Winsight Episode 18: What Growth Tastes Like

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Growth is necessary in order to succeed. If that’s a fact why doesn’t everyone want to grow? Answer: because it’s hard. Everyone wants to get rich quick, but not do the work to get there. We want to be in shape, but hate going to the gym and eating healthy. We want to have the best friends and relationships, but are quick to point out others’ flaws.

I can sit here and lecture you on how to grow, but that might be boring. Instead, let me focus in on another one of your senses that appeals to you, taste. Let’s face it. Some things will never taste good. Other things over time you build a tolerance for and you can actually trick your mind into thinking it actually isn’t half bad. Well, I’d like to think growth tastes like the second example I gave.

Let me explain the following in today’s episode:

  • How focusing on the benefits can override the pain involved to get there
  • The relationship of fear and growth
  • What a “green drink” has to do with growth
  • The 3 things you need to focus on in order to grow

So what does growth taste like to you? When have you experienced it before? Please share below because your stories inspire us!