Ways You And Your Staff Can Improve Customer Experiences

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You’ve already got a great team in your corner supporting you but now you’re looking to work with your team to build and optimize your business further. 

A great way to advance your business is by looking at your customer conversion rate optimization. By reviewing this and building on your individual customer experience you will be able to maximize your returns.

Why Is Customer Experience Optimization So Important?

Over recent years brands and organizations have become more aware of the importance of a brand’s and organization’s customer’s experience and the gravity of influence they carry. In some instances, customers have been known to rate customer experience to be more important than price. 

Think over your own experiences, both positive and negatives. How did it influence your decisions and thoughts towards that company? If negative, did you go back, and why not?

As you’ve realized by now, a positive customer experience is crucial to the ongoing success of your business. If you can create a happy customer, you can create a loyal customer, and it is these customers that can build your success the most. They are the ones that will generate the best free marketing you will be able to get. They are the best advocates you can get to promote your products your services. Not only are they supporting you by purchasing your products or services, but they are offering an authentic word-of-mouth promotion on your behalf.  

You’re mostly there. You offer great service or product already. Your employees are an asset. Now you just need to merge them and show this to your customers, so they can walk away from their experience with you, sharing in this positivity, and can start transitioning into loyal customers.

How Can A Good Customer Experience Be Achieved?

Here are easy and achievable ways that you can all work together to start building that loyal customer base.

The first step is to understand what areas require focus. There are many different strategies available to support you with this. The key ones that most companies use are the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Although you may choose to collate your data elsewhere from personal surveys, gaining and reviewing feedback, and looking at conversion reports. Whichever method you choose, it is important that it covers all areas of your business whether this be a website, phone, or in-store, so you 

It is vital that you and your team are all working with the same expectations in relation to how you treat your customers. This also gives your employees an excellent opportunity. The likelihood is that they will deal directly with your customers more than you do. Use this to your advantage. Consider the wealth of knowledge they hold and how can this be used. Completing regular training sessions is a proven way to invest in your employees and up skill their expertise. With this in mind if one employee has proven experience with building rapport with clients and holds a track record of generating loyal customers – let them teach and train others.

Business 101: Cut Costs, Not Corners

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When running a small business in 2021, keeping expenses to a minimum is vital. Not least because the negative impacts of the pandemic will probably bring a significant reduction in revenue. However, those financial cutbacks cannot compromise the quality of your output. Otherwise, you will inevitably lose customers in the process.

Most business owners think that they run a tight ship. In reality, the vast majority could generate savings in a variety of areas. Here are five where any changes will be positive.

#1. Team Management

Get more from your employees and the rewards will filter down throughout the entire business. Whether it’s improving the warehouse setup or giving them the tools to do more on the shop floor is up to you. Meanwhile, you should focus heavily on facilitating smoother communication. Losing a needless team meeting in favor of an email or real-time project management software can work wonders. Aside from actively saving time for the sake of your employees, it will reduce the stress levels.

#2. Workspace Choices

The business landscape has changed dramatically in recent times. Consequently, the days of feeling forced to work in a traditional workspace have changed. Home-based businesses and co-working spaces have become increasingly popular. Meanwhile, sole traders working in the gig economy may find that they travel for work. Using virtual services allows you to maintain a professional vibe at an affordable price. When using flexible workforces, this is a particularly smart way to boost the bottom line.

#3. Marketing Endeavors

Successful marketing is at the heart of every successful business. However, you don’t have to pay silly amounts of money for TV commercials or other expensive models. Instead, your strategies can focus on content to drive real engagement from customers. Moreover, using advanced market research to find your place in the arena helps you target the right people. In turn, you will be able to reduce the level of wasted ads. PPC, affiliate schemes, and performance-based ads are great for your capital too.

#4. Supplier Selection

As a business owner, you will quickly realize that working with other companies is essential. Winning partnerships will spearhead far greater results for your business. From finding cheaper insurance and energy rates to better packaging supplies, each move makes an impact. While the individual influence may not seem too significant, the cumulative effect is huge. It should also be noted that confidence in this aspect of running a firm allows you to focus your energies elsewhere. Without mental distractions.

