are ways to look on the bright side. Just look at Pollyanna. She took her horrendous injury and used it for good. And, despite the clear negatives, your workplace injury could do the same. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out how.

You could use compensation to advance your career

The first thing you should do after receiving injury due to workplace negligence is to seek representation from Hughey Law Firm LLC or others like them. The chances are that you have a pretty strong legal case for a decent amount of compensation. This can then go on to be your first silver lining if you use it to advance your career. At this stage, you’ll have the money and the time spare to do things you would have been unable to do before. That could include taking online courses or even signing up for training if you’re able. That injury will still be a terrible memory, but at least this would give you a distinct benefit when you look back. What’s more, your injury will, in a roundabout way, shape your future career as a result. How’s that for making lemonade?

You could highlight issues to help others

Far from just helping yourself, you could push further and use your injury to help others. By taking legal action against your employer, you ensure that they’ll have to stick to the law in the future. That means they’ll have to improve working conditions or provide better training for any employees which follow after you. Even if you don’t go down a legal route, speaking out about what’s happened could see changes afoot. If that saves others from experiencing what you’ve been through, it’s a legacy well worth leaving.

You could take the chance for a change

You could always use this experience to embark on a complete career change. Often, we stay in fields we don’t love because we’re worried about managing money between jobs. But, with compensation and this drive behind you, this is the ideal time to take the leap. Your compensation money could see you through financially. Plus, this incentive not to return can stop you from putting this off. Ultimately, then, your injury alone could see you pursuing the career path you’ve always wanted to go down. You can bet that lemonade will taste pretty sweet.

The Signs That It’s Time to Start Your Own Business

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If you have dreams and ambitions to work for yourself, then it can be a struggle to make those dreams a reality. It can be a big step to launch into business on your own, as it can be so out of your comfort zone and it can be a big step into the unknown. It can be a big financial sacrifice too, so you can see why it is easy to just stay in the job you have, where things are stable. But the thing is with business, much like most things in life, there never is a perfect time. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, then the chances are that it isn’t going to happen.

So when you know when it is right for you to start, rather than perfect for you to start? Here are some of the clues or signs that show that you will be ready to go alone and step in the world of business, and fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams.

You Crave Running a Business

Not only is this a necessity, but it really is important to help you when starting a business. You need to have the drive and passion to make it work, and if you are craving that, then it shows that it could be just about the right time for you to take a leap and go and do it. You need to remember that it isn’t the same as just saying that you’re fed up of the nine to five, as you could just take a vacation. It isn’t the same as saying that you just want to do wonderful things in the world, as there are plenty of things that you could do to make changes. It needs to be a craving and a passion that will really light your fire in the business world.

Making Money Excites You

I don’t know many people that aren’t going to be excited at the prospect of earning plenty of money. But knowing that the money isn’t simply a wage or isn’t something that gets divided up by shareholders, can be just what you need to start a business. Of course, there are risks involved and starting a business isn’t going to be easy (otherwise everyone would be doing it). Instead, you have the passion and drive, to make the money and then you get to be the one reaping the benefits of that.

You Can See a Gap in the Market

The recession a few years back impacted a lot of businesses and some industries in quite a big way. But as a result of things like that, you could see that the odds are in your favor. There could be a gap in the market that you see could be filled by you and by what you are doing. Retail has been something that has been struggling of late, but there are still opportunities out there, as shopfitters are likely to tell you. There are definitely opportunities, especially if you are looking to do something a little different than normal, or perhaps want to get into the restaurant business.

You Want to Work Flexibly

If you want to create your own working hours and work from anywhere in the world, then this can be a sign that you’re ready to start your own business. Even better if you’re excited about the prospect of setting your own work and hours and being the one to decides what happens when. Some people will feel that pressure is all a little too much, but for others, it can be what makes them thrive. And if you are the latter, then it shows that you are likely to make an impact in the business world.

