Winsight Episode 12: Why I Coach

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I first experienced coaching as a client over 10 years ago. I met my coach, Jay Hostetler at a conference where we were in a program evaluation meeting and he was the speaker. Jay shared what changes needed to be done in order to get us to the next level. Even though no one else in the meeting agreed with him, I thought he was spot on. After the meeting, I approached him and asked him more about what he did. We agreed to touch base on the phone within a week and our working relationship started there.

Understanding my story is at the center of why I became a coach. During this episode I’ll share how my experiences can help YOU make the right career decisions in the following ways:

  • How the relationship between confidence and momentum are crucial to success
  • What coaching actually does for you
  • What the best performers in every industry utilize daily
  • How looking at your past can clarify your future

What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid? Share how your childhood dreams can influence your future professional ambitions below!

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