The Real Reasons Why Your Computer Systems Keep Going Down

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Modern businesses depend on their technology more than at any point in history. They use IT networks for everything, from interacting with customers to organizing their data.

Because of this, the specter of downtime looms large on the horizon. Companies fear that the slightest bug or data breach will bring their computers – and their operations – to a screeching halt. 

Strangely, though, the dangers of downtime are not well understood. Most executives don’t have a good understanding of what actually leads to these events, and so they’re ill-equipped to stop them. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the real reasons your computer systems keep going down. Hint: it’s not because of hackers. 

You Have A Bad Case Of Overload

The number one reason most businesses experience downtime and less-than-optimal performance is overload. Put simply; this is a situation where the demands on the network overwhelm its capacity to meet them. There are too many users with too little bandwidth to serve them all.

If you run a business, you’ve no doubt experienced this kind of thing. You get into work early in the morning and enjoy fast connections. Then, as more people arrive at the office, the network slows to a crawl, sometimes stopping altogether. 

In these situations, your downtime is a consequence of insufficient infrastructure. Either upgrade your existing network or switch to the cloud. 

You Have A “Noisy Neighbor”

Your business might have adequate systems for its needs, but if you’re sharing resources with a neighbor who uses resources intensively, then you could experience similar problems as above. Noisy neighbors hog bandwidth and prevent regular users from getting a respectable level of service. 

You Rely On “Pets”

This term comes from the phrase “cattle, not pets.” The idea here is that there are some systems in your network that require constant coddling from particular members of the team to keep them running smoothly. Worse still, the relationship is cut off from the rest of the office. Only the handler knows how to look after the “pet” system, making the network more fragile. What if that employee has to go on holiday or falls ill? Then you’re in trouble!

You’re Not Using Network Monitoring Services

When it comes to securing your network, monitoring it is probably the most essential tool you have for protecting your staff and your business. As INC Systems points out, doing IT in-house is usually more trouble than it is worth. You typically have to hire somebody to keep an eye on all your systems throughout the day – a significant expense. 

Network monitoring services take over this role for you. They use trained professionals to keep an eye on your systems, alerting you of any suspicious activity. The moment something happens, they can isolate the problem, shut it down, and prevent anyone from making off with your data. 

Downtime is a real risk for businesses in the modern economy. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to accept it as a given. You can fight back. Be smart.

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