Winsight Episode 30: The Next Dinosaur

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When referring to dinosaurs thoughts of extinction come to mind. But in this case, the next dinosaur is around, but on life support: it’s communication. I’m not talking about texting, emailing or Facebook messaging, but face-to-face communication. If you don’t believe me, go to the local hangout where teenagers gather and observe them. Most will be in a group, on their smartphones texting, sharing pictures or commenting on someone’s post completely ignoring the fact actual humans are right next to them. If you’re brave enough engage them in a conversation and if you can carry it (without much help from them) for more than 5 minutes, you’ve done well. Of course I’m stereotyping here, but poor communication is a trend that is rapidly growing and will be a thing of the past unless we do our part to reverse it.

In this episode, using Millennials as the subject, we’ll discuss:

What two forms of communication tend to lack in quality

The one thing Millennials need from supervisors in order to improve

How interviews connect to the longevity of an employee

The question one must ask to move forward

What’s been your interaction with Millenials at work? How can you help them moving forward? Please share your thoughts below!