#5. Tech Upgrades

Tech advancements are at the core of business progress. However, many companies are understandably a little reluctant with fear of wasting money. On the contrary, using modern tech reduces wasted time while it also boosts security. The fact that you can recycle old equipment means that the transformation can actually save cash. This is especially true when using subscription software and paperless tech. Finally, where applicable, greener tech will pay for itself in the long run. The future of your company has never looked better.

5 Traits Businesses Should Look for in Remote Employees

The value of remote employees has been widely recognized as of the global pandemic of 2020, and more businesses have embraced the idea. A post on How to Add Resume to LinkedIn, a lot of business right now are using the popular platform to hire remote team. However, what you may not know is that you need to look for different traits in remote or online workers. The fact that they are not working at your office changes a lot about how you interact with them, as well as what kind of person they need to be to succeed. Here are 5 traits you should look for when hiring remote workers:

1.    Feedback Receptive

Each worker you hire must improve the company’s efficiency. You will need to guide and train them so they become the best version of themselves for your business. Doing so will require regular feedback.

However, not all people are receptive to feedback. You do not get to see them in person or as easily, which means you cannot easily reinforce your lessons or feedback. All your remote workers must be quick to take to feedback and able to apply it without supervision if you want them to provide value to your company.

2.    Open to New Ideas and Training

Businesses by nature are meant to grow and change. Stagnant companies are essentially failing. To keep your company growing, you will not only need to expand, you will also need to train your employees to ensure that their skill sets are up-to-date and remain relevant to the needs of the business.

To that end, any remote worker you hire must be open minded and willing to expand their wealth of knowledge. The easier they are to train, the better they will be as remote employees.

3.    They Have Initiative

Remote workers will be left to their own devices most of the time. While some oversight exists, for the most part they are their own boss. You or your managers will not be present to direct their efforts. Thus, your remote employees must be independent and posses initiative.

4.    They Have a Good Personality

There are traits that a good hire has, according to Forbes. A trainable and feedback receptive person with a positive and likable attitude is far more valuable than a skilled worker who cannot get along with everyone. The company is more than one person.

5.    They are Great Communicators

Nuance is lost when communicating online or over text. Thus, it is important to only hire remote workers who not only communicate well, but do so in a timely fashion. They need to reply quickly to messages to ensure that company systems are not bogged down.

Hiring remote workers can give your company the edge, as it allows you to access talent that would otherwise be beyond your reach. However, you cannot just hire anyone. Hire the right people, and the effort will be worth it.

Improving Productivity in Warehouses

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There is always room for improvement when it comes to running any company. If you are looking for ways to maximize your efficiency and employee productivity, then chances are you are not paying enough attention to the intricate workings of your warehouse. It is thought as many as 3,000 hours are lost due to inefficiency each year in warehouses.

Striving to deliver the best possible working experience for your staff alongside hitting customer service targets can lead to improvement across the board. In many cases, this starts with investment back into the company to improve how you work and improve productivity and allow you to take the next step in developing your warehouse.

Production Solutions

Whether you are packing goods for delivery to fulfill customer orders or you are manufacturing your own product. Having the best type of production solution in your warehouse can help you maximize productivity and streamline the process from start to finish. Choose custom manufacturing solutions to allow you to improve not only the employee experience but fulfill more orders too.

Ergonomic Working Conditions

Making a working environment that works with your employees is one of the best ways to reduce lost hours due to staff inefficiencies and sick days. Making small changes that allow employees to work safely comfortably and more comfortably will mean they can do more during their shift without worrying about excess strains or injuries.

While doing this won’t provide an immediate return on your investment, providing employees with tools to do their job designed to benefit rather than hinder them will pay off in the long run.

Warehouse Management System

You must have an efficient warehouse management system in place. One popular method is the 5S system, Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. This has proven to be beneficial in both food processing and manufacturing warehouses.

Safety Training

Extensive and ongoing training on not only working practices, but health and safety legislation will enable you to cut down on accidents in the workplace and make sure all staff are aware of who to work properly and safely and are confident in their specific job role.

