6 Reasons Why Your Approach to SEO Is Failing

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It goes without saying that search engine optimization is one of the best ways to ensure that your website is visible to a large audience. Without SEO, you could have the world’s greatest website with plenty of useful content and products to sell, but you’re never going to get the exposure you deserve unless you make friends with search engines like Google. Every day, there are over 3.5 billion searches on Google alone which means 1.2 trillion searches a year–that’s a lot of internet users! And with more users making use of smartphones and tablets to browse the web, we’re going to see that number increase even more.

So we understand why SEO is important, but are you really taking advantage of it as much as you could? Perhaps you’ve invested in SEO heavily but you’re still not seeing a huge increase that the agency promised, or perhaps you’ve been fooled to think that SEO requires a hefty time investment. Of course, there’s always the alternate reason; your SEO is failing.

So in this article, we’re going to explain five reasons why your approach to SEO is failing and how you can fix it so that your website gets the exposure it deserves.

Reason 1: Your website just isn’t good enough

Your visitor experience plays a huge role in how visible your website is. If your visitors are required to click over 5 different links to find what they need then there’s a serious problem. You may want to consult website designers to help you with things such as improving your navigation and the overall design of your site needs to be easy on the eyes. If you’re not focusing on things such as readability, navigation or even having a website that works on both mobile and desktop, then you’re going to have some serious trouble with your SEO.

Think about it this way; it doesn’t matter how much Google likes your website thanks to your keyword usage and their robots. If your website isn’t an enjoyable experience then your visitors may click your website, but they certainly aren’t going to stay let alone actually purchase something from you. So if you’re serious about SEO and improving your website, make sure you focus on making a good website first.

Reason 2: You’ve not updated your SEO strategy

SEO is constantly evolving. If you hired an agency five years ago to help you with SEO and you’re still acting on the same principles, then it’s no wonder that your SEO is currently failing. You always want to update your tactics because Google is always updating its search engine. It’s always going to change its algorithm and you need to learn about those changes and discover how you can take advantage of it to grow your site.

The best way to do this would be to hire an SEO expert since they can keep up with all the updates, but you can also do this by taking SEO more seriously and learning about the processes involved.

Reason 3: You don’t have the right team for it

You also need to ensure that you have the right team for your SEO needs. It’s often a matter of hiring an in-house team vs hiring an SEO agency, and the right choice for you will often depend on how large your business is and how much attention your website gets. If you’re just a small business then an agency is usually good enough, but if your website has many products, pages and your company gets a lot of business, then it’s best to seek an in-house team that understands your business better.

Reason 4: Your industry is too competitive

If your industry is really competitive then you might just be having trouble trying to compete with the giants in your field. For example, you might be struggling to compete with other smartphone companies since Apple, Google and Samsung are currently dominating it. If you’re trying to grow a site about something popular such as video games or sports, then there are other websites that will likely have far better content than you and domain authority.

If your industry is competitive, then it may be worth trying to find your own niche, changing your goals or even repurposing your website so that it’s easier to find for a more specific or smaller audience before expanding your brand.

Reason 5: Your industry just isn’t very popular

There’s always going to be a problem with industries that just aren’t popular. While popular industries have the trouble of too much competition, niche industries might have too few searches or highly specialized businesses that are already well-known in communities.

When it comes to SEO for niche industries, you need to play an active role in those communities in order to promote your website. This involves content marketing, social media interaction and general engagement with your audience in order to grow your audience. In other words, you need to take a different approach to SEO if you want to grow your website in a niche industry.

Reason 6: You’re focusing too much on keywords

Lastly, we should talk about keyword usage and the technical side of SEO. While it’s true that Google does look at your website with a set of algorithms to determine its domain authority and value to users, it’s important to design your website to be readable by humans first and not Google’s bots. This means that you shouldn’t stuff your content with keywords or follow SEO optimization tools that use robots to check your content.

Instead, focus on creating content that is actually readable. Focus on designing a website that has lots of interesting content for your users to read and stop putting a heavy emphasis on meeting a certain keyword requirement. Yes, the statistics and analytics are important in SEO, but arguably the most important statistic is how many people visit and stay on your website, and that’s usually down to honest high-quality content.

How To Get Started With A Career Change

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In the past it was the norm to go to college, get a degree and then work in the same career for the rest of your life until you wanted to retire. However, we’re now in a different economy and culture shift where more and more people are deciding against going to college for their education, and even if they do, they’re not necessarily staying in the same career for the long term because they want to move around and get experience in different fields and also do something that they’re truly passionate about, so if you’re currently considering a career change, then in this post we’re going to share with you how to get started with that.

