How Can The Right Tech Save A Failing Business?

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When you’re growing your business, you can throw everything within your financial remit at it to ensure the company flies, but this isn’t necessarily going to work. When your business begins to make its inevitable descent, either due to poor planning, insufficient action, or both, thoughts turn to how to save a failing business. Believe it or not, the one main component that could encourage your company to grow again is the tech. How can it do this?

It Saves Your Business Money

It’s a great way for you to streamline certain processes. When you’re looking to cut corners, but without compromising the integrity of the company, technology is a godsend in this respect. Going digital can reduce the amount of paper you use of course, but it can reduce your equipment needs, and if you have the means necessary, you can encourage your workers to stay at home and work remotely, therefore minimizing your need or a physical office.

It Protects You

These days, data breaches are more common regardless of how big or small the company is. If you are insufficiently prepared for a data breach, you could lose so much information, not to mention trust from your customers. It’s vital you have an appropriate infrastructure plan in place, and Ntiva’s strategic IT consulting services is one of many that can help you re-evaluate your framework. We have to ensure that our company’s needs are met, and it’s not just in relation to the technology we have, but also in making sure that our staff know the best practices so that the technology is put to good use.

It helps automation

From social media to Customer Relationship Management systems, automation is one of the best approaches any company can take advantage of. Automating a handful of processes can save you time and money. This leaves your staff open to working on other areas of the company. If you are struggling to keep yourself going, automating so many processes that work out, financially speaking, as the equivalent of one member of staff means you can save quite a significant amount of money. Automation is a process that can make life easier for businesses, but not so the workers become complacent. Automation is one of those things that can encourage your workers to perform better in other areas so they don’t make themselves expendable. As this is a very handy by-product of implementing automation; if your workers perform better, you will directly see this in the results.

The right technology can save a failing business, but it can sufficiently protect it as well. As any company will attest, the right piece of tech is a godsend. And when your business struggles to keep itself going, technology might not be the first thing you would turn to, but as technology can fulfill so many different roles, you need to give it the attention it deserves. Technology is fast becoming the most essential business component, but even the smallest system can turn a business around in a short space of time.

3 Technologies You Need for a Successful Startup

Choosing Tech that Will Help Your Business Grow

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Opening a new business is exciting because it’s a creative venture– you spend a lot of time making decisions that will shape your company’s brand and affect its success as it grows. No pressure. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your business is what kind of technology infrastructure your company will need to be successful.

Here are three things that your company absolutely must have in the beginning to make sure everything goes smoothly later on:

  • Local technology consultant
  • Solid data security
  • High speed internet access

Your Tech Consultant is Your New Best Friend

Perhaps the single most important investment you can make in your company’s technology strategy is hiring a technology consultant. Your consultant will learn about your business like it’s their own. That means that they can help guide your tech decisions from the launch of your company and continue to offer advice as your company grows. Having someone help you figure out which technology solutions fit your startup’s specific needs is a tool you can’t afford to skip.

Securing Your Data Is Essential

According to Symantec’s 2017 Internet Security Threat Report, an estimated 229,000 cybersecurity web attacks are blocked every single day. It’s absolutely imperative that your company secures its sensitive information. Some basics you should have in place:

  • Firewall protection for your local network and all company computers
  • Anti-virus software that includes software to detect phishing and other online attacks as well
  • Secure wireless network
  • Back-up of all your business’s data
  • Plan to recover data in case of emergency

Keep Your Internet Up To Speed

No matter how big or small your business is, high-speed internet is no longer an option– it’s essential. Slow internet will limit your business’s ability to grow and succeed because so much business these days relies on the web to connect you with your customers. Plus, high-speed internet opens up the door for you to invest in important tools like online data backups, VoIP, and other technologies you wouldn’t be able to support with a slower connection.

Choosing technology for your startup is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your business, and it will shape how your company develops down the line as well. Make to include a technology consultant, data security plan, and high-speed internet in your tech infrastructure, and you’re startup will be all set for success.