A New Career is Calling

You could have already had a successful career, but want to branch out on your own, or go into something completely different. But if that call is there, and you feel a pull towards doing something different, then it really is for you and could be the time to go into business. Of course, you need a stellar idea and business plan to make it all work. But as long as the hardworking foundation is there, and the drive to succeed and achieve is too, you can be on to great things.

If these things sound like you, then it sounds like it could be time to get into business and scratch that entrepreneurial itch of yours. What are you waiting for?

4 Signs Your Employer Doesn’t Care About You

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We can’t expect everything from our employers, but there’s a minimum that we should demand. Respect is one of them. The freedom to grow is another. But what about an emotional bond? In the world of cutthroat capitalism, emotion can be seen as a weakness, and it’s not something that bosses automatically turn to. But then, perhaps they should, because workers respond better – and thus work harder – when they feel like they’re more than a machine to their bosses. So how can you tell if your boss doesn’t care about you? We take a look at a few telltale signs below.

All Work, Work, Work

Yes, you’re at work to get down to business, but let’s be real here: that’s not all it should be. There’s always room for some personal chit chat. To develop an emotional bond doesn’t mean greeting each other with long hugs; it just means showing any sort of interest beyond the work chat. If they’ve never asked you a single question that wasn’t related to your job, then it’s a pretty clear sign they don’t care about you – how can you care for a person if you know nothing about them?

Breaking the Law

We’ve come a long way when it comes to employee rights. Go back a hundred years or so, and they were virtually non-existent! Now, there are laws in place to make sure you’re treated fairly. However, some bosses don’t always follow the rules, because it means that they have to pay more money. Take overtime. If they’re making you work overtime, but aren’t paying you more, then they’re putting their profits above your rights – oh, and they’re breaking the law. If you suspect this has been happening, then talk with an employment attorney, and fight for justice. You don’t have to settle for less just because you’re afraid of losing your job.

When Times Get Tough

Everyone goes through difficult times in their life. During these moments, you want to feel like you have the support of the people around you. These times reveal the true colors of the people around you and, alas, it’s not always pretty. If your boss doesn’t seem to express any interest in what’s going on in your life and just expects you to work, work, work, then they clearly don’t care about more than what you bring to the company.

No Gratitude

Some employers like to think that you should be entirely grateful to them for giving you a job. But it doesn’t work this way. Having a job is mutually beneficial, it’s not a favor! If they don’t seem to appreciate all that you do for the company, then it’s possible that they do not see you as a fully formed individual, but rather just someone they can use to grow their business. You’re not expecting a box of chocolates every time you get something right, but a little bit of encouragement wouldn’t go amiss.

Notice the above signs, and it might just be time to look for another job!

Tech’ Your Career Earnings To The Next Level With These 10 Top Tips

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Modern technology has changed almost every imaginable aspect of our lives, not least when it comes to our careers. If you want to get ahead in this world, then, embracing the latest facilities is vital.

Here are 10 simple ways to ensure that you make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

#1. Discover The Best Paid Opportunities 

The internet is an incredible tool that can be used for research purposes in a whole range of situations. However, there’s no doubting that your career is one of the main beneficiaries. A little research goes a long way, not least when it comes to discovering the best job vacancies currently out there.

Job boards are available both as generic sites or as industry-specific domains. Meanwhile, using social platforms like LinkedIn can be hugely beneficial. It allows you to make winning connections with other professionals. After all, it’s often who you know that truly matters in business, which is why this may unlock the door to new opportunities.

It’s not all about the salary, though. If planning to relocate, it’s vital that you consider living costs and other features. When you give every aspect the attention it deserves, however, making a smarter decision for the good of your career should be easy.

#2. Save Money On Key Business Purchases

If you run a business, it’s easy to focus fully on the idea of making money and revenue. In reality, though, managing the overheads is an equally crucial ingredient in the recipe for success. With a little online research, it’s possible to significantly reduce the expenses in a host of different scenarios.   

Price comparison sites can be used to trim the fat from office rentals, energy rates, and insurance quotes in no time. Searching around for contractors and people that will provide a short-term service can work wonders too. If they can provide the same service at a cheaper price, it can only have a positive impact on the business.   