If an employee feels there are gaps in their training and knowledge, their performance will suffer, resulting in low staff morale and decreases in efficiency and productivity. Ongoing training and development on skills and areas of concern will help you to run your warehouse to maximize productivity in all areas.

Pallet Racking

Some of the most successful warehouses implemented pallet racking, which is one way to save so much space. Utilizing free space above ground helps you stock more inventory on-site and allows staff and machinery to move around more freely, giving an organized, efficient working environment.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you invest in your warehouse’s right areas to improve how you work and remove any detrimental effects from the equation to successfully manage demands on the business and keep staff safe, healthy and motivated when at work.

5 Ways To Keep Your Staff Content Throughout The Year

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In terms of running and business and leading the staff working under you, there needs to be high elements of contentment along with productivity. If they aren’t happy with coming into work every single day, then you’re not going to get the best out of them. In professional work, management is more than just getting the job done and making sure you bring in all the money you need. It’s a case of being aware of the staff’s well-being and overall condition. If they’re in a good place – then it’s going to be a much easier ride for all involved. 

Many business owners struggle to get the best out of their team, though, as they neglect the people skills required. They also struggle to keep everyone happy throughout their time in the job. It’s not too much of a difficult task, though. You’re not expected to be a wizard that puts spells on everyone. Here are some things you can do: 

Be Positive For As Long As You Can

When you have a lot of work to do and a lot of stress on your shoulders, it can be quite difficult to relax and be positive. It’s a habit, though, like most things are. Make sure you’re optimistic about most things and upbeat around the rest of the group. It’s a contagious way of behaving and everyone around you will bounce off it. If you have a positive and happy environment, then it’s going to make the working day so much easier. 

Have A Plan And A Setup For Everyone

If everyone knows what they’re doing, then they’re going to have a much easier job on their hands. Not everyone wakes up on a Monday morning with 100% certainty of how things are going to go. If you ensure that you have a plan for them, then they’ll be more content. You can use Crew scheduling software and other project management tools to help you out with this kind of thing nowadays. Don’t let them feel like a spare part.

Work With Individuals As Well As Groups

Narrowing down your leadership and focusing on each person can help out so much in terms of overall contentment. It’ll make them feel a little more special and it’ll allow them to know that they aren’t just an extra worker. If you focus on how they’re doing mentally as well as their performance at work, then they’ll be appreciative. 

Make Sure They’re Working In A Wonderful Environment

Keep the place nice and clean because you just never know how someone might feel about the environment in which they work. If you have to, then hire cleaners to come in a couple of times a week. If you have the capacity, then create a rota that involves every employee. If they know they’re working in a clean, tidy workplace that they’ve all helped to create, then they’ll feel a sense of pride and happiness in where they are. 

Hire The Right Kind Of Personalities

It’s all about personalities and chemistry sometimes. Sure, the qualifications and experience matter, but hiring the right people can take a business from good to great. If everyone gets along and the personalities all fit together, then you’re going to have a healthy group.

4 Great Reasons to Set Up Your Own Business

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Many people dream of running their own business, yet few people actually manage it. You might have dreams of being your own boss and managing a team of devoted employees, but more often than not, life gets in the way. When you work full time for a living or have a family to look after, it can be difficult to muster up the courage to take the leap. 

Starting a business from the ground up requires a monumental amount of time and energy. As soon as you begin, it could take over your life, as you’ll be working late into the evening and sending emails on weekends. You must be committed to your company if you want to make it work.

But if you succeed, it will be more than worth the risk and the sacrifice. If you’re still unsure whether to take the plunge, here are four great reasons to set up your own business.

Be your own boss

When you are an employee, you spend eight hours a day working to make someone else’s dream a reality. You have to deal with terrible bosses, micromanagement, office politics, and strict deadlines. But when you run your own business, everything you do is for yourself. You can manage your own schedule, decide on your own tasks, and follow your dreams all day, every day. You will be much more fulfilled in your work and will never want to go back to the office again.

Better work-life balance

The traditional nine-to-five office structure is incredibly restricting. You have to be at work at a set time and finish your tasks according to a deadline. There is little flexibility in your days, which makes it very different to organize things like childcare, holidays, doctor’s appointments, and household errands. But when you are your own boss, you are in complete control of your life. There is no one telling you where to be or what to do, so you can fit your work around your personal life however you see fit. 

