4 Tips For Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Crime

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More and more businesses rely on technology. In turn, this means the types of crimes that can occur against companies are changing; cyber crime is on the rise. It can be hard to find and prosecute those who commit cyber crimes without the help of skilled cyber security & computer forensics experts. This is why it is essential to make sure that you have taken all the right measures to ensure that your business is as protected as possible from all cyber crimes and data breaches:

Make sure all your software is up to date

Any software that is used by your company needs to be kept updated to the latest versions. Updates are created to add new features and improve stuff, but they are also created to solve any problems that users have had with the software. If you don’t have the updates, your software and technology are easier to attack, meaning criminals could steal important data and information, or cause damage to your technology.

You should include all of your anti-virus software on your update list, and although many things tend to update themselves automatically, some things need to be manually checked so that you do not miss any important updates.

Train your staff

Your business should have a policy for staff to follow when it comes to cyber security. It may also be helpful to train them so that they are aware of the things that are likely to be suspicious. Your employees need to know what a strong password is, and that they should be using them for all of their accounts, especially work accounts. It would help if you also taught all of your team members about how cyber criminals try to trick people. It could be a phone call or an email that even seems legitimate unless you pay closer attention. Create policies about giving information out over phone or email along with other strategies that will keep your business safe.

Encrypt and backup your data

Important data needs to have layers of security so that they cannot be accessed by just anyone. All of your business data shouldn’t even be accessible to all of your employees, only those who need to use it. After all these levels of security, encryption is still required for sensitive information and customer and employee details, as if anyone manages to get through all the security, it means that they will not be able to understand what any of it means.

Backing up your data is also essential because some cyber crime involves damaging your software or technology so that you cannot access your data. Cloud services are a handy tool when it comes to data storage. Cloud services are also useful if some of your employees work remotely.

Get a cyber security audit

If you want to know whether you are doing enough to protect your business from cyber crime, you could hire a company to perform a cyber security audit. They will be able to check the software that you have in place and find any weak spots. Once they have found your business’s cyber vulnerabilities, they will be able to help you install some more software or take other precautions to protect these vulnerabilities.

Tips To Help Protect Your Business From Disaster

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Protecting your business from harm’s way is important because when you’re in the public domain, you can be an open target for many things, whether that’s customers who are angry at your company’s service or hackers who are trying to steal your data. There’s plenty of dangers for a business, so here are some tips to help protect it from disaster.

Backup Your Files

Backing up your files is an important process that you should be doing already, and if you’re not, there’s a lot of risk that could come your way by not doing so. When backing up your files, you want to store this data off-site. That’s because if your building was to burn down or get ransacked by burglars, then there’s the likelihood of your data and files as a whole becoming compromised or destroyed. That’s why a lot of companies will keep their data in a cloud system, or they’ll store it off-site, perhaps with their IT support if it’s outsourced. When looking at backup and disaster recovery solutions, you want to find a company or process that will make sure you’re left with a back-dated or up to date version of your files, should anything ever go wrong with the originals. If you don’t, then it could be something that ends up killing your business if you’re not careful.

Make Sure The Premises Are Secure

The premises to your building need to be considered too because no building is really safe unless it’s got a good system in place that deters anyone from breaking in. There should be a process in place that enables all staff to lock up the building safely if needs be. Take a look at your current setup for your workplace, and if you don’t think it’s to a reasonable standard, security-wise, then it’s important to make the changes necessary to tighten that security. That could mean having a doorman on the door to stop any unwanted guests from coming into the building. It might be having a card system to make sure it stops anyone unwanted from coming into or up to the main office areas.

Shred Everything

When it comes to handling customer data, you’re responsible for making sure that data doesn’t get leaked or land in the wrong hands. Shredding is a process that helps protect your business so that if you’re throwing these files out in the general trash, it will be much harder for that information to be stolen. You should really have a service that collects confidential papers or shredding and destroys them properly.

Be Wary Of All Financial Decisions

And finally, be wary of all financial decisions that are made for the business. The finances of a company are imperative to keep healthy, otherwise that’s what usually makes a company go under. Be careful of spending and how much money comes in and out of the business.

Protecting your business from disaster can be done as long as you’re being attentive and taking the right steps to protect it.