In turn, those savings can be used to pay yourself a better salary. Alternatively, it can be reinvested to help accelerate the progress of your business. This will naturally aid your long-term personal situation too.

#3. Invest In Your Academic Development

It’s one of the oldest phrases in the book, but there is no denying that ‘the more you learn, the more you’ll earn’. While many people would love to go back to college, it’s not always possible to fit this around other life commitments. Thankfully, this needn’t put an end to your aspirations of gaining the qualifications needed to progress your career.

Distance learning through online degrees is an increasingly common option. Aside from the opportunity to further your development at a pace to suit your lifestyle, it’s a great way to embrace autonomy. Furthermore, the ability to study in your own surroundings is a major blessing. The time saved through removing the need to travel can be invested in other areas too.

The financial benefits aren’t the only reward to consider, either. Knowledge is power, and the new skills will give you a serious boost of confidence. With the right mindset, your hopes of achieving those long-term goals is greater than ever.

#4. Learn To Use Modern Tech

Developing new skills in your chosen field can be a great starting point for furthering your career. However, there’s no escaping the fact that the modern business world relies heavily on the use of computer tech. Going the extra mile to strengthen your understanding of the facilities and software that may be needed can boost your prospects.

In today’s climate, learning to use cloud computing is almost essential. Meanwhile, learning to use modern POS terminals or 3D printing may work wonders too. It all depends on the industry and specific pathway that you wish to follow. Nonetheless, embracing those modern facilities can give you an advantage over other candidates. This will not go unnoticed.

Besides, when you do land the dream job, this knowledge will help you achieve more. In turn, this could enable quicker progress, resulting in faster promotions and ways of earning more money. Persisting with outdated traditional working methods simply won’t do.

#5. Seek External Opportunities 

Your job or business venture will always be the primary source of income. As such, it should take priority at all times. Nevertheless, you won’t want to limit your earning potential to the 40 hours where you’re in the office. With a little help from modern tech, it’s possible to earn money away from your main work. In some cases, your finances can grow even while you sleep.

Cryptocurrencies have made big headlines in recent times. However, the real estate market remains the one where steady profits are most likely. This is especially true when you invest in properties Malaysia and other growing markets have to offer. Even when you play a fairly inactive role in the investment, there’s every chance that it will produce a significant earnings boost.

It’s always good to have several plates spinning at once as at least some of them should bring positivity. Aside from giving you a heightened sense of stability in the short-term future, it can work wonders for the long-term situations. Modern tech allows you to manage them with ease.

#6. Understand Other Long-Term Savings

Whether you’re 20 or 60, it’s never too early or late to start thinking about retirement. After all, this time is approaching far sooner than you’d like to admit. Establishing a financial safety net for the future is one of the key attributes for long-term financial stability. Once again, the benefits of using modern tech to unlock the best solutions are truly incredible.

It’s very tempting to take the first savings account or pension plan that comes your way. However, simply reading this guide to pensions can help you make educated decisions. Even a 1% change will make a huge difference over the course of a few years. For the sake of doing your homework in advance of confirming your choices, the rewards are vast.

You can further enhance the situation by finding out more about various workers’ entitlements that may be on offer. When supported by ideas that make your money work harder in the short-term, there’s no doubt that your financial health will be better than ever.

#7. Upgrade Productivity With Your Smartphone

In previous generations, your working day started and ended when you arrived at the office. Nowadays, your pocket holds one of the most incredible and powerful tools imaginable. When used well, your smartphone can completely transform the way you handle business matters. And that’s irrespective of whether you’re an employee or employer.

Smartphones can do so much more than use emails or make calls. It’s possible to run social media marketing campaigns, complete admin tasks, and monitor productivity with ease. Alternatively, you can use team messaging Apps to manage the team and ensure that things are running smoothly.   

