The Tech Stairway To Success

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Building success is the ultimate purchase of every single company. Success means growth, in size, in numbers, and reputation. However, what success is made of is a different kettle of fish. What does a business need to achieve its goal? There is no simple answer. At the core of it, a company needs great assets that can support its growth. Your assets are the foundation upon which you can build your success. People, of course, play a significant role in your strategy. Your capital investment is detrimental to enabling high-return campaigns. But nothing is as vital as your technology. Technology in the 21st century business environment is the quickest path to growth and success. Here’s why it matters:

Your business plan should focus on tech

First and foremost, it is impossible nowadays to imagine a company that doesn’t maximize its tech tools and solutions. What this means at a company level is that you can’t leave IT and cyber tech management as an afterthought. It is the responsibility of leaders and directors to put technology back into the driving seat of the company – you can find dedicated executive leadership training for CISOs to help you understand how to build your strategy around cyber growth. Indeed, innovative processes and market alignment require strategic tech integration. In an era where technology has become the only answer to the increased need for environmentally-friendly, safe, and cost-saving approaches, you have to let it drive your business forward. 

Your tech presence affects your brand image

Your business choices define your brand. In the eye of the audience, your technology decisions affect your branding identity. Indeed, your customers are savvy. They compare their favorite brands and the way they interact with each of them. It’s fair to say that a brand that lacks tech support fails not only to reflect your identity but also to meet the market demand. 

It’s your best protection against online threats

Small businesses are a cyber criminal’s favorite target. Indeed, while large companies are more likely to have sturdy safety protocols in place, SMEs, on the other hand, are more vulnerable. In 2018, 67% of SMEs in the UK and the US fell victim of a cyberattack. In most cases, data breach incidents were the result of negligence. For businesses, it makes no doubt that cybercrimes can have a devastating impact on day-to-day processes, such as wasting time, money, and losing your credibility as an expert. Investing in dedicated tech strategies that can shield your company is a priority. 

Your customers expect better tech services

Customers are naturally lazy. They want to sort out their issues as smoothly and efficiently as possible. And frictionless customer service implies excellent tech solutions. Indeed, face-to-face videos such as a video voicemail can not only enhance communication but also boost your customer relationship. Indeed, your customers want better, quicker, and more personal interactions with their favorite brands. Putting technology at the center of your communications allows you to meet the expectations of a new generation of tech-savvy customers. 

Technology is not the purpose of growth, but it is its means. Indeed, at an age where the market is buzzing with smart tech hubs and cyber activities, companies have to engage strategically with the innovative tools and solutions around them. Your use of technology can make or break your business.


The Minor Mistakes Affecting Your Business Image

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Business image matters. But if you want to keep giving off a positive impression to your customers – and attract new ones – it’s not just the major branding campaigns you need to focus on. The small stuff counts, too. Today, we’re going to go through a whole bunch of examples of the minor mistakes made by many small businesses, and suggest a few ideas on how to overcome them. Let’s take a closer look at some of your options.

Inconsistent brand image

Many small businesses go through constant iterations of their branding before deciding on the right course. However, it’s an area which can prove problematic unless you commit to the changes 100 percent. All too often, small business owners try to cut corners, and it’s noticeable to everyone. For example, let’s say your website gets an upgrade, complete with a new logo and mission statement. The trouble is, the front of your store still uses the old one. And your businesses cards are still making use of the logo before that. Inconsistency not only looks unprofessional, but it also confuses your customers. If you decide to make changes, make sure they are wholesale – right across the board.

The broken promise

Next, you can spend years building up positive relationships with customers, yet let things slip by a moment of forgetfulness or a broken promise. It’s vital to consistently deliver an authentic experience because this promotes your brand as trustworthy and professional. Everyone makes mistakes, of course, but ensure you deal with them in the right way – with exceptional levels of customer service, and a promise to put things right.

Spelling mistakes

Poor spelling and punctuation is a real turn off for customers. And as much as you might feel grammar pedants are ruining things for everyone, the reality is that they have a point. It’s unprofessional, provokes distrust, and can significantly reduce your sales.

Bad smells

If you are a customer-facing business, no doubt you understand the importance of looking your best. However, you also need to smell your best. If your store, office or workplace is a little on the pongy side, it’s not going to your sales charts any favors. Having trouble with a whiffy building? If you visit this website, you will find out there are a multitude of diffusers available to use in a business setting. Having to endure employees with a little personal hygiene problem? Don’t be afraid to address it – in private, of course. If you can smell someone, you can bet your customers can, too.

The business insider

Finally, one of the most natural traps to fall into as a business owner is that you fail to see what you are doing from the outside. It’s no surprise, as when you spend every waking hour working to make things better, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees. The solution? Every now and again take a break and try and look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes. If you can’t do this, use services like mystery shoppers or the equivalent for your industry. Seeing your company from your customer’s perspective can make a huge difference.