Keeping Your Employees Safe & Sound

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No matter what kind of business you run, you need to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to keep them as safe as possible while in the workplace. This is important for a number of reasons. Of course, in one respect it is important because you need to make sure that you are keeping your business legally and morally above board. But It goes far beyond that. Any good employer should care about the wellbeing of their staff genuinely, and as long as you do you can be sure that you will be respected all the more as well. You should also think about the fact that it will make for a much better workplace on the whole, and a more cohesive team unit. In this article, we are going to look at some of the essentials to keeping your employees safe and sound in the workplace, whatever that workplace might be.

Adhering To The Law

There are always going to be specific laws for your industry, line of business, and more general laws which you need to abide by. Adhering to these rules is essential for a number of reasons, and the most important is that they are designed to keep people as safe as possible while at work. Even if there are a couple of these laws which you feel are not entirely sensible or you find to be ridiculous, it’s important to make sure that you are adhering to them ,if only to stop you form getting into trouble. You should be doing everything you can to keep people safe, and that includes abiding by all rules which apply – and then going above and beyond as well.

Using Tech

One of the great ways to keep your employees much safer in the workplace is to make use of whatever tech might be available to do so. You might be surprised at how much there is to consider here, and one of the most important is the use of special software to ensure that you are doing whatever you can to keep people safe. This safety management software will help you to keep above board in terms of health and safety, and it will also mean that you are able to keep records of whether or not you’re doing what you should be doing by law. It is important to make use of this whenever you feel it is necessary, as it can make all the difference in the world.


By having one person to champion health and safety in the workplace you actually do much to increase its apparent importance in the workplace. You might be surprised at what a difference this can make. It’s definitely worth considering, but do try to make usr that you actually choose the right people – in other words someone who is going to take it seriously and who is passionate about it as well. Get that choice right and it could make a huge difference.

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Remote Workers Are Being Safe

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Working remotely is fast becoming the best way that people choose to work. With businesses everywhere around the globe catching up with technology, more and more employers are seeing the benefits – both cost and time – in allowing their employees to work outside the office. Working from home is a massive perk for most people, but there is often a question of security.

When you have multiple staff accessing the server at work from home computers or public Wi-Fi, you are risking being hacked. As an employer, you need to ensure that your remote staff are acting in a safe manner to prevent your business being on the receiving end of a security breach that you didn’t anticipate. The challenge is very real for employers and other than contacting companies like to implement the highest security measures, employers need to ensure that their staff are being safe. There are a lot of ways out there that your staff can be save while working away from the office, and here are five of those ways:

Public Wi-Fi. When you decide to take your work day to Starbucks or another public area, you get the chance to log into Wi-Fi hotspots. They’re tempting and available and you should be teaching your staff that they aren’t always safe. These hot spots aren’t always completely secure when logging into the workplace network. Avoiding public Wi-Fi spots when working and instead using a mobile secure connection is a better idea.

Home Network. When your employees are working from home, they should have the most secure network. You should have your staff enable encryption and password protect their home connection to the internet.

VPN. Mobile networks can be insecure when logging in outside the home. It can be worth your staff installing a VPN to the mobile. It’s a good way to ensure that your workplace systems stay safe.

Passwords. Passwords are often the best way that you can protect your remote staff and ensuring that they are case sensitive and changed regularly is important. It’s vital that people don’t use default passwords, and instead have the IT team scramble codes together that will change on a regular basis.

Work Tech. It can be a security risk for your staff to log into work systems from their private devices. Corporate data, where possible, shouldn’t be transferred onto personal equipment and vice versa. The last thing that your staff need is to mix up their business and personal data on their personal technology. Instead, you can invest in the best phones and tablets for your staff, with the highest security measures installed.

Your security is vital for your business to continue to run while your staff is outside the office. You need to continue to train your remote staff in the best security measures, while still allowing people to work outside the office. Get your IT team involved and ensure that every employee in and out of the office is working securely.

Safety Belongs Outside The Office, Not Just Inside

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When you’re creating a safer working environment, like most employers, your focus might be on what goes on between those four walls. But, so long as it’s your property, you’re liable for any injuries or accidents that happen outside the workplace, as well. Here, we’re going to look at how you extend that safety-conscious thinking out to the work beyond the office and how to make sure you’re not putting your team at risk.

Branches, leaves, and other dangers

It might sound insignificant, but the risk of having unkempt trees on your business’s doorstep can be quite legitimate. First of all, branches fall in bad weather can cause serious injuries, including head injuries. Having the work premises covered in tree debris will increase the chances of slips, trips, and falls, too. Arborist services can help you keep things tidy and safe, reducing the chances of injury caused by trees outside the workplace.

All roads lead to work

There’s a good chance that you have some parking spaces in the workplace or that you will fit some if you don’t already. If you have a lot of traffic going in or out or passing by, you need to consider some road safety, too. Installing all types of road safety signage to your entrance can help make access safer and encourage employees to drive safely when leaving the premises. Furthermore, you can reduce their risk by installing speed bumps or extendable barriers at the entrance of the parking space. Of course, these barriers will also help you control who, exactly, has access to your property with their vehicle.

Be extra prepared for winter

If you thought leaves and other tree debris could be a slipping risk, then your first winter is going to be an unpleasant experience. You should be extra conscious of your team’s health and safety during the winter months. Make sure that any outdoor areas are gritted to prevent slipping and hire a snow shoveling service to help keep any parking or pedestrian areas outside the office safe and clear. Be aware of the risks your team faces on the road, too. Be willing to give them some leeway to avoid having to come into the office when the weather is truly terrible.

Employee safety is no joke

It’s not just accidents you should be aware of. Businesses are often a target for crime, and this can include your employees. A mugging or assault on the business’s front doorstep can erode the sense of safety your team has. Keep them safe by investing in more security features for the business. CCTV cameras work not just to capture and record any wrongdoing but also as a visual deterrent. Similarly, keeping any parking spaces or entrances well-lit means they’re less likely to be targeted by criminals.

When you’re carrying out a risk audit of the workplace, don’t make the mistake of neglecting the outdoors. Some of the most dangerous falls, car accidents, and other injuries can happen on the exterior of your property and it could end up costing your business and team morale dearly.