Many people use this as their time to run a side hustle. Even if these ideas only earn a small amount of revenue to start with, they could grow into something more lucrative. Even if it remains a relatively humble source of revenue, it’s still a great way to help maximize your overall earnings.   

#8. Sell Yourself

Whether you wish to seek employment elsewhere or try to gain a raise at your current employer, selling yourself is key. Convincing your boss to increase your salary (or another company to take you on) isn’t easy. With a little help from modern tech devices, however, it may be possible to give your hopes of success a serious boost.

There are many ways to embrace this. From paying for an expert resume writing service to creating a portfolio website, the possibilities are endless. When the supportive features promote your qualities in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd, employers will take note. Once you’ve gained that platform, it’s your job to grab that opportunity with both hands.

Aside from actively boosting your selling points, you can conduct valuable research. If similar roles at other companies in the local area pay a better salary, this info can be used as a tool to persuade bosses that you are deserving of more.

#9. Use Automation

Time is money, and modern tech can help you make the most of it. Let computers, machinery, and other features do the hard work for you. In turn, you’ll be able to spend your time in a far more efficient fashion. In addition to using your time more wisely, this step can remove some of the more mundane business tasks.

Automation can take many forms, some of which have been mentioned above. Contract management is particularly useful for business owners and contractors. When using those facilities, it’s important to choose solutions that notify you of issues that require a response. This is when automation is at its very best, because it means smoother operations.

A smoother operation is the key to maximizing your time efficiency. If that doesn’t allow you to earn more money throughout your career – as an employer or employee – nothing will.

#10. Get Organized

It’s a little obvious, but using schedules and other simple tools will transform your entire career. Not least with regards to earnings.  

You’re Ready To Take That Side-Hustle Full-Time

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If there’s one thing that bonds people in the modern-day it’s the side-hustle. Everyone seems to have a side-hustle these days. From Etsy shops to art stores, web design to freelance copywriting, sustainable swimming trunks to children’s books – side-hustles are now more common than colds. In fact, a recent study shows that just over half of all millennials are busy with some kind of side hustle, and two of the most standout reasons for this is a) to keep pushing a long-held passion or b) to boost their income.

Of course, that’s not the only reason people are running a sideshow. From our experience, another majorly massive motivator is all to do with people wanting out of their 9-5. One of the most desirable things for people these days is to leave the grind behind and start working for themselves doing something they are genuinely interested in. Most people know that it’s not easy and that there needs to be a serious investment made into their side-hustle, but knowing they might be able to eventually make it their full-time gig is enough to keep pushing on with it. The trick is knowing when you’re ready? Knowing when you’ve got far enough to turn your side hustle into your full-time money-maker, and with confidence.

That’s what we’re going to delve into.

Having recently sat down with a few entrepreneurs who made a success of their side-hustles, we learned what it took to finally take the plunge. So, without further ado, here’s how to know you’re ready to drop your mindless career and run with your passion-project:

  1. Your Financials Look Good

Like we said at the beginning, there are a million types of side-hustles in a thousand different industries. But one of the things that joins them all together on the hunt for success is, no matter what side-hustle you have taken up, your financials need to be ready before you can take the leap. The problem is: no one makes a bunch of cash right from the get-go and, for some, it’s an investment or a loan that really gets things going. That said, your aim should be to have at least a few months rent in your bank account, a good credit score and some savings you can fall back on. Once you have this, you can confidently take the plunge knowing that you have some cash behind you to keep pushing your side-hustle in the right direction.

  1. You’re Getting Attention

For almost every freelancer, grabbing the spotlight and shining it on your work is a battle like no other. You know you need to gain some attention for the work you have completed on different projects, putting your collaborations up on Instagram and putting up spec work online. The issue with this is, it’s you forcing people to look. It’s necessary, but it’s not enough to make you take the leap. What you want to know is that your side hustle work is starting to gain attention. You want to see your passion projects start to become a talking point where people contact you about this or that, or your work starts to get online likes. That’s where the Instagram and Facebook thing can really help. There are so many examples of people that have put stuff out on Instagram, kept up at it, learned how to market themselves through these channels and turned their passion into a full-time gig. That’s what you need to do. You need to sell your passion. Then, when you start noticing that these passion projects are turning into paydays of some kind – job offers, commissioned pieces, repeat clients etc – the feedback on your customer satisfaction tool is a great read and your online following is growing, you can rest easy in the knowledge your side-hustle is ready to become full-time.