More money

If your business is successful, you stand to make a lot more money running a company than you will as an employee for someone else. It may take some time to become profitable, but the results will pay off in the end. You will get out exactly what you put in, so if you work hard and devote yourself to your business, you will reap the financial rewards.


There are few things more satisfying in life than creating something successful. Building a business from nothing and seeing it take off will give you a sense of pride and achievement that you’ve never experienced before. As you see the profits roll in and the client list increase, the knowledge that you made this happen will make it all the sweeter.

In conclusion, setting up your own business can be a huge challenge, but it will be intensely rewarding and provide you a much better quality of life. Visit https://stepstostartingabusiness.com/ for some excellent advice on getting started.

Thinking About Opening A Club In 2021?

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If you are opening a club in the foreseeable future then you will undoubtedly have a lot to think about and a lot to sort out. This is a stressful yet extremely exciting time. However, if you want the excitement to reach fever pitch and the stress to be minimized, you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly. One of the things that will contribute to this is the hiring of top quality security. Bearing this in mind, you should read on to find all you need to know about locating the best club security…


Experience is one of the most important qualities you need to look out for when hiring any security. You must be certain that the company compromises of professionals who have years in their locker of working on the doors at nightclubs, bars, pubs and alike. By doing this you will be safe in the knowledge that they have dealt with a huge number of different situations before. Therefore, whatever problem arises they should know exactly how to handle it because they will probably have already dealt with something similar in the past. Every company needs to start somewhere, but you definitely don’t want to be their practice project. Experienced security professionals are a must. 

Customer support

Who do you deal with when there is a problem? Do they have agents who speak in your native tongue? A lot of the clubs in Miami are owned by those whose native tongue is Spanish, for example, and so you may want to find a security team with a Spanish answering service. This will ensure you’re on the same page, as you can’t afford to be misinterpreted when it comes to security.


You need to ensure that the security company in question takes pride in the professionals they hire. This means that they should be fully checked and hold all of the necessary licensing. All security supervisors should be SIA licensed and CRB checked. In addition to this, they must meet all of the standards and regulations in place in the USA specifically. After all, these legislations differ from country to country. 


Do a little bit of digging to make sure the company has a good reputation. Read forums and reviews. If the security business has a negative cloud surrounding them then this will be very easy to pick up and it will alert you to potential red flags. If the business has good feedback then you can be confident they are going to provide a first-class service for you. Remember; you are looking for the overall feel of the comments, don’t get blind-sighted by one.


Last but not least, these security supervisors are going to be representing your company. Thus, they need to act professionally and they need to look this way as well. Make sure the security business upholds high standards when it comes to their dress code. Black suits should be the attire of choice. They should also represent that they behave in a good manner and that they excel when it comes to maintaining public relations. 

If you take these four key points into account then you should have no issue finding the perfect security company for your club specifically. Don’t underestimate just how important this is. You need individuals who are going to ensure trouble does not break out and that any potential issues are dealt with as quickly and quietly as is possible.

4 Tips to Increase Your Mass Email’s Open Rate

Mass Email Services, Designs, and Language Choices

With the ever-changing world of technology and marketing, it’s crucial to stay up to date on the most effective ways to reach your target audience and convert them into sales. Currently, with email marketing being one of the best ways to reach your audience, it’s important to understand and implement helpful practices into your flows to better serve your customers. Through using tools such as mass email services and switching your language and layout of emails, you’ll be on the way to a more intimate and effective relationship with your target audience in no time.

1: Use a Mass Email Service

One of the best ways to increase your open rate is by first organizing your contact lists and setting up automations so that you can spend more time actually building out the contents of the email flow. The best mass email service that we found was GMass—a Gmail add-on that allows you to send more mass emails than Gmail allows, view personalized analytics about your flows, and even personalize subject lines. Not only does GMass save you time and money by cutting down on the amount of labor needed to create and send out your emails, but it also gives detailed analytics to help you better understand your audience and build your flows indifferent ways.

