Unconventional Business Ideas Drawing Profit from Corporations

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With all the negative press of massive corporations like social media platforms, financial institutions, and manufacturers, they always need to look their best. This means behaving well on TV, presenting a unified outward appearance, and protecting their assets. But they cannot do this alone. As such, they hire outside help from unconventional business ideas drawing profit from their need to look good and present themselves well.

Cleaning on a Massive Scale

Their size doesn’t matter, and that is debatable. Yet when it comes to corporate displays of power and prominence, the bigger, the better. And massive corporations love nothing more than to show their success with an enormous skyscraper or excellent office building. So these steel-framed behemoths, such as 30 St Mary Axe in London, are clad with thousands of square meters of glass panel windows. And just like your windows at home, they need to be cleaned.

High-rise commercial and residential cleaning projects that companies like Shine On Group handle are worth a pretty penny in contracts. Not least because such a task requires specialist knowledge, skills, and dedication. For example, an average New York skyscraper will take you and a team around one month to clean from top to bottom. And given smog and debris, you need to start all over again when you are finished.

Meta Security

The issue of security plagues the corporate world. Cybersecurity, corporate espionage, the theft of trade secrets, social engineering, and antitrust are prime examples. Therefore, you can negotiate a large contract for protecting a company from harmful outside influence. The costs vary depending on what is required. And you can make a lot of money from specialist security such as proactive hacker deterrence where trained experts are employed, such as:

  • Armed personnel
  • Cybersecurity experts
  • Security guards
  • Premises inspectors
  • Damage regulators
  • Health and safety personnel

In the United States alone, the private security sector is worth almost $130 billion. Access controls and clearances are handled by barcodes, QR scans, and biometrics. While IT systems are isolated onto your own network and defending using honeypots and fail-safes to detect intrusion. Armed guards and private security are also hired to protect the most sensitive locations and VIP corporate personnel. 

Digital Mapping and VR

Like corporations love to show off their skyscrapers and impressive buildings on the outside, they also love presenting the interior. Typically this is done with promotional videos and publication photographs. Yet, technological advancement has taken this a step further. Complete immersion into the corporate office building is possible using virtual technology from a remote location anywhere in the world. This has proven helpful to real estate agencies throughout the pandemic.Digital mapping with laser-based sensors means any structure, site, or interior is faithfully recreated inside digital imaging software. This is then converted into a virtual reality program navigable by anyone wearing a compatible device. The technology is becoming so successful that there is a market for virtual real estate. People are making a profit selling computerized homes and offices that don’t exist in the real world. Instead, these are copies of actual buildings or fictional locations.

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