3 Quick Ways To Become A More Sustainable Brand

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If you own a business in 2020, one of your biggest concerns may be making sure you can be as sustainable as possible. When you can build and sustain a sustainable brand, you will future proof your business and ensure eco conscious buyers want to work with you. Below, you’ll find 4 quick ways to become a more sustainable brand. Take a look! 

Change Your Packaging To Make It Biodegradable/Recyclable 

If you currently use plastic packaging and packaging that is not biodegradable, change it. Switching to packaging that can be recycled or is biodegradable will do wonders for the environment. Some businesses are even including packaging that can be planted in the garden! 

Focus On Your In House Activity and Waste 

Your in house activity will make a big difference to how sustainable you are, too. Do you turn everything off when leaving the building? Are you cutting down on printing? How can you reduce the amount of your daily operational waste? 

Make The Most Of Government Schemes Available To You 

There are a plethora of government schemes designed to help businesses become more eco friendly. For example, the cycle to work scheme is very popular and can make a big difference. Explore which schemes could be good for your business. 

Below you’ll find a helpful infographic that will give you more information on why it’s so important to be sustainable in business in this day and age. Take a look and see what you can learn.

credit to University of California Riverside

What Makes One Brand Better Than Another?

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Branding is such an important part of building a business. Your brand is the thing that makes your company distinguishable from its competitors. Otherwise, consumers would have to choose between a bunch of faceless brands which were offering near-identical products or services. Are there no search engines similar to Google? Are there no phones similar to the iPhone? Could you accurately pinpoint different wine brands during a taste test? Branding affects our decisions as consumers. Yes, your goods need to be professional and your employees need to be skilled, but you need a brand identity which encapsulates those impressive qualities. But what makes one brand better than another?

A relatable identity.

As mentioned in the introduction, a business’ brand identity is incredibly valuable. This is the thing that helps your customers to differentiate between your brand and other brands in your marketplace. So, if you want to stand out in a positive way, then you need a relatable identity. You need to make a good impression on potential customers in your industry. You could achieve this by donating some of your profits to local charities, for example. This would show consumers that your company values important issues in the local area. It would give your business a personality.

You might also want to create a sustainable brand. Given modern-day threats to our environment, the future of our planet is an important topic of discussion for many people. To show that your business cares about the future, too, you should run your company in an environmentally-conscious manner. This would impress consumers. Many businesses have managed to stand out from the crowd by adopting a sustainable approach to their operations. Ecosia, for instance, is a search engine that plants a tree for every search made. Few search engines have gained popularity, given that the market is dominated by Google, but Ecosia has really gained traction over the past couple of years.


A secure brand will always appeal to consumers. That’s how your business could differentiate itself from its competitors. By showing the market that you can keep your information secure (and your physical office), you’ll be showing them that your company is reliable. If consumers are going to hand over their financial information to your business, they’ll want to know that they can trust you to safeguard this information. Security is an absolutely vital component of branding. It’ll help you to gain a good reputation in your marketplace. You might want to visit Quicktech for cloud computing solutions. Backing up your data on servers out of the office will help to protect your sensitive information (and your clients’ sensitive information) in the event of hacking or accidental data loss.

Loyal relationships with its customers.

You also need to focus on your relationships with customers if you want your brand to be successful. As mentioned in the previous point, your reputation matters. But a good reputation depends on more than just a secure business. Your brand needs to be known for its loyal relationships with its customers. This is about more than being dependable; it’s about being caring. Surprise your clients with discounts and free gifts, as a way of thanking them for their continued custom. Start a loyalty points scheme so people can be rewarded for buying your products and services continually. Show consumers that you treat your customer base well. That will make your brand better than any others in your industry.