Get Your Office Running Smoothly with These Tips

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Keeping an office running smoothly is no easy task. The larger the office, the more there is to manage, but even a small office can be tricky to keep in line. There are so many things to think about, from deliveries of supplies to staffing and answering the phones. A lot can go into making sure your office is running as it should, but there’s always room for improvement. A tightly run office can save you time and even money, plus boost productivity. If you’re looking for ways to make your office run more smoothly, take a look at these tips to get everything in order.

Schedule Everything

A comprehensive schedule of everything that needs to be done in your office keeps everything on track. There are many things that need to take place within a day or week, and it helps to know what will happen when. You can keep a schedule of when you will receive deliveries of supplies, as well as when you need to order new ones. You can schedule when people need to fill out their timesheets, when invoices are due, and when it’s time to do payroll. All of these things will help you to stay on top of everything.

Rearrange Your Office Layout

You only have a limited amount of office space, so it’s important to be able to use it smartly. That means not only making use of the space that you have available but also setting things up so that it helps everyone in the office to be more productive. If there’s office equipment that everyone needs to use regularly, don’t tuck it away in an inaccessible corner. If you have a separate printer and copier, it would make sense to put them close together so they can be used one after the other.

Update Office Equipment

Old office equipment can really get in the way of a smoothly running office. If you have a printer that’s always causing problems, it can waste everyone’s time and cause huge amounts of frustration. It could be time to contact a leading copier dealer or another office supply company to help you out with new office equipment. If you need to justify the cost, determine how much time is currently being wasted on dealing with old equipment or how much money you’re spending on repairs or having to buy specific supplies.

Ensure Happy Workers

If your office workers aren’t happy, it can cause all kinds of problems in the office. They won’t be as productive as they should be and they might not be doing their best work. Unhappy office staff could also mean that there are more in-office disputes, which can be tricky to deal with. If you want an office that runs smoothly, you should provide a calm working environment. Make sure everyone gets to take their breaks and take steps to resolve any issues before they develop into something bigger.

You can get your office running more smoothly by making a few key changes. Getting everything in order will improve productivity across the office.

How Safe Are Your Business Premises?

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As a business owner, the last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hand. If somebody has an accident on your business premises, or if they fall ill because of them, you could be held legally responsible, and as well as suffering the expense of compensation claims, you could also suffer the loss of your good reputation.

If you’re working from home, the same applies. A client coming to your house for a meeting could also file a claim against you if injured in or around your house. 

So, ask yourself: How safe are my business premises?

Here are a few of the things you should watch out for.

A poorly-lit outside area

If your employees are expected to leave work late of an evening, they could injure themselves if they cannot see very well as they exit your business premises. It’s in your best interest to incorporate lighting, perhaps on a timer switch so as to reduce your energy bills, as visibility will then be increased.

Loose handrails

When navigating the inside of your building, some employees and customers may be reliant on handrails for mobility purposes. But if these handrails have become worn over time, an accident could take place if there are structural issues. It is in your best interest to replace these and any other loose fixtures, perhaps by using the services of a company such as Eckstrom who have what it takes to manufacture something of use for you.

Areas with little ventilation

Ventilation is a must, especially in areas of your business where toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances may be used. However, all areas of your business should be ventilated well, as clean air is a necessity for all of the people who use your premises. For those rooms that have windows, you should open them partway, and for those that don’t, you should look into getting a decent ventilation system to protect your business users.

A cluttered office space

If your office space is small, clutter might be a problem. From boxes placed on the floor to trailing wires and cables, your office area could be a hazard waiting to happen, as trips and falls are likely if there are obstacles in your employees’ way. To protect your staff, you should invest in more storage for your office and tiebacks for your cables. It might be that you also remove surplus items from your office space, as the less there is, the reduced chances of somebody having an accident. 

Faulty equipment

If the electrical appliances your business uses haven’t been PAT tested, there is the risk of an electrical shock or a fire breaking out. And if the machinery you use is faulty in any way, then the chances of your employees having a nasty accident are high. Despite the investment, you need to make sure your equipment is tested regularly, and you should replace any item if they are no longer fit for use. 

How safe are your business premises? 

We haven’t covered every danger here, but we hope you get the point. You need to check your business premises for any problem areas. Commit to a risk-assessment then, and protect the people who use your premises while also protecting the name and finances of your business.

Designing The Perfect Office

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Is there such a thing as a truly perfect office? Well, as it turns out, there might be – or at least you can expect to get somewhere pretty close if you go about it in the right way. The truth is that designing your office is going to be one of the biggest early moves that you make in your business, and you need to make sure that you are going to approach it in the most professional way possible if you are to get it right if you can get it right, it will mean that your visiting customers and partners are impressed, that your employees are more likely to work hard, and that it is more of a joy to come into work every day. Clearly, it can be hugely important to get this right, so make sure that you are thinking about what you can do to improve your office when you are designing it. You might be surprised at how much there is to do here.


You need to make sure that there is enough space for everyone and everything, but not so much that the office feels empty and strange. If you can get this balance right, you will find that it really does make an enormous difference to how successful the office seems, and it is something which you should be thinking about as best as you can from the outset. The layout might take a little tweaking and working around before you land on the ideal one, but as long as you can have the patience for that, you should end up with something you can really enjoy. Get the layout right, and in many ways the rest will follow, especially as it pertains to your employees being able to work hard.


Achieving a sense of comfort in any office is something that takes a long time to achieve, in art because there is so much more involved here than you might have thought. You will of course be thinking about the chairs and tables that people are using, and trying to ensure that the keyboards are ergonomic and so on. But you will also need to make sure that you are thinking about getting a good quality commercial carpet, for instance, and that you have a break area with some good sofas and chairs. As long as you make it truly comfortable, it will be a much nicer place to work, and more work will therefore get done.


All in all, you should aim for an office which is built to work easily for everyone inside it. This takes plenty of planning and trial and error, but as long as you are able to put that work in, you will find that you can end up with exactly the office space that you deserve and need. Achieving this sense of ease in your office will ensure that you can be much more likely to work hard and get everything done in the right way.