If You Don’t Know, Now You Know…


Back in the 80’s one of the most popular cartoons was G.I. Joe.

It wasn’t a show I watched much, but there was a line I still remember hearing over and over again: “And knowing is half the battle…”

When it comes to Millennials ignorance is not bliss. As a manager/executive you may not agree with Millennials’ personal/professional habits, but the reality is they are the working majority.

That doesn’t mean you lay down and grant every request they complain about. Be proactive by understand their motivations/wants/values and create programs to maximize their talents.

Maybe you’re frustrated or at your wit’s end, if so come join this workshop series where you’ll network with other managers in a similar boat. If you can’t make it let me know and I’ll customize a program based on your company’s needs.

Anyone can complain, but leaders do something about it.