Winsight Episode 35: Adversity and the Celebrity Quarterback

johnny manziel, cleveland browns nfl, celebrity quarterback



When I’m in the car by myself I like to listen to sports radio instead of music. One of the reasons is I’m a huge Lakers fan so I want the latest scoop on them, but mostly I find sports radio intriguing. The more opinionated the host, the more listeners tune in. One morning while listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio, he used the term “celebrity quarterback” and it had practical applications for you and me.

In this episode learn the following points:

  • What successful quarterback have overcome that mediocre ones haven’t
  • Why feeling like “quitting” is a good thing
  • What this generation hates, but is priceless
  • The different question a victim vs. a victor asks him/herself

Are you a “celebrity quarterback?” How do you normally handle adversity? What’s one takeaway you can apply this week?