Winsight Episode 13: Morning Good

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How you start your day has a LOT to do with how productive you are. I’m not talking about working harder, but working smarter. Think life-hacking. This isn’t about shortcuts, but being efficient. The best way to do that is building the right habits from the time you get up.

If someone asked me what advice I’d give to aspiring entrepreneurs, I’d say: workout 3 – 5 times a week in the morning before you start work. In this episode, I’ll discuss the following evidence:

The real reason why working out in the morning trumps any other time of the day

How to work according to your “rhythm”

What entrepreneurs lose (besides a guaranteed paycheck) when leaving a corporate job

Who else is doing morning workouts and why you should to

Do you consider yourself a morning person? If so, what are the benefits? If not, does this episode alter your thinking? Please share your thoughts below!


A Holistic Interview w/ Lauren Faretta

When my wife and I were putting together Community Perks, fitness/wellness was a category we both wanted to see promoted in the community. Lauren responded to our request for a partnership even before her location fully opened! She’s been nothing short of gracious since we met her and besides getting a great workout (my wife LOVES it), Lauren’s personality is just icing on the cake. Cardio Barre is one of the best workouts around and we’re fortunate to have it in our own backyard!

lauren faretta, cardio barre santa monica, community perks, wellness, fitness, ballet, 3009 Lincoln Blvd.

1) What was your motivation behind opening your own location of Cardio Barre? 

There was always a voice telling me to open my own business. From early on I loved giving people advice and helping them feel their best, specifically something that motivated others to believe in themselves.  When Cardio Barre was introduced to me it automatically clicked that this was not only a system that worked for the physical aspect, but for people that desired an internal growth as well. Cardio Barre is something everyone can do. I am not going to lie, it isn’t easy but when it clicks, it clicks. People have more confidence in how they walk and talk to others. It was a life changer for me personally; my entrepreneurial spirit, desire for helping others and awareness of my own physical capabilities. We had to share this experience with everyone on the Westside!

2) What skills/experiences have you taken from modeling that has helped you in managing your new business?  

Oh, modeling! It was a great 15 years of experience. How to keep a tough skin when you hear a lot of “No’s” or how you handle the pressures of keeping up with your appearance and essentially being your own business and brand. You have to be able to manage yourself in order to manage others. I met so many amazing people along the way and I certainly gained some valuable lessons in what is real and not so real in the industry.

3) What have been the biggest challenges of running a franchise?  

Making sure every customer walks away with a smile. Customer service is the key component and since you cannot please everyone, you have to stand by the value of your product and make sure they are satisfied and give them the best experience possible. Another big challenge of running a franchise or any business for that matter, are the hidden costs. Be prepared for things to break, floods and vandalism!

4) What is your greatest asset as an entrepreneur?  

My greatest asset is my ability to listen to each and every person that walks in, calls or emails. If they do not feel heard then they will not get the satisfaction they deserve. Most individuals just want to be listened to and taken care of. I am a nurturer at heart and enjoy being around people so it’s something I enjoy.

5) What’s one piece of advice you want to give fellow entrepreneurs?

Every day remind yourself of how you got to where you are. You DID IT. You made it here. Now appreciate your significance. And throughout the day-to-day issues that surface, keep focus on all of the amazing gifts you have in your life. There is always someone else out there in a far worse situation. Never lose sight of your accomplishments and always give back to the world.

Lauren was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts and knew early on that she wanted to achieve something meaningful. Before graduating from Franklin Pierce University Magna Cum Laude in Business Administration and Marketing, she took a year journey to London to study abroad and travel. She has traveled and continues to travel to Egypt, Indonesia, and Israel to all over the globe to see the realities of life.

When a job offer in Los Angeles brought her out to the West Coast she found her home of opportunity. From working in Advertising, managing a movie marketing company to becoming Talent Acquisitions for a hit show on MTV, she also found time to work side jobs doing Print and Commercials. It seemed nothing was too intimidating to experience even once. Lauren got her inspiration for the creative process and her love of capturing beautiful moments on and off film. But what led her to the next adventure was a simple suggestion by her friend to own a popular franchise called Cardio Barre

Always a very ambitious woman, owning a business was something she wanted to accomplish next. Her strong desire since childhood was to always help others lead healthier lives. By 2013, after 2 years of a grueling city and financial process, the studio became a reality. She is now the Managing Partner together with, Tamara Hakim, the very friend that brought the idea to her.

“My experience with Cardio Barre is what drives me to continue to be even stronger, whether it be diving into deeper understandings of growth, connections, and witnessing clients light up when they walk in and walk out. We have all created a community that everyone looks forward to every day. My clients inspire me. We inspire each other. It isn’t about the clichéd body image, it is about how we feel about ourselves internally when we walk down the street and communicate with one another. People sense your confidence and that is more powerful than any defined arm muscle. There isn’t any competition here at Cardio Barre Santa Monica. We all go at our own pace to be the best version of ourselves. This is an endless and gratifying process, to stand beside the most compelled and committed women and men I know today.”