  1. You Motivate Yourself

Going from an employed person that has to be somewhere at a certain time to a freelancer that relies on your own get-up and go is one of the toughest transitions anyone can make. All of a sudden, once you start working for yourself, you become the only person responsible for your success. There’s no team, no support, no backroom staff – nothing but you. That means you have to become a super-self-starter that’s proactive, you need to know how to best motivate yourself, when you work best, what sort of routines keep you grounded and moving forward and what sort of rewards keep you focused. And only once you have all this sussed out will you if you’re ready to go full-time with your side-hustle. Ask any entrepreneur that’s made it on their own and they’ll tell you the same thing: sure, talent and creative ideas are essential, but they’re nothing if you don’t have self-discipline or that motivation to succeed. As such, nailing this side of the game is so important before you try and take it full-time.

  1. You Have Business Acumen

Let’s get one thing straight: If you don’t know how to run a business, success is going to be a whole lot harder for you because, after all, you’re trying to start a business. That means getting clued up on all the mistakes and pitfalls out there, knowing what your overheads are, how to keep costs down, the art of pricing your products and services, who your target audience is, having a well-thought-out growth plan, knowing how to market yourself in the big bad world, and what trends are currently taking off. All of this stuff falls under the banner of “business know-how” and the better you can get clued up on it (and that means your market as a whole), the easier the whole full-time transition will become. It will be less knowing if you’re ready and more, “wow, I’ve done it!”

Taking a side-hustle and making it your full-time gig is no easy feat. But it is easier than ever before as proved by the number of people doing it. The trick is having the confidence to know when the time is ready. That’s all.

Managing Your Money Between Jobs

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From time to time, you are going to find yourself between jobs, and when that happens, you need to be able to ensure that you are going to manage the situation as best as you can. Usually it should not be too much of a problem, but it is also true that you will find it necessary to be careful with your money during this time and ensure that you are actually looking after it well enough, if you fail to do that, it could mean that you land yourself in financial trouble before you manage to land the next job, and that is certainly not a situation that any of us need to be in. in this article, we will look at just a few of the things you can do to manage your money more effectively when you are between jobs.

Hire An Advisor

One of the best things that anyone can benefit from with regards to their finances isto hire an advisor, even if it is only for a short while. At first you might feel that you don’t’ want to make such an expense during your time between jobs, but actually it is perfectly possible to find a financial advisor who is affordable and – what’s more – who could help you out during this difficult time in your life. Start looking into how to find a financial advisor and you will soon discover that you can easily get hold of one – so that is it that they can actually do for you? For one, they can help you to budget yourself more effectively so that you don’t become bankrupt during the time between jobs. They might even be able to offer some solutions for how to make ends meet in the meantime. It’s definitely worth mating with one

Earn Additional Income

There are many ways to earn a little extra money on the side, and as long as you are aware of that, surviving the time between jobs should seem considerably easier and less anxious. The truth is that the internet has opened up a whole wellspring of possibilities when it comes to earning money on the side, so it’s something that you should think about if it gets to the point where you want to secure yourself as much as possible. By doing this, you widen the chance of being able to survive in between jobs, and you make it easier to remain comfortable during that time as well. You will find this makes an enormous difference to how you are feeling about the whole situation as well.

Claiming Benefits

If you are out of work and looking for work, you can claim benefits, and it is definitely worth doing so if you want to be able to manage your money more effectively. There is no reason not to claim everything you might be entitled to – and if you are not sure whether you are entitled to it or not, there is only one way to find out. Go and seek it, and see what happens. It just might make things a lot easier in the meantime.