4 Savvy Ways To Raise The Money For Your Creative Business

Whether you are looking to become a full-time artist, musician, singer, or actor, starting a creative business can be an expensive endeavour. The good news is there are some savvy ways you can raise the cash you will need to take your first steps as a creative entrepreneur. Read on to find out what they are. 

Sell items you no longer need 

One of the most effective ways to raise money for your creative business venture is to sell things you no longer need. The funny thing is that one person’s trash is often another person’s treasure which means items that are doing nothing but cluttering up your home can earn you some decent cash that can be put towards your business. 

In particular electronic devices like phones and tablets that you are no longer using is a good thing to sell because they can be wiped and set back to factory settings. Additionally, jewellery made from precious metals can be sold to businesses that offer cash for gold for a tidy profit. All you need to do is pop into their local branch to have your items valued for free. 

Offer your skills for commissions 

For those that want to start a creative business, there is the option of offering your skills for commissions. This means you show your work on platforms like social media, and then let people know that they can have their own piece made by you, to their specifications for a specific price. 

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t take too much effort to set up, has low overheads and can bring in some good money if you do things right. It works particularly well for digital creatives as they only need to email the finished product to the client and also be paid via third-party providers like Paypal online. 

Work a side job 

Another great way of raising the money to start a creative business is to take on a side job. You may even be able to find something in your field of creative expertise if you are lucky. For instance, if your creative skill is painting, how about taking a job painting scenery for your local dramatics group? 

Alternatively, if your creative skill is acting then there are dinner shows, and theme parks that often require actors to help make the experience more immersive for guests and that pay good money too. 

Cut your costs 

Last, of all, most people think they need to earn money for their next creative endeavour, but what about just putting the finances you already have to better use? Indeed, you can raise a significant amount of cash by saving and budgeting, and not buying things you don’t really need. 

For instance, you could save yourself around $5-$15 dollars a day by making your own coffee in a travel mug before you leave the house and packing your own lunch. Over a week that means you get access to $15-$75 that you can add to your business fund! It really does add up!

Professions with Pride

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Some professions come with an inherent sense of pride. The idea that you are operating on the very edge of technology and being at the peak of your field is intoxicating in the most positive way. The standard ‘what do you do?’ At the next social occasion, it is no longer just a question you try to avoid, on the contrary, you are more than happy to oblige and tell people what it is that you do. So what are these professions nowadays? Maybe there is still time to adjust your career slightly! Here are three areas where professionals are operating at the very edge of their fields.

If you are into computing and programming doesn’t fill you with horror, you might want to consider going into cloud computing business. Cloud engineers are currently one of the most sought after IT professionals. These people build, maintain, and link cloud services, providing the infrastructure of pretty much anything on the internet. This means your email, the videos you watch, the social media you visit, and much more. 

Most Cloud engineers have a mix of technical skills, combined with commercial acumen and experience with one of these major cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft’s Azure platform or the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud engineers command one of the highest salaries nowadays as exceptional professionals are in high demand and with tech giants engaged in a bidding war for the best out there.

Another industry on the very peak is in chemistry. Obviously, chemistry has been around for many decades, but the last few years the industry has become more specialistic and crucial than ever before. Think of the very rare metals in everyone’s smartphone, the introduction of nearly indestructible glass and the protection of devices from water and dust. The microscopic coating on devices, especially when they are critical to the operation of these devices, has become increasingly more important. 

Companies such as PCT (https://pctconformalcoating.com/) specialize themselves in offering these type of coating processes for pretty much any application possible. With all the technology we surround ourselves, and the increased robustness we will demand of these devices, the coating is becoming increasingly important.

If both cloud computing and chemistry is too technical for you, you might want to consider becoming a content creator. The internet has given us the possibility to find any niche (and mass) audience from the comfort of your own home (or studio). Now is the best time to be an artist/creator as with minimal investment upfront you can find your audience and build up a following. 

This could lead to getting some steady income to continue to be able to devote time to your craft. The world of creators has been flooded with plenty of individuals trying to get to the upper echelons of the industry, most will fail. So it will be a lot of effort, persistence and some luck to make it into a paid career. The best creators are creative, flexible, and have a good grasp of the zeitgeist. They are able to engage, move, and make their viewers think. Not a bad place to be for those inclined to the creative side of things.