4 Things Millennials Expect From Your Business

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Reaching out to millennials is a smart move. Apart from only boosting your customer base, it helps to modernize the business. Plus, it’s a fantastic boost in many ways. Did you know they spend 25 hours a week online? Considering a digital presence is a huge part of a successful, 21st-century company, they may be your target audience.

However, to target them isn’t a walk in the park. They expect a lot and will bounce if they don’t get it. Here are four things to concentrate on if you’re interested in the millennial vote.

Mobile Payment Options

Because they use their phones a lot, they’re not going to put them down in the store. Instead, the majority of millennials use cells to supplement the shopping experience. For example, they’ll use an app to make a payment rather than taking out cash or pulling out a card. It’s quicker, easier, and less hassle. Therefore, an Apple and Android credit card reader is essential. Otherwise, they’ll find the process difficult and go elsewhere as a result. Thankfully, plenty of point of sale systems use this technology so it shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate it into the store or online.

Social Media Convos

A massive 63% of millennials stay up to date with their favorite brands via social media. Without Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat, your business isn’t part of the conversation. So, a myriad of account is vital if you’re going to reach out to them through a variety of platforms. However, it isn’t only about brand awareness; customer service is important too. 35% of the demographic prefer to communicate via social media. Those that aren’t live on the platforms won’t be able to interact and figure out what they want. In fact, there’s no need to work it out because they’ll tell you if you ask. Millennials are empowered that way.


It’s the most important thing to 62% of millennials, so it’s wise to keep it in mind. In essence, they want something affordable which is of a high-quality. If they get it, 70% of people said they would be likely to stay loyal because the brand plays a big part in their life. What this means is that it may be better to appeal to millennials as long-term partners. Lowering the rate a little in the beginning will get them on board for the future, and then you can begin to cash in.


Although the price is the main factor, there is still their morality to consider. Millennials don’t like products or services that harm the planet as they are environmentally-conscious. They call it “woke.” Nobody wants to feel guilty about enjoying a materialistic lifestyle, and that’s why it’s savvy to green the supply chain where possible. Go into partnership with eco-friendly suppliers and let people know. Millennials will be more likely to use your services as a result because their conscience will be clear.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is the stuff they seem to find the most important. Provide them to millennials and they reward you with their custom.

3 Reasons Why Millennials Love Snapchat


When it comes to social media, it boils down to personal preference. I gave Snapchat a try, but quickly deleted my account because I didn’t care for the user interface.

I’ve witnessed multiple brands that market to Millennials jump on the Snapchat bandwagon and recently did some research about why. Here’s 3 things I learned:

1) Visual Storytelling – All ages love stories, but Millennials love to be visually entertained. It started with You Tube and movies, but got more personal with Snapchat. Look how celebrities use it to connect with fans. Gary Vaynerchuk recently launched VaynerSports, a full-service athlete representation agency that guide players through their professional career. His advice to his client, All-Star Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, is to post more on Snapchat. He suggested filming everyday tasks because people want to see your everyday life. There’s a human element to this app which makes it high-touch.

2) Transparency – “Snaps” are a peek into your life. Although you can doctor it up, the amateur feel of Snapchat makes it feel authentic. Millennials can smell a fake miles away. Brands competing for the attention of Millennials must be careful not to script a message or forever be deemed as phony. Most videos/photos aren’t spectacular, but its much easier to see who you are visually versus written or auditory. The simplicity makes it attractive.

3) Communication – Sharing is the new communication for Millennials. Although brands and celebrities use it, most of the time snaps are sent to/from friends. Think of it as texting, but with video/images. You can just as easily send messages via iPhone, but Snapchat’s reputation amongst Millennials is the go-to source for frequent communication. What Facebook was to Millennials 5-10 years ago has been replaced by Snapchat. Whether a public or private story, Snapchat is the platform to stay in touch without saying a word.

After reading this don’t go and download it if you’re not already using it. If it’s for you, you’d probably already be on it. But if you want know how to effectively communicate with Millennials remember why they love Snapchat and use that to your advantage.