2: Personalize Your Subject Line

The most important part of email marketing is getting the recipient to actually open the email—there is still a lot of work that has to be done after that point, but the first real hurdle is getting someone to open. Because 35% of people decide whether to open an email solely on the subject line, a lot of emphasis is placed on this part of the email building process. It needs to include eye catching and intriguing language while also being personal. Two great practices we recommend to get an open is by including the recipients name in the subject line as well as by adding a sense of urgency to the subject. With these two tactics combined, your open rate will skyrocket and you can finally start converting sales.

3: Brand Your Emails

Once you’ve attracted a person into opening your email, it’s important to make them happy that they opened it. A great way to interest and impress your readers is through branding your emails. By mimicking the colors and overall vibe of your personal brand or company, you’ll be able to catch your recipient’s eyes and make them more likely to click through or visit your website. Branding isn’t just visual, however—company language and typing style is also incredibly important, as it reflects your brand just as much as the visual side. By keeping brand guidelines in mind, you’ll be better equipped to make the best impression you possibly can.

4: Include Multiple Call to Actions

Even if you have compelling imagery and intriguing content, your reader can get “trapped” within the email if there aren’t any clear links leading out of the email. Since the entire point of email marketing is the email to conversion pipeline, you have to have a clear path from the email flow to your website. Without this, there isn’t anywhere for your recipient to go and they will simply leave the email, making all of your efforts for nothing. In order to combat this, we suggest showcasing products and blogs with eye catching buttons with language such as “learn more” or “buy now” in order to direct your readers where you want them to go. With these call to actions in place, you’ll start converting more sales in no time.

Overall, the world of marketing and communications is always changing, however by continually learning and experimenting, you’ll be able to stay on top of the competition with the newest and best practices. With email marketing on the rise, implementing these tips and tricks into your next flow will attract more of your target audience and in turn convert them into more sales. By keeping in mind that there is no “end all strategy” that will always work is incredibly important—this is a forever growing and changing industry that requires your attention and research.

How to Build a Successful Ecommerce Business in 2021

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Don’t Rush the Launch 

So you have your e-business website set up and you have a flashy website and social media channels. You’re ready to launch and start taking orders  the sooner the better, right? Not so fast. You only get one shot at launching an e-commerce business so make it count. 

The last thing you want is to launch your new e-business, get loads of interest  but then be unable to deliver on key aspects, such as shipping. This might lead to issues with truck accident lawyers. You can always set up a coming soon website until you have all other aspects of the business in place and ready to go. 

Put the Focus on the User 

Online trading has several advantages over conventional high street shops. With e-trading you can browse a variety of products from your laptop on a break from work or in the evening while watching the nightly news. There’s no need to brave the rain and wind in the city center. 

However, e-shopping has some drawbacks too. Customers can’t see, smell, feel, or try on their new items, this reduces your customer’s shopping experience and increases the chances of returns. You can compensate for this by ensuring they have the best online experience with your brand.

Test Everything 

You want your ecommerce business to be exactly what your customers expect, to do this you need to test everything and make sure you use good analytics software to monitor customer behavior and optimize it regularly. Getting things right is a process of trial and error but you can improve the chances of success.

To build a viable ecommerce business in the short term expect there to be mistakes but be ready to learn from those mistakes quickly. Some of them might even be avoided completely with effective A/B testing. Remember to have a functional user-friendly website and efficient sales funnel. 

Use Social Channels 

Today, around 3.5 billion people globally are linked into social media channels. This means Facebook, Instagram, Tik-tok, and others. They are used for more than just connecting with friends. Users on these networks expect and enjoy adverts for new products. 

Far from being an afterthought for your e-business, the way you use your social channels is key to the initial success of your ecommerce website. Create compelling content and clickable adverts and launch campaigns at the right times to ensure you get the best possible results. 

Use Mobile 

You might think that e-rmtrading only requires a website and some Google ads to get up and running. These days there is a little more involved in launching your e-business and finding success. 3.5 billion people globally now use mobile devices and this can’t be ignored. 

Mobile devices are convenient and are often used for shopping on site like yours. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile you will immediately lose a large portion of your potential market. When you build your website make sure it’s optimized for mobile devices and that your payment system can be easily adapted.