Think about what you want:

As children we’re often asked what we want to be when we grow up, but as adults it’s just assumed that once we settle in a career that’s what we’re going to do forever and that it’s what we really want, but more and more we’re seeing that this isn’t the case, so instead of just settling in a job because that’s what life circumstances forced upon you or because other people said that’s what you should do, then before making any further changes, it’s time to decide what it really is that you want.

Identify your skills:

Nowdays we have greater skill sets than ever before, and the reason for this is because we’re exposed to so many different things through technology, so for example, maybe you’ve been working in the legal field your whole life, but are finding that you’d like to use your skills in marketing and SEO to work with an Search Engine Optimization agency like SEOEXPLODE instead. The thing is, moving careers may seem like a drastic thing to do, but in actual fact it could be great – especially if you have transferrable skills that could allow you to really position yourself in a niche area and focus on that.

Decide how much money you need to live on:

Whilst money may not have anything to do with your reasons for wanting to change careers, it’s just a part of life and your job, so if you’re going to be switching jobs, then make sure it’s not going to leave you worse off financially. The best way to do this is by understanding the value you bring to a company and also being able to sit down and crunch some numbers to work out how much you actually need to live on per year and then determine what you can accept as a minimum salary based on this.

Take action:

Of course, all of this is great, but if you’re not actually taking any action to find a new job and get things moving, then it’s going to just remain a good idea, so it’s really important that you know what your plan is and start moving towards it by taking the required daily actions, such as updating your CV, contacting companies, and looking for jobs, etc.

How Do You Market Yourself Without Being Unbearable?

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We all get it. There’s an entrepreneur around every corner these days it seems, and they’re always too passionate in telling you about their bright new idea. From random business accounts which follow thousands of users in order to gain some cheap exposure to people dressing up ‘insight’ and ‘free ebooks’ as a valuable business tool which really only serves to promote their brand.

Consumers understand exactly when and where they are being sold to, and if they are intelligent (many are,) they despise it. People simply know that when they want to spend their money, they will search the market for the products they want, check the reviews, and make their choice then. It’s very rare that consumers will purchase a product directly off the back of what an advertisement tells them. The marketplace is simply too aware, too experienced, and too knowledgeable in all of the tricks businesses small and large employ to separate them from their money.

With winter coming up, this can be even more difficult. Consumers are on hyper-alert, and will react to any cheesy marketing with stifled groans.

There are ways around this however. Here are some tips to help you become better embedded in the cultural consciousness of your potential consumers, to the point where they don’t suspect a marketing tactic on the horizon.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often the most effective and most subtle meanings of marketing your brand. Hosted through articles and affiliate linked content, targeted, specific and insightful commentary is generated which paints your product or service in a positive light. The great thing about this is that often, there is no deception taking place here. The articles written are often genuinely helpful and insightful, and therefore the fact that your product is linked seems like a natural fit.

Not only does this allow consumers to find content they are actually looking for, but they won’t feel forcefully sold to in any way, shape or form. Using the right SEO agency will naturally help promote your article to the top of Google’s search ranking algorithms, potentially giving your product or service a truly massive amount of exposure a half-tuned out radio ad could only hope to achieve.

Pure Honesty

In all of the refinement in marketing development over the years, the market is saturated with too-sharp video advertisements and beautifully graphically designed ads. Keeping things simple and explaining to your audience (with brevity,) what your product does, who you are and why they should care can be a breath of fresh air in an industry mostly concerned with image. People aren’t used to being given an entirely honest picture of a product; they are used to being sold a fantasy ‘always best,’ version of it.

If you can manage to separate yourself from all of this superfluous marketing, you can be sure that turning a few heads will be child’s play. At the very least, the image of your firm will start on the right footing, opening a frank and honest dialogue with your consumers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t sell the positive points of what you are offering. It simply means you’ll go about it in a much clearer, less ‘shiny’ way. Sometimes, that is all an intelligent consumer is looking for.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the power of social media marketing. A huge percentage of smartphone users are now in possession of Instagram and Facebook accounts. Personalities within many disciplines reign supreme here, as they boast the largest amount of followers and as such, have a giant platform for exposure. Sometimes, a consumer doesn’t care in the least about what you as a company can offer. They are used to the sales pitch. Sponsoring and sending free products to a notable person in the demographic you are trying to target can naturally and more approachably present your products to a wider audience.

Sometimes, you needn’t even pay them for an outright endorsement. The fact that they are using your product can serve to generate a massive amount of interest in your brand. Depending on how you want to play this, you could actively have users searching for your product themselves based on the back of what they’ve seen from your sponsored personality. Again, this way no one has been deceived. A natural connection between your firm and client has been developed, something that businesses would do well to learn from.

Over time, these tips will prove to be much more effective than hoping that new marketing campaign goes viral. These tips treat your consumer with respect, and as such, that respect is returned.