The 3 Principles of Marketing: Attract, Engage, Convert

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In today’s business landscape it’s all too easy to get lost in the world of digital marketing, to the point we forget the power of more traditional forms of marketing – such as human interaction, word of mouth marketing, and paper based formats.

Indeed, not all that long ago, if you were a small business owner then you would go to your local newsagent or corner shop and place a postcard sized advert (either handwritten or professionally printed) that touted your services to the local community with a phone number, and that was your marketing done.

Today, however, due to the phenomenon of information overload where it’s becoming harder and harder to attract people’s attention, let alone engage with them on a meaningful level, it seems all forms of marketing need to be much higher fidelity – both from a creative and intellectual perspective along with a more polished finish; for instance, it would now seem necessary to find a specialty printer to produce high quality documents rather than printing at home.

Similarly, in the digital world, it’s no longer about having a website for your business, or a social media page; that’s not enough today – it’s all about creating the most engaging and attractive digital collateral to ensure you reach the hearts and minds of your audience… as otherwise, they will pass you by and click off.

Therefore, it’s important to master the skill of marketing and look at the three core aspects:


The first step in the process of marketing is that you need to attract people’s attention, which means, you need to interrupt their current thoughts – distracting them enough to grab their attention and consider your message.  This is why so many marketing campaigns use questions, intense visuals, or focus on a particular pain point so that people stop their inner thoughts for a moment and focus on what it is you want them to focus on.

There are many ways to attract your audience, though one of the most compelling is to use a question within your marketing material – as this way, people can’t help but answer.  For instance, try not to think about the answer to this question.  

  1.  ENGAGE

Now that you have your audience’s attention you need to engage them, and the best way to engage people is to make it about them, rather than you… meaning, you must make your marketing about how you solve their problems, rather than about how great your company is.  Focus on the audience rather than your company and you will engage them much more.


The final step in the formula is to convert their attention and engagement into action – meaning, they do a particular thing, such as call you or visit your website.  In terms of converting a looker into a buyer on your website, again, it is all about creating value for the customer by focusing on their needs; as most people prefer to focus much more on themselves rather than your company.

The Critical Reasons Your Business Isn’t Smashing It’s Targets

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Profit targets and production goals are an essential part of running a successful business. This is because they provide a goal to aim to, something that you can use to keep everyone motivated and focused on what needs to be done. The problem is, not every business meets their targets every time, something that hints they aren’t on the path to long-term success.  Read on to find out more.

Target setting

First, a word on target setting. Very occasionally targets are not reached not because there is an issue per say within the company, but because the actual goals themselves are unrealistic.

That is why it is so vital to always create targets that are challenging but also actually achievable. Something you can learn more about here. Otherwise, you run the risk of always failing and seriously demotivating your staff and providing a poor impression to your investors, unnecessarily.


If you are under the impression that your employees are not critical in helping your business achieve its targets, then you are sadly mistaken. In fact, unless you do absolutely everything yourself you will need to be able to trust your employees to get things done in a correct and timely manner. This is something that means recruitment and retention are vital to any businesses long-term success.

With this in mind, steer clear of using agencies wherever possible and advertise posts in quality publications. Also, if you can give people a trial before employing them on a full-time basis, as then both you and they can see whether the role they are in will suit them and whether they want to stay long term.

Online strategy

Next, as so much marketing, advertising, and selling is done online, a major reason that your business may not be meeting the targets you have set is that your online strategy isn’t up to par. This is a critical danger to your business because so many people research a product and brand online before buying, so if you are proving a poor impression, you will be losing sales hand-over-foot.

To deal with this, there are some basic tactics that you can use to improve your online business strategy. These include having a clear recognizable brand, posting quality content, and driving traffic to your site. The latter being something you can consult this blog post to find out more about. Just remember what your business does online matters just as much, if not more than real-world!


Take a look at your processes efficiency.

Last of all, another significant reason why your business may not have met their production or profit targets is that the processes you are using are wasteful. That is, they waste time and/or resources unnecessarily. All things that cost the business money and make it harder to be in profit.

Deal with this by reviewing process in the office and on the production side of things. Automate IT tasks wherever possible to save time too. You may even consider having a professional audit conducted to help you see where the redundancies in your system are. Then you can modify these to save time and money, making it much easier for your business to smash its targets and be a success in the future.